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Milford Firefighter’s Widow Complains About His “Stupid” Box Of Ashes, Blames Him For Abandoning Family A Year After Driving Him To Suicide 


A year ago today Milford firefighter Patrick Evans tragically took his own life. He left behind three children and a “grieving” widow who drove him to the point of suicide by openly cheating on him for years with half the town of Milford, including at least one cop and firefighter. He made a comment about it five years prior, the first time he found out.

He stayed with her for the good of his family, but she never stopped.

After his death Nicki Evans posted about it relentlessly on Facebook, portraying herself as loving wife who couldn’t understand how this happened. But in reality she was with him shortly before he killed himself, knew he had a gun, and had made him aware she was having sex with other men in an attempt to drive him crazy. She also:

  • Left him in a house with a loaded gun while he was suicidal
  • Lost over 100 pounds after her husband paid for her weight loss surgery, but lied and said that she lost it through exercise and dieting
  • Played Lizzo on repeat at his wake and didn’t dress him in his firefighter’s uniform
  • Immediately and incessantly used his death to gain sympathy for herself on Facebook, pretending to be a loving wife
  • Never told her kids that her husband killed himself in order to cover for her role in it
  • Started going out, getting drunk, and having sex with more men immediately after he died
  • Posted pictures with her new boyfriend with a month or so, including images of her grabbing her tits
  • Claimed that “He did what he had to do, and at the time what he thought what was best for our kids.”
  • Infiltrated Facebook groups for grieving women who lost loved ones, and constantly tried to turn the attention they were getting back onto her

Read all about it here.

Nicki went on win 2020 Turtleboy Ratchet Madness, defeating Kate Peter, Kylie Kirkpatrick, and Lorrayna Calle in one of the most impressive runs in tournament history.

Nicki Evans is one of those rare ratchets who is so ratchet that she doesn’t realize or care what a revolting dumpster fire she is. Instead she went on Facebook after becoming TB famous to call her friends pathetic for sharing the blog, and continued to shamelessly post pictures of her and Patrick.

She ended up dumping her first boyfriend and got a new one.

And now that the anniversary is here she’s milking her husband’s death (which she is 95% responsible for) for all the sympathy it can get her.

But even in death she cannot stop humiliating and emasculating him. Recently she’s been blaming her husband for leaving his kids behind.

Virtue signaling about how she doesn’t know why he cut his life short.

Oh, I know the answer to that one. It’s because you intentionally rubbed it in his face that you were sleeping with multiple men due to the fact that you have no soul. Hope that clears things up.

She’s been complaining that her dead husband can’t teach her kid how to shoot a gun, despite the fact that he killed himself by using one.

She’s moved Patrick’s stocking to the kitchen because she had to make room for the new boyfriend Eric’s stocking in the living room.

But probably the most revolting thing she posted was how inconvenient it is for her to look at his “f***ing ashes stuck in a stupid expensive box.”


If there’s any doubt why this poor guy felt the need to kill himself, that post sums it up. Imagine living with this person? Is there ever anything that’s not all about her? The worst part about that rant is that the overall theme is that he was the bad parent for leaving, while she is the loving and strong parent for still being alive. Killing him wasn’t enough for her. She has to torment his ashes now.

“I’m not as strong as everybody thinks I am.”

Literally nobody thinks you’re strong. Nobody.

“I hope you know how mad I am.”

Oh yea, you’re the victim here. Here’s an idea – don’t drive your husband to the point of suicide and leave him in the house holding a loaded gun shortly after rubbing it in his face that you’re banging other people in town. Imagine how mad that can make a person.

“You thought that by leaving your trauma would end?”

Sadly it did. He needed love and help, but he was living with a monster who wanted him to kill himself so she could freely bang the other half of the town she hadn’t gotten to yet and get some cheap Facebook likes by pretending she was a good wife while he was alive. I was hesitant to write the blog last year because I didn’t want her kids to see it. But since their mother is probably gonna lie to them and pretend that she’s the victim here, they have a right to know the truth. This is a person with no soul, who in a fair world would be in jail while her husband was at home with his children and a wife who actually cared about him.


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