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Milford BLM Activist Claims Mendon Subway Didn’t Serve Him Because He’s Black, White People Harass Business, Stage Boycott, Call People Racist For Asking For Evidence


Kevin Wheeler is a Milford resident, owner of “Mr. K Personal Security,” and a vocal black lives matter activist who last month said he was starting a talk show to discuss race issues.

He organized the BLM rally in Milford last month in which the former Deputy Chief was seen blackout drunk and unable to stand with his significant other.

Wheeler has lived in Milford for the past five years. While addressing the crowd, he spoke about how he is often judged solely on the basis of his appearance.

“I’m a black man, but I’m also biracial. I have a white parent, but I still walk down the street and I’m seen as a black man,” he said. “I’m a big black man. I’ve got tattoos. I may walk a certain way. To some, I may walk a different way. My hair may look different than yours, so there is a perception of me right away when I walk into your store or business.”

Coincidentally the same guy who said that he gets treated differently when he goes into businesses because of the color of his skin once again made headlines yesterday when NBC News blindly published his unconfirmed story about being denied service at a Mendon Subway because of the color of his skin.

A man says he was denied service at a Subway restaurant in Massachusetts because he’s Black. Kevin Wheeler posted a video to his Facebook just minutes after the incident happened Friday in Mendon, saying he was disgusted by what happened.

“She said, ‘I don’t help your kind,’” Wheeler said of the woman who allegedly refused to serve him because of his skin color. “I am utterly disgusted right now.”

Wheeler says he was waiting in line for a sandwich when a white employee working at the chain refused to serve him because of his skin color. He says the employee helped the customer behind him, then took a phone order and continued to ignore him.

“It was very tough for me to take in,” he said. “My kind? I’m just a human, and it was very tough for me to take in.”

This might be less believable than Jussie. Imagine an employee at Subway in this climate right now telling a black guy, “I’d make you a sandwich, but I can’t because you’re black and I hate black people,” and somehow the guy behind him wasn’t bothered by this and went on and ordered his sandwich. The other employees also didn’t seem to care, since this particular Subway single handedly brought back Jim Crow. Remarkably, despite their no sandwiches for black people policy, they has all remained a secret until Kevin Wheeler made a Facebook Live video about it.

This guy who is huge, outspoken and has dedicated his life to eradicating racism, somehow didn’t throw a fit about it either and demand to see the manager. Instead he just walked out, made himself a victim, got dumb whit people riled up, and organized a protest at the Subway.

NBC10 Boston has reached out to Mendon police and Subway for comment. Wheeler joined a handful of others outside the now-closed Subway on Saturday for a Black Lives Matter protest. Things became heated when a man and woman showed up to the protest, questioning Wheeler’s story. Wheeler says the message he wants to get across is that this kind of thing must end.

“It’s not just happening elsewhere. It’s happening here in the small town of Mendon,” he said. “People want change. If we stop because it’s not trendy then we’re not doing anything to make the change.”

In a second video posted to Wheeler’s Facebook page on Saturday, he says he has spoken with the owner of the Subway store multiple times, including at an in-person meeting on Saturday.

“He is taking care of this, I don’t want anybody to think that he is not, I don’t want anything to think that he is sweeping it underneath the rug. He is taking care of it. He assured me that this is not who he is. And I have a strong belief that he isn’t,” Wheeler said in the video.

“What I don’t want people to do is that I don’t want people to threaten or call him. Guys, this isn’t the way, this isn’t the way to do it. You know we need to let him take care of his employee and let him take care of what’s going on. You know, let’s keep this peaceful guys,” he added in the video. 

Wheeler says the owner will put out a statement.

What a crew this was.

Lot of diversity there for sure.

This mob of simpletons blindly believed this man, who is clearly making this whole thing up, and decided to harass a private business until they were forced to close up after months of being devastated by a pandemic.

Neither the police, Subway, or the unnamed franchise owner gave a comment to NBC, but they decided to run with it anyway because it fit their narrative.

What the employee allegedly did is so egregious and illegal that he would’ve been named, outed, destroyed, and probably charged for violating the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Yet this guy, who is Mr. Black Lives Matter, seems to have no appetite for holding the employee responsible. He spoke with the unnamed owner though, and the guy told him he would put out a statement (which he hasn’t) so everything’s all good now.

You’d have to be the most gullible person on the planet to see this and not laugh at it. The only way to believe it is if you truly want to believe it, and even then you have to know deep inside of you that it probably didn’t happen. But that sure didn’t stop this brave Upton woman.

