Activist Bailed Out Of Jail By Lowell Mayor’s Wife After Beating Pregnant Woman Alleged To Be Involved In Coverup Of Death Of Son’s Baby’s Mother Who Died In Her Apartment 


This is Emely Nieves from Lowell.

Emely died on May 26, 2020 from blunt force trauma to the head, according to her death certificate.

At the time Emely was living with a man named Devonte Degree, the father of their baby boy, and his mother Tina Degree.

If those names ring a bell it’s because we blogged about them last week after Tina Degree was arrested outside the Lowell Police headquarters while protesting the death of a man named Moses Harris. In December Harris attempted to avoid his 6th arrest for domestic violence, which would’ve sent him back to jail, by jumping into the frozen Concord River where he drowned. Ever since then Tina Degree has been accusing LPD of a coverup, even though there is video evidence of Harris running away from police towards the river. This is the kind of person Tina Degree and BLM advocate for – a domestic abuser who appears on the Steve Wilkos show.

After being arrested the family of Moses Harris went to City Hall to demand the Mayor bail their friend Tina Degree out of jail, which Mayor John Leahy’s wife admittedly did.

It was later revealed that Tina Degree was already out on bail for assaulting a woman with a tire iron who claimed to be pregnant with Tina’s grandchild, and Devonte’s son.

This is what Democratic leadership in Lowell considers compassion – bailing domestic abusers who harass the police on behalf of other domestic abusers out of jail.

Tina’s son Devante has a well documented criminal history himself. In 2013 he was arrested for assaulting a Lowell Police Officer who was responding a domestic dispute between Devonte and his girlfriend at the time. Tina Degree launched a lawsuit for police brutality against the city that went nowhere. In 2015 Devante was charged with operating his car after a suspension but failed to appear at his November court date and had a warrant issued. He was arrested for that warrant in 2017. Tina Degree claimed the police were harassing her family and raised thousands of dollars off of this lie.

Tina Degree assaulted the pregnant woman because she denied the baby was Devonte’s, due to the fact that Devonte was with Emely at the time, and she too was pregnant with his baby.

Tina Degree and the mother of Moses Harris have one thing in common – they’re both the parents of alleged domestic abusers. On May 13, just 13 days before she died, Emely Nieves texted her sister in law Anna from Devante’s brother Aziim’s tablet, to let her know that Devante beat her and took their child. She was kicked in the ribs, was unable to walk, and was clearly frightened of him and needed to get out of Tina Degree’s house.

She told Anna that Devonte threw something at her while she was holding the baby, then pushed her to the ground and stomped on her while she was attempting to change a diaper.

This cycle of abuse was not new. These are text messages Emely sent to Anna in October and November 2019 while she was pregnant, alleging that Tina witnessed Devante abusing her, and instead of intervening she threatened Emely and said that the baby better be Devante’s.

Emely posted on Facebook that Devonte had “dragged me around like a rag doll” while she pregnant, after she confronted him about impregnating the other woman who Tina Degree was arrested for assaulting.

Devonte blocked her on Facebook, but she posted a screenshot of something he previously posted, in which he seemed to be admitting to abusing her.

“Yes I f***ed up and did what I did, but we are human and time will tell if I will see my child from her.”

On May 14, 2020, the day after Emely texted her sister in law to tell her about being abused by Devante, she texted Devante and he admitted to abusing her. He said that he “f***ed up” and that he knew he was wrong. She threatened to leave him and take the baby with her (who he had taken the day before).

He admitted that he “forced it” with her and “f***ed up,” then urged her to put ice on her bruises.

He said about Emely, “hearing you scream f***s me up,” and accused her of getting him banned from an unnamed place.

He admitted to her that he ‘shouldn’t have gone that far.”

Emely frequently documented her abuse by taking pictures of the damage Devante caused her.

However, like millions of abused women before her, she went back to her abuser. On the night of May 25 she and Devonte went out, left the baby with Tina Degree, and came back around 2 AM. The next day Tina Degree called 911 and said that she was dead and had choked on her own vomit. However, this directly contradicts the death certificate, which said she died from blunt force trauma to the head.

