Antifa Stalk And Harass Anti-Child Mutilation Activist Billboard Chris For Protesting Outside Boston Children’s Hospital, Speaking At Cranston Public Library


Editor’s Note: Billboard Chris and Nicole Solas will be joining me on the Live Show Saturday night at 9 PM to answer some questions I have and talk about their weekend in New England. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and never miss an episode. There is also an update to this story.

This is Chris Elston, a Canadian activist better known as Billboard Chris.

I first heard about him when he was featured on Tucker Carlson a few weeks ago, but he has been on the front line for several years educating people about the reality of what’s happening when hospitals chemically castrate “transgender” children. They call chemical castration “gender affirming care,” because if they called it what it really was then 90% of people would be demanding that it stops. This is why Chris does what he does – because the media, politicians, and hospitals are covering up what they’re doing to children.

Chris previously announced that he was coming to Boston this past weekend to protest outside of Boston Children’s Hospital, before hitting up Harvard University, and the Cranston Public Library with parent’s rights activist (and friend of the blog) Nicole Solas. He picked these places because:

  1. BCH has come under fire after it was discovered that they were performing mastectomies on healthy girls as young as 15
  2. Public libraries have become havens for drag queen story hour.
  3. Harvard is home to a male transgender professor called Alejandra Caraballo, who invented the term “stochastic terrorism” as a pretext to silence those who oppose genitally mutilating children. The idea is that when people like Billboard Chris expose and criticize people like Caraballo, Caraballo then claims he was threatened by Chris’ followers, and then Caraballo demands that Billboard Chris be banned from Twitter, Facebook, Google, and all financial institutions. Basically they just make up whatever they can to get people banned from everything because they’re unable to defend their positions.

A common problem later on in life for kids who get surgeries like this is infertility, which they are not warned about beforehand. A disproportionate amount of children who receive surgeries like this are autistic or are suffering from mental health issues. Instead of receiving counseling they are sold a bill of goods that tells them their problems will go away if they just chop off their reproductive organs. These are the kind of things Billboard Chris wants to have conversations about, and wants to make the public aware of. If Boston Children’s Hospital was proud of what they were doing, and they thought there was nothing wrong with it, they would’ve defended the practice. Instead they hide behind “death threats” and “stochastic terrorism” as a means to silence the legitimate concern being raised by people like Billboard Chris.

Because he announced his visit to Boston ahead of time it all but guaranteed that Antifa mobs would show up to harass and intimidate him with the end goal of silencing his speech. For whatever reason these deviants really don’t want the public to know about the fact that hospitals are chemically castrating children. The Boston Police did an excellent job protecting him from these savages who predictably had no interest in discussion, and instead yelled meaningless things about Nazis and transphobia. See if you recognize anyone from his trip to BCH.

Antifa: “Go f*** yourself Chris! Nobody wants you hear you transphobic piece of shit! Get the f*** out of Boston!!”

Billboard Chris: “I love you. I’m sorry you wanna sterilize kids.”

Do you know any of these people?

If so, please feel free to email [email protected] or message me at Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook. These people are lowlife degenerates who want children to be sexually abused. They are dangers to children and the public has a right to know who they are. They’re also a direct threat to free speech and feel emboldened as tough guys when they get in a group. Not one of these people would act this way if they didn’t have a mob behind them. They deserve to be named and shamed for being who they are.

Of course we all know this guy already:

That would be Rod Webber, the 48 year old man who lives with his mother in Newton. It was a guarantee that he would be there asking stupid questions and defending child sex abuse because he is a deviant himself. Rod talks a real tough game to people like Billboard Chris, but when I saw him at the Monica Cannon-Grant protest two years ago he had nothing to say to me and ran away like the coward that he is. Clearly Rod’s mother didn’t hug him enough, which is why he’s closing in on 50 and spending his time burning American flags, pulling a Marcus Smart outside of the West Roxbury Courthouse, and pouring blood on himself in the middle of public streets.

Gee, I wonder who the bad guys are here.

Rod tried to pretend like he was some sort of reporter when speaking to Chris, but mostly he was there to defend the existence of a book called Gender Queer in public school libraries. Since Rod is a sexual deviant (in my opinion) with no children of his own, he really, really, really wants kids to go to school and read stuff like this in the library.

Spending your free time making sure children have access to anime porn to own the cons!

Later on his trip Chris made it to Harvard, where three masked Antifa virgins followed him around in an attempt to intimidate him. Unfortunately for them this wasn’t his first rodeo and he toyed with them like a mother cheetah teaching her cubs how to hunt a newborn impala with MS. It began when one of these losers started following him on a street in Cambridge and began texting his friends to come join him, because obviously he was too cowardly to do this alone.


It didn’t go well for Antifa boy because he was alone, and these people don’t know what to do outside of group settings. Even in ultra liberal Cambridge when a man on his bike approached Chris and he explained why he was protesting, the man was clearly interested in and disturbed by what Chris was saying.

“Nobody gives a f*** about your message dude.”

You’re literally spending your Monday following him around. Chris has hundreds of thousands of followers, including you, and the first person he spoke to immediately showed an interest in his message. But yea, no one cares. Totally.

The best was when the biker asked Chris who he was:

“Don’t listen to him, he’s a fascist.”

Bruh, you’re out here trying to prevent people from talking to each other about the chemical castration of children. Your attempts at censorship went over about as well as your search for the clitoris, because the Cambridge bike guy, who almost definitely is a liberal, was much more interested in what Chris had to say than you.

