Medway Man Uses 104 Year Old Father’s Veteran Status To Falsely Smear Mendon Car Dealership Because He’s Too Cheap To Pay Dad’s Court Fees In Failed Lawsuit He Encouraged


This is Jeff Zinchuk from Medway.

Yesterday he made a post on Facebook that sparked outrage and was shared hundreds of times, alleging that his 104 year old father was being taken to court by Imperial Chrysler Dodge Jeep Corporation in Mendon. According to the post his WW2 veteran father did not pay $1,628 in court costs related to a civil trial in which his father got into a crash with an Imperial truck, and Imperial was taking him back to court to hold his father in contempt.

Without any evidence hundreds of people blindly shared this story and smeared Imperial.



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Because if it’s on the Internet it must be true.

Imperial Cars is owned by Kevin Meehan, a successful and wealthy businessman. We wrote about Meehan in September of 2020 after a Subway sandwich shop located in a building he owned was falsely accused of denying service to a black man based on the color of his skin. Meehan is an ardent supporter of law enforcement who has triggered social justice warriors with his “Defend the Police” signs, which he parks on his property.

As a property owner he sometimes has to evict deadbeats and lives in a nice house, which upsets people who aren’t as successful as he is.

Jeff Zinchuk wanted to make it seem like this wealthy business owner was penny pinching a 104 year old veteran over less than $2K. But here’s my question – if a court ordered his Dad to pay that and his Dad couldn’t afford to (for some reason), then why didn’t he just pay it for his Dad? This dude had plenty of cash to travel around Europe all summer:

He can afford to spend 2 weeks visiting at least five countries in Central Europe, staying in hotels, and living the good life, but he can’t help his Dad out with a court fine.

Worst. Son. Ever.

What Jeff Zinchuk also failed to point out was that Imperial had nothing to do with the court case his father was involved in, and he hadn’t even attempted to reach out to Imperial before smearing their business. On top of that the crash was the old man’s fault, he had allegedly gotten paid $300K, Imperial offered to pay him at least $10K more in an attempt to save themselves legal fees, but the Zinchuk’s wanted to take their chances in court because they were greedy. The Zinchuk’s ended up losing, and the old man was forced to pay a small amount in court fees. When he didn’t pay it insurance companies and lawyers attempted to get him to, and Imperial had no knowledge of any of this because they weren’t involved in the legal process.


Despite not winning the lawsuit in court Jeff Zinchuk still insisted the crash was Imperial’s fault.

“Did we hold out for a larger settlement? Yes.”

So you took a chance and it didn’t work out. Now you’re upset because you have to deal with the consequences. Next time don’t let your 98 year old father drive, and maybe even help him out if he needs money considering he raised you. Instead of doing that though Jeff exploited his father’s service to our country and advised him to make a risky decision by bringing it to trial, which didn’t end up working out for him. Should’ve taken their offer.

Now that he had been exposed Jeff began to play the victim and accuse Imperial workers of “attacking his post and family” (he likes to hide behind his family), despite the fact that it was Jeff who sought out attention on social media and was smearing the business. He just didn’t like the fact that they blew up his false narrative.



“In 5 years my father has heard nothing from the Meehans, it’s all through attorneys.”

Yea probably because you sued them twice.

Jeff offered to remove the post, but only if Imperial’s attorneys got ahold of him, which he could’ve done before making the post in the first place.

“Who would I have reached out to?”

Oh, I dunno, maybe call Imperial motors and ask to speak with whoever’s in charge?

“On my original post I tagged your organization.”

He actually equates tagging a business on Facebook in order to shame them with making a phone call to the business itself. This was his way of contacting them.

Keep your boomers off of Facebook.

Instead of removing the post Jeff instead updated it, and asked people to stop sharing it because he was wrong:

Or you could, ya know, just remove the post itself.

“It allows people to know that it is being resolved.”

Jeff here apparently doesn’t understand that his post was still being used to shame Imperial for something they were completely innocent of, and instead of asking people to not share it he could just take away their ability to share it by removing the post.

Keep your boomers off Facebook folks.


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