Milford Couple Leaves 8 Minute Voicemail Lamenting Journalistic Practices Of Turtleboy, Says They Will Be Character Witnesses In Court 


This is Arty Powell from Worcester or Milford.


Arty was not happy about the blog we published on Tuesday about Krysta Smith, the abusive mother from Winchendon who slammed her baby into a crib, and he showed up in our inbox to defend her honor.

As you can see, he was not pleased with the coverage and left several voicemails. We have compiled his grievances together for your listening pleasure.

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Well guys he cracked the case – I named my blog after the Turtleboy statue behind City Hall in Worcester.

The blog is officially exposed.

But he wasn’t done exposing us.

“Anybody can look anybody up. I just looked up your name, and damn!”

I never anticipated someone Googling Turtleboy and finding out my information. I am defeated by the greatest of all time.

“You be sucking the dick of the people who run Facebook, right? Who is it that runs Facebook right? Huh? Huh? Ain’t you and him running around pushing sex trafficking out boys and shit? Come on now.”

My guy, if Mark Zuckerberg was my homey and we were running around sex trafficking I’d like to think he would stop shutting our pages down.

“You went straight to the whole incest thing.”

Well yea, that was the best part dude. If you get someone on the show who had sex with their nephew it’s kind of the elephant in the room if you don’t address it.

He then posed the age old question….

“Dude, you don’t even talk about the sports.”

Exposing ratchets is a sports.

“You are the reason I have no hope for humanity. Because of you! You ruin that!”

Thank you. I’ve done my job then. I also have no faith in humanity after writing these blogs day in and day out. How many times can I write stories about ratchets slamming babies into cribs without giving up on human beings entirely?

“You were a teacher where? In a cracker box?”

Boom. Roasted.

“I wish I knew where you lived, I’d come to your house, I’d sit outside and roast marshmellows in your fucking yard.”

Well, that’s a new one.

“Are you gonna put me on your YouTube next?”


“Well how bout you take your f***ing page down? Loser. Old man. Ain’t got nothing better to do than beat off. Jerkin his gherkin to all the drama he causes.”

Why does everyone all of a sudden have such an issue with my masturbation schedule?

“Is it abuse if he does it to himself by putting himself in them situations with Krysta?”

Yes, that is still abuse. Victims don’t cease from being victims simply for being around abusers.

“Caught the YouTube. Good show, good show.”

Thank you.

“You really didn’t give her much of a chance to explain her side.”

She hung up on me.

“You’re never gonna get far in journalism if that’s what you think journalism is all about. Street journalism. Maybe the streets care. But no one else above that really gives 2 f***s. No offense bro. Other than that it was a good show.”

Journalism advice expert.

This appears to be Arty’s girlfriend Hailey from Milford.

Teeth Richards jumped in on the conversation to add her expert legal advice:

Arty: “There’s this thing called third party contact. And being the fact that she was just on your channel responding to people, you, the fact that you called her while there were other people have no contact and restraining orders against her. You helped her to violate those. You did that. So if she sees time for this, it’s already been time stamped and taken care, I already sent screenshots out, that YOU did that. 

Hailey: “And I will go to court as proof.”

Arty: “And I’ll be more than happy to as well as character witnesses because bro, that’s fucked up.”

Hailey: “She tried not to answer and you badgered her to answer.”

Arty: “That is against the law, it is harassment.”

Hailey: “By the way she can get all of you for third party right now.”

Arty: “Yea, because third party goes both ways.”

Character witness:

I’m not sure what point they were trying to make, so if either of them would like to come on the Live Show this weekend to discuss they’re more than welcome to.

Also, we never really addressed this:

How did this lunatic with a closet full of Google trophies ever get a job working as a PCA? She abuses her own children on film.

Kind of seems like a deal breaker. Looks like she got fired anyway.



Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. If you like what we do and want to support free speech feel free to hit the donation button. Or just buy this award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy: 


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