Millbury Woman Kidnapped Baby From Mom She Met On Facebook Because Her Child Rapist Boyfriend Wanted To See The Baby She Pretended To Have With Him In June


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Last week we blogged about the crazy story out of Worcester in which a mother left her four day old baby in a car with a woman she met on Facebook, then looked on in horror as the woman drove away with her baby before dumping it off at a Lincoln Plaza Subway and getting arrested with her boyfriend at Wendy’s.

Many thought there had to be more to this story. What kind of mother would leave her 4 day old baby in a running car with a stranger? Especially one who looked like Kassidy Lauziere-Cuevas.

Some suspected it may have been drug related, but as it turns out the whole thing was one big ghetto Lifetime movie script. According to court documents we now know that:

  • Kassidy was telling people for months that she had a baby and was doing it to keep Daquan Jefferson around by convincing him that he was the father
  • Text messages show that she had been lying to her friends and family about this, but none of them thought it was strange that she was clearly not pregnant in several pictures posted on Facebook leading up to the imaginary birth

  • In June she sent him pictures of a melanin-rich baby that he posted as his cover photo on Facebook

  • She sent him more pictures in August and he did the same

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  • It’s unknown who that baby belongs to, but it is certainly not his or hers
  • By August Daquan wanted more than just pictures and demanded to see his baby in the flesh, so Balls Deep Betty concocted the scheme to find a woman on Facebook who was about to have a newborn baby, befriend her, and plot to temporarily borrow the baby so that she could convince Daquan that he was indeed the father
  • Kassidy purchased a Dunkin gift card as part of her plan, gave it to the victim, and told her to run inside and get them coffees
  • The plan backfired quickly because the victim left her cell phone in the car, which made it easier to track
  • Kassidy first drove with the baby to Shrewsbury where she abandoned her car, took a bus to the WRTA Hub station in Worcester where she met with Daquan, and then got on another bus with the baby to go to Lincoln Square
  • At 9:39 Daquan took a picture of the baby he thought was his and posted it on Facebook

  • As you can see, that is a completely different baby than the one whose images he had been receiving, and he realized something was wrong
  • She told him that she had stolen the baby from a foster home without permission, so they handed the baby off to a stranger at Subway in Lincoln Plaza, then hit up Wendy’s, assuming the police would never think to look for them there
  • Kassidy initially tried to lie to police and told them she had delivered a premature baby on June 5
  • Her plan was to return the baby to the mother after a few hours, just so she could get Daquan to stop bugging her about meeting the baby, and hope that she could explain her way out of it without being arrested

In case you were inclined to feel bad for Daquan Jefferson because he was lied to for months by a psychopath who was attempting to keep him around by pretending to have given birth to his child, just know that he is actually human garbage:

Assistant District Attorney Lina Pashou said Jefferson has 10 open cases including rape and abuse of a child, assault and battery on a police officer, carrying a firearm with ammunition, possession of a large-capacity firearm, resisting arrest, receiving stolen property, possession of cocaine and carrying a firearm without a license. In the case tied to the rape and abuse of a child, Pashou said DNA evidence ties Jefferson to the forced rape of a 15-year-old girl.

He sells drugs, carries unlicensed guns, forcibly rapes underage girls, and assaults cops. Naturally then Kassidy decided that this was a man she could not afford to lose in her life, and had to kidnap a baby for a couple hours in order to convince him that they had a child together that would bond them for life.

So for all the people who understandably assumed there was more to this story, you were right. Except the mother of the child was not complicit and this had nothing to do with drugs. In reality it was just a poorly thought out plan by a 19 year old woman to keep a gang banging child rapist in her life. But unfortunately for her there was no long term plan (longer than 3 hours), and the success of the plan hinged on 2 things:

  1. Daquan never asked her to see the baby again after that
  2. The mother wouldn’t contact the police after her newborn baby was kidnapped, and would forgive and forget after the baby was returned to her

If this isn’t a Lifetime movie I don’t know what is.



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