Walpole, Wellesley Teachers With Racist Facebook Posts Demand Medway Business Owner Remove Truck With “Defend Your Police” Sign From His Property, 



Milford area businessman Kevin Meehan has been triggering BLM leaders in several towns by putting up signs that call for defending, not defunding the police.

It should be noted that Meehan owns the building with the Subway in Mendon where the lying, race baiting activist Kevin Wheeler made up a story alleging that he was denied a sandwich because he’s black. Many believe Kevin Wheeler was aware of this and chose this Subway specifically because Meehan has been such a vocal support of the police.

In nearby Medway they won’t let Meehan put the signs up on property that he owns there, so he pulled a Shiva and put it on a truck in his parking lot instead.

This overt support of law enforcement has local white people quite upset, because they believe that black people are incapable of obeying the law and thus will feel intimidated by any sort of visual support for law enforcement.

You’ll notice that one of the people leading the push is Crystal Buckley, who for some reason thinks she’s entitled to a meeting with Meehan because she doesn’t like how he decorated his truck on his own property.

She’s a history teacher at Walpole High School and leads Medway’s local chapter of BLM, because even though she chose to live in a town with almost no diversity, she cares.

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But on social media she’s also posted some inflammatory things about police. For instance, she’s accusing them of all being a bunch of wife beaters.

And she believes that anyone who stands up for legitimate uses of deadly force by the police is a racist.

Funny, because many would consider her cultural appropriation of the Chinese to be quite offensive as well.

Why would someone who makes such inflammatory, hateful, and discriminatory comments about the police get a meeting with a local business owner who supports the police? What common ground can you find with people who think like this?

Another public school employee from Medway looking to force Meehan to get rid of the truck is Lisa Bodio Sheehan, a librarian at John D. Hardy Elementary School in Wellesley.

She’s another one of those teachers who’s refusing to go back to work, “until it’s safe.”

But more alarmingly Lisa Sheehan has justified and encouraged rioting on her Facebook page.

“People of color have been trying to play by the rules (which is really a racist and white supremacy system) forever and it has gotten them nowhere.”

These people are ironically the most racist human beings on earth. They categorize 40 million black Americans as one gigantic group, as if black people are incapable of independent thought. They think so little of black people that they go out of their way to justify rioting, as if black people cannot peacefully protest.

More importantly, they treat black people like they’re here for their entertainment. Think of how racist you have to be to sit in your suburban white existence and cheer black people on (or white people) as they destroy what are often black owned businesses in urban areas. Lisa doesn’t urge the mob to burn down her home, but she’ll stand up and applaud as black people have their live destroyed by murderous woke mobs.

Newsflash – black people who “play by the rules” have very little problem succeeding in this country and avoid being killed by police. People like Jacob Blake get shot when they rape, abuse, steal cars, resist arrest, assault cops, and try to kidnap kids. Lisa Sheehan thinks so little of Jacob Blake as a black man that she believes he is inclined to be a rapist due to the color of his skin. The fact that these white people think so lowly of black people so as to assume that they are incapable of living civilly, shows you just how racist they truly are. Start calling people like Lisa Sheehan exactly what they are – RACIST.

Personally speaking, I hate racism and don’t think racist people like Lisa Sheehan should be around kids, which is why I emailed John D. Hardy Principal Grant Smith at [email protected] and superintendent David Lussier at [email protected] to let them know. These people try to cancel anyone who supports the police and have effectively declared war on law and order, and thus should be held to their own standards.


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