Meriden Only Fans Mom Asks Men To Give Her Money For School Supplies For Disabled Kids That She Blows On New Sneakers While Selling COVID Food Stamps And Collecting Social Security


In March we published a blog about a single mother in Meriden, CT who was really upset that her $200 COVID stimulus payments weren’t getting to her fast enough, and asked Facebook for $200 despite just buying a new car.

The Meriden Meat Mustang is a self described “sexy Italian woman getting this money” who “don’t play games about me and my kids 100 emoji.”

But it appears as if her version of “getting this money” is different from the traditional way in which women attain financial success. An emailer recently contacted us about an update with her story:

She also got and paid for a hotel room with a dude she met on FB shortly after you posted about her begging for money. She thought she was getting $500 from him. And the best part is she brought her 2 kids to the hotel and they all stayed overnight with this total stranger. So essentially she prostitutes herself with her kids in the hotel room with her! And here she goes again begging for $$$ when she’s bragging she just moved into a “beautiful apartment” and bought “all new stuff” but begging for $ for her kids school stuff. 

Here’s a video she posted a few weeks ago explaining why she needs someone to give her $250.


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To review:

  • She just moved into a “nice beautiful apartment,” and “brought all brand new furniture, all new stuff”
  • Rather than budgeting her money she blew it all on things for the new apartment, and now has no money for school supplies for her children
  • She admittedly does not work and proudly “live(s) off the government, live off disability because my Dad died when I was young, and my baby was a preemy born with health issues”
  • She only has $200 in her account, was thinking about begging for $300, decided that was greedy and settled at asking her friends to Cashapp her $250 so her kids could have school supplies
  • She admits that she knows it’s wrong to beg others to provide things a parent should, and she doesn’t want to be seen as a gold digger or scammer, but then goes and does exactly that
  • Her long term plans are to “go to back to school, open a business or do something,” and if that doesn’t work she “might do counseling or social work, adolescents with addiction” because she has a past with addiction (that may or may not have contributed to why she had a preemy baby)
  • She is counting on God to send her an angel, preferably one that has downloaded Cashapp, and can send her $250

Luckily God did send her an Angel named Jamal.

But despite shamelessly living off the taxpayers and whoring herself out in hotel rooms with her children she’s very sick of all the “gold diggin stank ass females bousche ass wannabees,” and “dudes who act like they got it together when they don’t be who the f*** they really are.”

Aren’t we all. Luckily for begging the Lord to send her another Angel Jamal isn’t the same thing as being a gold diggin stank ass bousche ass wannabee, so she’s not a hypocrite.

Nevertheless, when judgement day comes “y’all gonna be wishin u was praising instead of ass shaking and drinking and buying the newest or the hottest shit.”

Because if there’s anyone who’s fit to lecture others about morality and religion, while casting judgement on women who shake their rumpus for attention, it’s this woman with the $50 a month Only Fans account.

Four days after begging Jamal for $250 so she could get her children back to school supplies she filmed herself looking into her phone while driving her son home from a shopping trip, and showed off the brand new FILA shoes she just bought with the donated money.

Didn’t even realize FILA was still a brand, but as long as food stamps and Only Fans continue to exist they are in no danger of going out of business.

The next day she was asking for $50 more dollars for school supplies (guess she forgot to buy them when she saw the fresh kicks at Foot Locker), while bemoaning how hard it was to promote her makeup line and get a job while also collecting social security. But if you don’t feel like giving her money she’d be happy to sell you her food stamps.

Well, it is Food Stamp Friday after all, and Biggs Robinson is in the market for some half priced food stamps.

The hat. Every. Single. Time.

Looks like Biggs bought ALL the food stamps!

On top of that she also started a GoFundMe entitled “at cape cod.”

Because other people are supposed to pay for her to go on trips to Cape Cod while she sells taxpayer funded food stamps, collects social security despite being able bodied, whores herself out on the Internet, and treats herself to new shoes, jewelry, and lobster dinners.

The worst part about this woman is she has a special needs child who needs her attention, but she’s too busy constantly looking at herself and obsessing over whether or not her eyebrows will attract someone who’s willing to pay $500 to dip his Jurrasic pork in her tampon tunnel.

But of course she doesn’t really care about her kids, they’re just useful props she can use to get thirsty men to feel bad for her so she can go out and get her hair highlighted.

If Catherine Piccolo would like to come on the live show to discuss whether or not she feels misrepresented she is more than welcome to reach out and do so.


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