Meet Alyce Sampson: Brockton Hoodbunny Who Orchestrated Violent Attack On Elderly Man And Then Snitched On Her Friends To Save Herself


Earlier in the week we asked for the public’s help in identifying a Brockton woman who assaulted an elderly man and then ordered her hoodbooger friends to beat and curb stomp him and another man when they came to look for his glasses.

You could see her in the video ordering them to “f*** him up,” and taunting one of the men as he lay crying in the street:

“You hit me – now you’re crying?” 

Apparently the police aren’t trying to charge or identify Hoochy Yamaguchi, but we are. Meet Alyce Sampson.

As you can tell by looking at her she will almost definitely be pregnant in the next 3 years, and she will never, EVER leave Brockton.

I messaged her last night to see if she wanted to come on the Live Show to talk about it, but she ended up blocking within a couple minutes and now her Facebook page is extremely private.

What’s wrong Hoochy Yamaguchi? You were all big and bad when you were ordering your army of shitbags to nearly murder two people who did nothing wrong, but you’re too scared to face Turtleboy? Almost like you’re a huge coward who isn’t in fact “about that life.”

On, and see the guy with her?

He’s the guy who will most likely impregnate her by next Christmas, and in the video he can be seen in the Nike sweatshirt, curb stomping the dude as he was laying on the ground begging for mercy, before running away.

His name is Paris Lammer-Pires, and he along with a woman named (I swear to God) Chilinn Parker-Gallagher, were also arrested.

I’m not even kidding. Her name is Chillin, and she has no chill. As a matter of fact she was in the video carrying a bat that she used to beat one of the victims.

Anyway, Hoochy Yamaguchi was actually questioned by the police, but according to the report she avoided a charge by ratting out Korey Gallagher, who was arrested earlier in the week.

The best part is when she claimed that the elderly man she helped assault was an “angel,” and said that two of the other thugs were named X and Ray before crying, refusing to sign anything, and demanding a lawyer.

No word if her other friends Ultra and Sound were there. Just a reminder that she ordered Korey, the man she would later snitch on, to hit “him too,” while yelling “yea, yea,” as the elderly man got curb stomped (15 second mark). She then yelled “now you’re crying” before Korey stomped the other man’s lifeless body (1:05).

But yea, she feels really bad that they got hurt. The fact that this junior trap queen hasn’t been charged for this assault is a joke.


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