Mikayla Miller’s Abusive Mother Is Lying About Her Daughter’s Death Because She Would Be The Prime Suspect In A Murder Investigation


Calvina Strothers, the mother of deceased Hopkinton teen Mikayla Miller, was arrested for beating her daughter in March of 2020, and according to the Boston Herald the details are pretty horrific.

This woman beat her daughter while driving a car, then continued to assault her with either a bat or a hat (the Herald printed two versions of this story) when she got home. She then attempted to blame her daughter for being the aggressor, which was a complete lie. This child was living in an abusive home, and the family that is now pretending to care about Mikayla since the money is rolling in for Calvina, was nowhere to be found to help her.

Calvina was the last person to see Mikayla Miller alive, and was not aware that her daughter was dead until 9 AM the next morning. She let their troubled, suicidal daughter leave the house after undergoing a psychotic episode in which she trashed the downstairs clubhouse at their condo. What kind of parent wakes up in the morning, sees their 16 year old is not there, and doesn’t alert the police? I’m not saying she killed her daughter, but she’s previously beaten her, didn’t seem to care about her much at all, her belt was used to kill Mikayla, and she’s attempting to blame 5 innocent children for killing her daughter in order to distract attention from herself, so do with that what you will. If this was a murder investigation then Calvina Strothers would be the prime suspect.

As part of her media tour Calvina sat down for an interview on Instagram with Tamika Mallory and Talbert Swan on Friday. Mallory was one of the founders of the Women’s March, who was expelled from her leadership roll after several anti-semitic incidents, including when she “asserted that Jewish people bore a special collective responsibility as exploiters of black and brown people.”

She also said that Louisville District Attorney Daniel Cameron, a black man, was “no different than the sellout niggroes that sold our people into slavery, and that he was a “coward, a sellout,” who was used by the system to “harm your own black Momma.” She said about Cameron, as Monica Cannon-Grant has stated many times about black people she does not agree with, that “all our skin folk ain’t kin folk, and you do not belong to black people at all.”

Swan has made thousands of racist statements on Twitter, that once led to his account being removed from the platform, including repeatedly referring to white people as “mayonnaise dripping” and black people he doesn’t agree with as “coons.”

Like Monica Cannon-Grant, he’s also previously gone after children.

He’s openly homophobic and the author of a book that advocates for conversion therapy, titled “Closing the Closet: Testimonies of Deliverance From Homosexuality.”

He fell for the Jussie Smollett hoax.

He’s been to jail for larceny.

And he had a lien placed on him for owing $82K in child support for over 10 years.

In other words, Calvina has a lot in common with these two:

  • She’s been arrested
  • She’s a deadbeat parent
  • She lives large despite having unknown streams of income
  • She falsely accuses and doxxes children
  • She plays the race card when all else fails

Here’s the interview:

I analyzed it all on the live show earlier this week.

That was one of the worst performances I’ve ever seen. At no point did Calvina come across as sad or upset. She couldn’t keep her story straight, kept looking around for answers, and outright lied too many times to count. Tamika Mallory seemed disinterested, like she was shopping on Etsy the whole time, and pretty much the only thing Swan could come up with was, “If this was 5 black kids who jumped a white girl they’d all be in jail.”

But of course Mikayla Miller wasn’t jumped at all. She was punched in the face by her ex-girlfriend who she cornered in the clubhouse while having what sounds like a panic attack during the process of returning Katelyn Anderson’s belongings.

During this interview Calvina predictably whined about being racially profiled by the police, including 3 times when she was “pulled over” for sitting in a non-moving vehicle. She has no license to work in cosmetology/hair, so she’s illegally been doing that for years. She lied and said Mikayla has one older brother who is 24 when she actually has 2 brothers. Duane Miller (Calvina’s ex husband took her to court for visitation of his son Duane Miller about a year before he committed suicide). Duane Miller is on Twitter and doesn’t seem upset his sister is dead, posting all about Oscars and movies.


Other lies and threats included:

34:00 – Mallory asks if they need to “put boots on the ground in Hopkinton, because we will,” and says she will await further instruction. It’s been a week since this interview and Mallory has not mentioned it once.

36:15 – Calvina said kids who jumped her were all white. This is a lie. One was Puerto Rican, and she was not jumped.

37:25 – Talbert Swan stated, “we need to expose the names of these kids and their family connections.” Not surprising coming from a man who did the same to Nick Sandmann, a completely innocent child who smiled at an asshole banging a drum in his face.

38:40 – Calvina says they never interviewed the families of the other kids. This is a lie. The families were all interviewed extensively, their alibis investigated, and their cell phones confiscated.

This story is falling apart and I’m here for it. This is largely due to our reporting, which has clearly shown that Mikayla Miller was a sad 16 year old who took her own life. Ayanna Pressley has not spoken about it since her initial tweet, nor has any other prominent elected official. And these are people who always fall for hoaxes, like Jussie Smollett. Even Swan and Mallory have not followed up on this. She’s down to her, Tito Jackson, and Ernst Jean-Jacques. Good luck with that.

Monica is now demanding that Marian Ryan recuse herself because she’s baselessly alleged that her office hasn’t investigated this, which is a complete lie. She is planning her next protest on Friday May 21, outside the DA’s office in Lowell, where she will be joined by Tina Degree, AKA Beast Lightning – the woman who cleaned up the murder of Emely Nieves, who was murdered in cold blood by her abusive son Devante Degree. They are protesting on behalf of Moses Harris, a 6 time domestic abuser who jumped into the frozen Concord River to evade arrest in December. I look forward to confronting both Tina Degree and Monica Cannon-Grant on Friday. Who’s coming with me?


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