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Millbury Elementary School Principal Also Cancelled 5th Grade Lesson On Slavery Because It’s Culturally Insensitive To Imagine Life As A Slave


Yesterday we published a blog about Millbury Elementary School Principal Andrew Tuccio cancelling a 4th grade lesson on immigration and the personal ancestry of students after one parent (who is also a teacher) complained that it wasn’t inclusive to adopted children, as well as black and Native American students.

Patti Sprague’s son was adopted, and she clearly doesn’t view him as part of the family. If she did then she would embrace him as a “real” member of her family tree and teach him all about it. As a commenter wrote, “bloodline does not make a family – love and full embracement does.” This poor child will never truly feel part of the family as long as his mother treats him like he’s not. He is nothing more than a prop she uses to push a political agenda on the public schools.

Principal Tuccio could’ve stood up to her but he chose not to. As it turns out it’s not his first time overruling a teacher and cancelling or changing a lesson based on an email from an outraged woke parent. A fifth grade class at Shaw Elementary was doing a unit on slavery, and this was the lesson plan sent home by the teacher.

I used to do lessons like this a lot. Have kids pretend they were alive during a historical time period and try to get them to understand the thought process they’d be going through. Makes history come to life. But this was apparently too racist because Tuccio got an email from a parent and ended up sending home this email cancelling the lesson.

He agrees and apologizes because the lesson “did not promote our culturally sensitive practice.” He wants to “improve inclusive and equitable practices.”

This is a jock football coach who likely doesn’t know what any of that means. He just sat through a diversity training and must subscribe to critical race theory if he wants to keep his job. He enjoys the salary of being a principal and is willing to become a woke puppet to maintain his position.

He also wants to teach history in a “sensitive” manner that doesn’t traumatize. I can’t tell you how dangerous people like Andrew Tuccio are to public education and history in general. If you think the horrors of the Holocaust should be taught in a “sensitive” manner then you are a disgrace and should immediately leave the world of education. How can our children learn to correct mistakes of the past if they don’t understand how horrible some of those mistakes were? How can they learn that racism is bad without learning how bad racism was at its peak? No student is traumatized by learning history, but now we have work adults trying to actively rewrite public school curricula and prevent children from learning about the past. Shameful.

Here’s the revised lesson plan he sent home to kids.

The column on the left remained exactly the same. The blue column changed from “have the kids write a point of view journal entry from a slave ship,” to “describe conditions on slave ships.” The orange column changed from pretend to be a former or current slave and write a letter to your family, to describe conditions for slaves on plantations.

The only thing wrong with the original lesson is that slaves couldn’t read or write. All they had to do was fix that part and it would be fine.

The point of view aspect is a more effective way to learn about history, but Millbury is apparently eliminating that option because it’s racist for white kids to try to understand what it was like to be a slave. That’s “cultural appropriation,” or something.

This teacher attempted to put together an innovative history lesson that encouraged kids to imagine what it would be like to live during a historical time period, and had them think about history from the perspective of the oppressed, rather than from the oppressor. This is something the woke brigade allegedly wants, by the way. It’s how Howard Zinn wrote history. But a parent demanded they just regurgitate facts and learn history in the most boring way possible, and Tuccio once again caved to them because he is a spineless echinoderm.

Parents in Millbury should not put up with this. Your children are receiving an inferior form of education because the district is trying to protect them from the reality of history. Feel free to email superintendent Greg Myers and Shaw Elementary Principal Andrew Tuccio to let them know your thoughts on the matter.

[email protected]millburyschools.org

[email protected]millburyschools.org


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