Millville Police Chief Lied To Board Of Selectmen About Assaulting Uxbridge Police Officer, Not Using Badge, Telegram Steals Story Without Attribution Again


Hours after TB Daily News broke a story about the Millville Police Chief getting detained by an Uxbridge police officer after assaulting him during a dispute, the Telegram and Gazette did what it always does – stole our work and passed it off as their own.

Cyrus Moulton was the author this time.

He is an unethical thief, which is why he’s the ideal reporter for a dying newspaper like the Telegram and Gazette. He read our story, saw the police report we acquired, went and got a copy of the same report, and pretended like he decided to look for it on his own.

But as bad as Cyrus Moulton is, Chief Ronald Landry is an even bigger liar. We know that now because he addressed his detainment with the Board of Selectmen at a meeting last week and contradicted the police report several times (he comes on at the 6:00 mark).

“I never identified myself as a police officer.”

Yea, actually, you did. Last and second to last paragraphs.

“During the struggle, Ronald unzipped his jacket slightly and showed he was wearing a police badge.”

“He asked me if I knew who he was. He then stated he was the chief of police of Millville.”

Sounds like you identified yourself to me.

“Somebody made phone calls to just about every media outlet there is.”

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Yea, lucky for him nobody called TB Daily News until this week though.

“I reacted the way any normal person would react.”

There’s nothing normal about assaulting a police officer and then demeaning him after he rightfully detained you for acting like a drunken boob.

Every member of the board of selectmen and the town manager then lined up to tickle his testes too.

“I’m of the opinion it doesn’t involve the town.”

“I think the chief needs to put some money in the swear jar.”

“He could’ve represented himself and said I’m the chief of police, he didn’t do that. True professionals act that way in my view.”

What planet am I on here? He DID represent himself as the chief of police. It’s right in the police report which any of these people could’ve ascertained.

According to the Telegram, Uxbridge Police Chief Marc Montminy was covering for him too.

On January 20th the Telegram was texting with the Uxbridge police chief? Did Cyrus Moulton ever think to, ya know, pull the police report? Of course not. Because that would be actual journalism. He’d rather just wait until Turtleboy did his work for him, and then pass it off as his own.

Remarkably the Telegram, the Uxbridge Police Chief, the Board of Selectmen, and the Town Manager weren’t the only people covering for him. So too were the townsfolk.

“He did not assault anyone.”

Yes, he did.

“Call the Uxbridge Police chief to find out what really happened.”

OK. Here’s the report. Turns out he did it.

“He didn’t have his badge on.”

Not only did he have it on, he went out of his way to use it in order to garner favor with the responding officer who he assaulted. I guess the Uxbridge cop lied too then by that logic.

Honestly, I could care less about Millville and how they run their town because it’s one of the most irrelevant places on earth. However, this police chief is obviously a liar who likes to use his badge to get away with crimes that anyone else would be arrested for, like assaulting a cop. And no one who is this brazen of a liar should be running a police department, no matter how irrelevant the town is.


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