Tina Degree immediately tried to capitalize off the death by organizing a GoFundMe using her name that raised over $2,600 for the funeral, and insinuated that she was suffering from postpartum depression.

However, not a dime of this money was sent to Emely’s family according to sources we spoke with.

Publicly Tina Degree continued on with the lie that Emely died from choking on her own vomit. However, in November 2020 Emely’s family and friends began posting images of her after some of the routine beatings she received from Devante, along with the death certificate which showed she died from blunt force trauma to the head.

She reportedly had strangulation marks, bruising under her right eye, bruising on her chin, a bruise on the side of her face, a bleed in her head, bleeding in her ribs, bruising on her back, and bruising from her shoulder to her forearm.

Now that there was proof that Tina Degree was lying about how Emely died in her house, she attempted to smear the victim’s family in a Facebook Live video that only incriminated her further. In the video you are about to watch Tina threatens to “bring anyone up on charges” who suggested that her son murdered Emely Nieves, threatened to sue anyone who did and take their home, and suggests that she has connections to City Hall (the Mayor’s wife bailed her out of jail) to do so. She also admitted to finding Emely’s dead body on the morning of May 26, 2020, and then calling Devante, her other son, and her “spiritual mother,” rather than 911. She waited until her other son got to the house before she called for help, wasting critical minutes while she was unaware if Emely was still alive.

“Every relationship has their problems.”

This is how she justifies repeated and documented domestic abuse. This nonchalant attitude is consistent with Tina’s behavior towards Lowell Police as well. Every time he gets arrested for something she downplays it as not a big deal, then blames police for coming after her because she’s some sort of civil rights leader. She knows how to use the right buzzwords and play off of white guilt laden liberals like Mayor John Leahy and his wife.

Tina degree accuses Emely’s sister in law in that video of using this as a way to scam people out of money, claiming the funeral was free because she was victim of domestic violence. In reality Anna’s family paid for the small funeral and wake (due to COVID), and Tina pocketed the money she raised for it with her fraudulent GoFundMe.

2:10: “Anyone that tags him on the Facebook page, the IG page, or Snapchat page, talking about he’s a murderer, talking about he’s a murderer, you will be brought up on charges. And yes I will sue you, I’ll take your house, I’ll take your job, anybody that’s working for the state I will definitely report you.”

That’s a threat to silence anyone for speaking out on behalf of the victim.

Her retelling of the story was as follows:

That day, which was Memorial Day, my son, Emely and the baby left the house. I was cleaning the house as I always do, because some people think I cleaned up a crime scene, but anyone who’s been in my house knows my house is always clean, I don’t need to clean up nothing. They went out that day and I got a phone call from Emely, I called Emely back and she texted me and asked if I’d stay with my grandson. This was 10 PM that night. So 10 o’clock that night they came back home, they gave me the baby, they ate something, they left. Emily and Davonte came back home after 2, I heard a commotion and I went back downstairs. I told my son to leave because they were arguing and I was dealing with that nonsense in my house. I told my son I don’t care where he went, just leave. My son left after going back and forth with me saying I took her side, I said we’ll discuss this later, leave. But prior to that Emely came upstairs saying I have postpartum depression, I’m depressed. I said I was the one who told you about postpartum depression. But I said we’ll talk about that tomorrow just go downstairs. As Emely was going downstairs she fell. My son came upstairs picked her up, they went downstairs. While they was downstairs I heard a commotion, I got out of bed and went downstairs in my house. I told my son go somewhere, I don’t care where you go, just go.

As my son was leaving the house Emely fell off the bed. She projectile vomit everywhere in that room. I’m the one who cleaned up that vomit. I’m the one who cleaned her up. I was there by myself, just me her and the baby. I couldn’t even get the girl up on the bed. But I’ve had drunken nights too and sometimes the floor is better than the bed. So I cleaned up her, I cleaned up her face, I cleaned up everything. But my house still smelt like alcohol. I went upstairs I called my other son and I said, what did y’all drink? He’s like, what are you talking about Mom? This is my son Aziim. He said I wasn’t with them. I said I don’t know what they drank but whatever they drank they better not drink it again because my house stink.