Ya see, when you look like a loser who lives in his mother’s basement and is too cowardly to show his face, people are inclined not to take you seriously. And when you try to prevent people from speaking to another person, it only makes them want to speak to that person more.

Towards the end of that video this guy showed up:

As you can see he was wearing a mask to cover up the overgrown collection of pubes he simply doesn’t have the time to shave because he sleeps until 11 and likely pleasures himself to anime porn. Of course he had very little to say besides swearing (very edgy), and was unable to combat any of the facts that were thrown in his face by Billboard Chris.

“Do you think we should block puberty in kids?”


At least he said the silent part out loud.

“You’re a f***ing liar.”

“What am I lying about?”

“You’re lying about f***ing everything Chris. You’re biased and you’re a bigot and I’m not engaging with your f***ing arguments. F*** you Chris.”

That about sums it up. You’re a bad person because I said so. I have no evidence to back up anything I say so I’m just gonna yell the f word a lot because I’m mad at the world due to the fact that my new stepdad Jerry drank all of my Mountain Dew.

Please, if you know who this person or his friend are, email me or message on Facebook.

Eventually he’ll probably grow out of this phase, but I want his past to follow him for the rest of his life. He deserves it.

They kept doing this for 4 more videos, and they kept getting owned and humiliated.





By the time they arrived at Harvard a man with a pony tail claiming to be a reporter began to interview him and got really upset when Chris wouldn’t call Alejandra Carballo a woman, because Alejandra is in fact a man.


It didn’t go well for him, as he attempted to defend puberty blockers for children. Around the 5 minute mark, as Chris flustered him by answering his bad faith questions in a clear and concise manner, the masked pony tail man loses it and yells “You’re not f***ing welcome in Boston! Get the f*** out of our city and don’t come back,” before running away whimpering like the coward that he is.

Again, if anyone knows who this is email or message me on Facebook:

“Don’t follow me because it’s f***ing creepy.”

Dude, you’re a grown man with a pony tail who sought Chris out to harass him because you don’t like the fact that he opposes chemical castration of children. You’re the textbook definition of creepy.

Pony tail bro went and contacted campus police who asked for Chris’ ID, which he rightly refused to do because you don’t have to show ID if you’re not being arrested.



Apparently you can’t pass out information on the campus of the most well known college in the world because access to information is dangerous, or something. I understand that this guy was just doing his job, but the fact that he only asked Chris for ID, but not the three losers stalking him, was pretty shitty.


From there he began to walk to his car where he was confronted by some sort of bisexual crackhead on a mid day bender.

Making out with a chick at a UMass frat party doesn’t make you bisexual dear. These people probably wouldn’t be so angry at the world if someone had just invited them to the prom.

Unfortunately his Antifa escorts wouldn’t hug him goodbye.


The next day Chris went to the Cranston Public Library to speak to a crowd about his mission, in an event put together by South Kingstown mother Nicole Solas, who was sued by her local teacher’s union in 2021 for asking what was being taught in the curriculum.

I’ve had Nicole on the Live Show as a guest a number of times, and she’s an extremely intelligent and well-spoken advocate for children, so of course this meant she had to be banned from Twitter for her activism.

Prior to the event there were demands to shut it down, but the library refused. The Rhode ACLU, which previously represented this reporter in a 2019 defamation lawsuit, issued a press release stating their support for the library in allowing Billboard Chris to be there. When they defended me they took a lot of crap from the woke mob because liberals have no idea that the ACLU was created to defend free speech rights, not just causes they support. This time the woke mob had the same reaction, as a Providence teacher named Greg Waksmulski, who previously was arrested during the George Floyd riots, threatened the ACLU for defending free speech.

But remember, the fascists are the people who speak out against child mutilation. The anti-fascists are the ones who have to resort to violence to silence speech they don’t agree with.

Also in the mob was this woman:


Twerking State Senator Tiara Mack, who once stated that her favorite part about being an educator was teaching children “pleasure based” sex ed.


She and some angry man in drag were leading the charge to force the public library to ban speech they didn’t agree with.


For some reason she wanted to know if Chris was circumcised, because in her juvenile brain she believes that cutting off a baby’s foreskin is the same as chopping off a teenager’s penis completely.


She also called Nicole, who unlike Tiara is a loving mother standing up against the genital mutilation of children, a “horrible human, truly the worst.”


Then she called her a “white supremacist radicalized Mom who harasses queer people online,” and jokingly called herself a domestic terrorist in order to satirize the hysteria of the left.


She had a normal Monday, asking random men in Twitter if they were jerkin the gherkin to her ass cheeks.


Tiara, you’re more effective at combatting morning would than the COVID vaccine is at stopping the spread of commie cold.


She was also there with this sexual deviant.

Brandon Potter is a grooming, pedophile-supporting Rhode Island State Rep, who for some reason wants children to be exposed to fellatio anime porn in the public library.


This dude really, really enjoys kiddie porn in libraries, but hides behind a progressive vail in order to pretend like he’s a good person.

Not a good look, Brandon.

Anyway, the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, and Providence Journal all wrote stories without interviewing Chris, and completely misrepresented what he stands for.

But it’s OK because no one reads those newspapers anyway. We’re having both Chris and Nicole on the Live Show Saturday night so they can actually be seen by normal people. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and tune in Saturday at 9 PM to watch. Let’s see if he’s as dangerous as they say he is.

Editor’s Note: There is an update to this story.

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