Millville Police Chief Previously Detained For Incident In Uxbridge Nearly Runs Over Woonsocket Officer’s Foot After Going 60 In A 25 And Blowing Through A Red Light


In January of 2020 we broke a story about Millville Police Chief Ronald Landry after he caused a scene, hit the hand of an Uxbridge Police Officer, had to be detained, and was threatened with a taser. He also attempted to use his position as the Chief of Police in the neighboring town to obtain favor, and demeaned and criticized the officer who was very patient with him. His behavior got so bad that police were called in from Millville and neighboring North Smithfield, RI.

The Turtlegram and Gazette stole our story without attribution, but many in town had Chief Landry’s back, so he was not fired. However, the Board of Selectmen did vote to take “progressive disciplinary action should Chief Landry’s behavior not meet this high standard.”

Well, in an incident over the weekend in Woonsocket it appears as if Chief Landry was not meeting that high standard once again. According to a police report obtained exclusively by TB Daily News, Chief Landry was going 60 mph in a 25 mph zone, refused to roll his tinted windows down once pulled over, lectured the cop about how long he had worked for the city, and angrily took his license back from it before nearly running over the officer’s foot and turning left on a red light. The car was either a department issued car or not registered at all, but had no markings on it to suggest it was a police vehicle.

This man is a menace to society, and quite possibly one of the most corrupt bullies to ever put on a uniform.

He clearly doesn’t “back the blue,” since he routinely craps on them whenever they slightly inconvenience him while he’s breaking the law. The officer was polite to him and gave him the professional courtesy of not giving him a ticket, which he earned after going 60 in a 25. Instead of saying thank you he nearly ran the officer’s foot over, because the mayor of a small town no one has ever heard of is a really important person. Maybe the Board of Selectmen should actually do something about this, like fire him, instead of talking a big game about “progressive discipline.”


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