Middleborough Middle School Student Has First Amendment Rights Violated By Purple Haired Parents, Activist Administrators Who Ban Him From Wearing “There Are Only 2 Genders” Shirt


I’ve had my hands full with the Canton coverup story and somehow missed this insane story out of Middleborough where a 12 year old boy named Liam Morrison is being banned from wearing a shirt to school that says “there are only 2 genders.”

According to a complaint filed in Boston Federal Court, Principal Heather Tucker told him to remove the shirt on March 23 because it offended unnamed teachers and students. So he came back with this:


That shirt also got him in trouble with the principal, and he was forced to remove it, because these administrators apparently don’t understand what irony is.

This kid is likely being encouraged to do this by his parents, and that’s fine. If liberal parents can brainwash their kids with liberalism, then conservative parents should do the same. Wearing a shirt like that to a public school is an act of bravery. There used to be a time when we encouraged kids to go against the grain, not participate in group think, and express their opinions even if not everyone agrees with them.

But the transgender mafia doesn’t allow dissent. You will use their pronouns. You will let that 250 pound dude in the locker room withy our daughter. You will stay silent as boys beat your daughters in sports. You will pretend there are 85 genders. You will remain silent as parents chemically castrate their children. And you will look at that hideous monstrosity of a flag they force on your kids as they walk through the school doors.

Liam’s father wrote an email to the school asking why his son’s free speech rights were being censored and Superintendent Carolyn Lyons responded with this word salad:

“There are several students AND STAFF who did.”

How much of a soulless loser do you have to be to be a teacher who snitches on a 12 year old kid for wearing a shirt that states a biological fact, merely because it disrupts your communist narrative?

“The content of Liam’s short targeted students of a protected class.”

We have completely rearranged our society to cater to a bunch of men who think they’re women, allowed them to permeate girl’s private spaces, beat them in sports, forced us to use incorrect pronouns, and flown their flag in every public institution during the month of June. I never, ever want to hear how these people are “marginalized” ever again. The world literally revolves around their delusions, because unlike everyone else they are a “protected class.” Their feelings and rights matter more than yours.

But Liam is part of a protected class too. He’s an American citizen, protected by the First Amendment. His right to wear that shirt has been affirmed in Tinker vs. Des Moines, a decision heralded for being PROGRESSIVE, in that it allowed two students to wear anti-war patches to school.

The Warren Court decision clearly stated that, “neither students nor teachers shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate.” 

It doesn’t matter if their speech offended people who supported the Vietnam War, or were a Vietnamese refugee fleeing communism. The same way it doesn’t matter if a kid wearing a BLM shirt to school offends someone whose father is a cop. The same way it doesn’t matter if a student wearing a “pro choice” shirt offends those who oppose abortion rights.

Meanwhile, these pictures are all over the Middleborough Public Schools.

The school is explicitly pushing left wing political viewpoints on kids, and they’re not hiding it. There is only one acceptable side of the immigration debate – open borders. If you don’t believe in unlimited illegal immigration then you have to keep your mouth shut, because it could offend students and teachers at the middle school.

Luckily Liam is getting a lot of support. Middleborough is a conservative town that voted for Donald Trump twice.

But the fact that there are only two genders isn’t a political opinion, it’s a biological reality. Instead of listening to the will of the people in town the principal, superintendent, and their bosses on the School Committee are catering to people like this purple haired woman:

“Let me tell you about the gender thing,” said Melissa Odie Morrison, a former teacher who worked in the district for 14 years. Disclosing she is a parent of a transgender child, Morrison said, “You think I wanted this for him? -Hell no.”

I could’ve told you that Melissa Oddi-Morrison’s kid was transgender just by looking at her. The ratio of purple haired women to transgender offspring is higher than Steph Curry’s free throw percentage in the playoffs.

Then there’s this woman.

Jodi Janz-Carleton had this to say at a recent School Committee meeting:

“There is a big difference between freedom of speech and having it plastered in words on a t-shirt.”

No, dummy. There is actually no difference. At all. The fact that people this stupid are allowed to vote is why democracy eventually will destroy itself. You also might wanna do something with that hair.

You’re white. And what you’re doing is called “cultural appropriation” and it’s a big no-no in the circles you run in.

Where is the School Committee to step in and do something? Their district is becoming a national laughing stock and they’re flagrantly violating the First Amendment rights of a 12 year old boy. The same majority of people who voted for Donald Trump elected this School Committee. But somehow this nudnik Allin Frawley got on:

It’s OK for this grown man to openly shit on religious people, but if a kid wants to express a political viewpoint he gets suspended.

Instead of being leaders the School Committee, led by Chairman Richard Young, is electing to do nothing.


Meanwhile, even the 2013 transgender prom queen thinks the kid should be allowed to wear the shirt:


But Chloe Tubman stepped forward and said, It’s all about tolerance.

“If that’s what he believes in, honestly he has a right to wear it,” said Tubman. She was Middleboro High School’s first transgender Prom Queen in 2013 and believes Free Speech doesn’t stop at the school door. If someone wants to perceive Liam’s message as threatening, so be it, Tubman isn’t going to let his message get under her skin.

“I’m not going to let it bother me,” Tubman said. That philosophy has helped her get through bullying and negative people her whole life. “If people don’t like my lifestyle, I don’t pay them any mind,” she said. “I’m not ashamed of it.”

What a novel concept! You can just not like something someone else has to say and then move on with your life.

Anyway, I’m glad to see the kid is suing. A lot of people will say “get your kids out of public schools,” but I am of the belief that the public schools belong to the public, and that includes me and my kids. You don’t give up on public schools, you fight to make them follow the law. If Liam or his parents want to come on the Live Show to discuss this they can reach out to me at [email protected]. I’d love to have them on.



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