Sonja Wilkinson is an “ally” and overcompensates from the guilt she wakes up feeling every day because she chose to live in a nearly all white community, by blindly believing every allegation of racism, no matter how improbable it is. After seeing Kevin’s Facebook Live video (which he has since taken down after it was shared thousands of times), in which he films himself telling the story without any supporting evidence, she posted this.

Of course she didn’t bother using words like “allegedly,” because you have to blindly believe this stuff in order to prove your wokeness. And if a franchise owner and his employees have to suffer for it that’s a price she’s willing to pay in order to get patted on the back for being one of the “good ones.”

The post was shared hundreds of times and elicited hundreds of comments. Coincidentally as soon as I showed up from the end of vacation to comment on it she decided to take it down. Don’t worry though, I got screenshots and we will expose all the morons so we can collectively laugh at their stupidity.

Girl, you live in Boston and the only Mendon you’re familiar with is when men done stop calling you back because you’re a grown woman who dabbles in dog filter.

Then there was Sean Flanagan.

The owner who did nothing wrong hasn’t apologized for doing nothing, therefore his business should be harassed by a mob, because caring about your livelihood is white privilege. Everyone listen to the guy who went with a pubic theme for his wedding.

Sarah Elizabeth said she’s going to order a bunch of sandwiches, act really difficult, then run out to her car to get her wallet and never come back.

“Someone should have a black owned establishment cater the event.”

“Does anyone know of a black owned establishment that can cater tonight?”

No Alicia Marie, they do not. Because you’re just a bunch of racist white people who haven’t bothered to make friends with anyone who doesn’t look like you. Urging a black owned business to feed a bunch of white people protesting fabricated racism claims for free seems like an odd way to show solidarity.

In fairness, choosing not to eat double meat sandwiches is probably in the best interest of Sarah though.

Some may say that making light of someone’s gravitational pull is below the belt. I disagree. What these people are doing to innocent taxpaying citizens like the guy who owns this Subway franchise, is disgusting and immoral. People like Sarah destroy them and think nothing of it. They do this because no one ever calls them out on their deplorable, racist behavior. When you choose to play in the gutter like this I will jump in the gutter with you and combat you on the terms you have chosen. They’re not used to people fighting back like this, which is why they continue to do it.

Sarah is also possibly demonic since she’s chosen to settle down with a ginger who may or may not be transitioning.

This one was my favorite.

“An act of violence.”

The completely made up story about a guy not getting a sandwich is violence. Sure thing Becky.

She has a point though – if this did actually happen it would mean that the other employees were all cool with it and the owner allows employees to violate federal discrimination laws. But if this place had a long standing policy of not serving black people they would’ve been outed a long, long time ago, which gives away the fact that it’s completely made up. Nevdertheless she believes him because….

…he’s black. “Believe black people” is the new “believe women.”

Luckily some people did ask for evidence before destroying a small business. They were quickly informed by a woman named after a planet that this was not allowed.

As you can see from the rantings and ravings of Earth Knight’s Facebook page, she is completely insane. But it didn’t stop a whole bunch of dumb white people from smashing that like button because slavery existed hundreds of years ago, therefore the guy at Subway is telling the truth. Wait until your kids are forced to read the 1619 project in school. This will become the only acceptable line of thinking for future generations if we don’t fight back against this culture.

Chelsea Melanson’s comment summed up everything that is wrong with social justice warrior logic:

“Why do you need evidence of racism? Why can’t you take a black man’s word who experienced racism himself?”

  1. Because, stupid, this is America and we should require evidence before destroying someone’s livelihood.
  2. Blindly believing every black person simply because they’re black is the definition of racism.
  3. He never experienced this.
  4. Jussie

The amount of people who pretend that Jussie Smollett never happened continues to amaze me, even with the Subway aspects of their story that Kevin and Jussie shared.

Chelsea, who seems to have graduated from high school just a few years ago, is obviously much smarter than old people who like evidence.

She then proved how not racist she is by sharing a GIF featuring a young black child saying “that’s racist” in the most stereotypical way possible.

While women who turn black children into caricatures are racist. Chelsea Melanson is a racist. She also may or may not be a white supremacist and KKK member too. I’d ask for more evidence, but luckily she doesn’t believe in that. So I’ll just assume that she’s a racist and post a link to her employer Banfield Pet Hospital’s Facebook page instead, since she believes that businesses should be harassed over unconfirmed anecdotes.


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