I cleaned up that vomit, I washed her face, I wiped her mouth, I put her on a towel, I laid her next to window, thinking that if she would get up and move to the bed when she got up, if she got up, to move to the bed. This was around 4:30. I hung up with Aziim, I said I gotta go and wake up at 7:30. Then the baby started moving in the morning, I walked down the stairs, I looked directly into the room, I think “she didn’t even move.” She was still laying in the same spot that I left her. Something told me to check on her.

I’m the one who found her. Her lips are blue. I called my son Devonte and he didn’t pick up his phone. I call my spiritual mother and I told her to start praying because Emily wasn’t breathing. So then I called my other son and told him I need him at my house now. So he got here and then I called 911. I got receipts for calling everyone. And when my son got here I was giving her CPR.

This was all a new part of the story she never told before, but she had to come up with something to explain the blunt force trauma to the head. Falling down the stairs and then falling off the bed was the best she could come up with. Regardless, at the very least this is an admittance that she found a dying or dead woman in her house, who she was the last person to see alive, and chose to call her “spiritual mother,” and her abuser before calling for help.

So why isn’t Devante Degree under arrest since police know that she died from blunt force trauma? According to sources we spoke with his previous abuse has actually helped him remain free:

Dante beat her so often and so bad she had evidence of old injuries to her brain during the autopsy. Even though all this was known to the medical examiner, the ME didn’t have the guts to affirm that she was beaten to death on the night of her death. He said there was a possibility she fell while drunk and that caused the blunt force trauma that killed her. Bullshit. Poor girl suffered so much abuse. 

Emely always refused to cooperate in the past because she was so afraid of her boyfriend. Don’t forget, she was aware that Tina came after another of her son’s girlfriends with a tire iron. 

So with this case the poor girl was left alone In a bedroom. The only people in the apartment at the time was Tina, her son, and this girl. Tina is claiming that she came into the bedroom and found the victim on the floor unresponsive. The only people that really know what happened are Tina and her son. Without a medical examiner to declare that it was a homicide by blunt force trauma that night, there’s nothing to go on. Mother and son will tell the same story and they’re the only witnesses. 

She spends the rest of the video smearing the family of the deceased who is simply looking for justice for Emely.

I attempted to contact Devante Degree for comment, and after he stopped responding to Facebook messages I texted him. He told me to call his lawyer Steve Rappaport.

It is widely believed that Tina is so involved in the Moses Harris case, not only because she can empathize with being the parents of a domestic abuser, but because she knows that at some point the police will either come for her or her son for the murder of Emely Nieves. She’s prepping for that to say that Lowell Police only came out to her because she’s protesting them.

The most sickening part about this is that the Mayor and his wife chose this woman to show how woke they were by bailing her out of jail. Any black person would do really. Even one who beat a pregnant woman with a tire iron because she didn’t want to admit that the woman was pregnant with her son’s child. She disrespects law enforcement and blames them for coming after her family full of criminals when they break the law. She witnessed domestic abuse in her house and did nothing about it. She appears to be involved in the cover up of the potential murder of a young woman of color who left a baby behind. Keep in mind, Emely had previously threatened to take the child and run away. Now Devante and Tina have full custody and Emely’s family cannot see him.

DeVante Degree is still posting on Facebook to this day like nothing happened, even accusing innocent people of killing Mikayla Miller, whose death was ruled a suicide.

Years ago Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan’s office let Jared Remy go free on no bail after assaulting the mother of his child, despite a long and documented history of abuse. He then killed her, and Ryan’s office has been widely criticized for allowing this to happen. If Marian Ryan wants to show that she’s serious about domestic violence against women, then she will do everything in her power to thoroughly investigate the death of Emely Nieves and hold Tina and Devante Degree accountable for what they’ve done.


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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries

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