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Meet Josh Kastorf And Toby March: Antifa Child Groomers Who Stalked And Harassed Billboard Chris During Harvard Protest

Editor’s Note: We discussed this story on the Live Show (11:35) and were joined by Billboard Chris and Nicole Solas.

Yesterday we published a blog about an anti-child mutilation activist Chris “Billboard Chris” Elston, who was stalked and harassed by Antifa during a recent protest outside of Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard University. We asked for your help in identifying these two chuds in particular.


And within hours turtle riders delivered, as they always do. Meet Toby March from Cambridge.


Toby is an Ithaca College grad who appears to be a full time referee for an imaginary sport from Harry Potter called Quidditch. He also proudly associates himself with the terrorist organization known as Antifa.



It’s not clear if he has a job, as he mostly posts about the evils of capitalism and white cishetero patriarchy on social media, but odds are he doesn’t. What is clear is that he’s extremely punk rock, as can be seen by his edgy molotov cocktail tattoos.


He graduated from Ithaca College in 2014, where he learned how to lie down on the ground and be a useless waste of space in defense of whatever the social cause of the day is.


I’m quite positive that he owes a great deal in student loans, since Ithaca isn’t cheap, and expects other people to pay it back for him because no respectable person would ever wanna hire a man in his 30’s going through an Antifa phase.

Additionally Toby is a ballroom dancer and a women’s roller derby referee.


He was featured in an article in 2014 about how feminism inspired him to be a women’s roller derby ref.

March said that feminism — the rule books refer to the player as “her,” and in Ithaca, the players are only women — attracted him to the sport because it is a queer-friendly space.

“There have been laws added more recently to explicitly state that players beyond just cisgender women are allowed to play roller derby,” March said. “As it currently breaks down, everybody other than cisgender men are allowed to play on a women’s flat track team.”

Just so we’re clear:

  • Toby is a feminist, which inspired him to referee an obscure women’s sport/hobby
  • The only reason he’s reffing it is because the women’s league allows men to play, so long as they “identify” as women
  • Men with penises who agree that their penises should be on their bodies are banned from the league

If you think men should be able to dominate women in sports after feminists fought for years to get separate but equal sporting leagues of their own, then you’re not the feminist that you’ve convinced yourself you are. So I guess it’s not surprising that he would show up to support the genital mutilation of children, because he’s clearly a sexual deviant.


The man claiming to be a reporter, who completely lost his shit when Billboard Chris referred to Alejandra Carballo as the man that he is, is Waltham activist Josh Kastorf. He works at MIT and runs Waltham Pride.


Remember, he told Billboard Chris that he wasn’t welcome in Boston, despite not living there himself.

When he’s not making a fool of himself and throwing a bitch fit on camera, Josh likes to help organize drag shows at MIT where students are taught how to dress like hookers and grab money from children.


Professor Pony Tail also was featured on Turtleboy a few months back when he and some other communists interfered with Democracy by trying to stop citizens from collecting signatures for a November ballot question that would prevent illegal immigrants from obtaining drivers licenses.


Kind of funny how he didn’t need a mask in July, but he needed one while getting owned by Billboard Chris in September. Must be another new variant. At least he wears the same outfit when he’s trying to stop people from exercising their First Amendment rights though.

Anyway, if Toby or Josh wants to join us on the Live Show tomorrow night at 9 they are more than welcomed to. Billboard Chris will be joining us, so perhaps they can continue their conversation without Josh throwing a tantrum and walking away the defeated loser that he is. They’re free to message me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson, or email [email protected]. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch.


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