Monica Cannon-Grant Posts Video Calling Woman Who Crashed Into Her Husband A Murderer, Asks For Help Doxxing Her, Wants Federal Charges Dropped


In late March Clark Grant, the husband of Monica Cannon-Grant (and her co-conspirator indicted by the federal government), was killed when his motorcycle was hit by a car in Easton. We certainly didn’t think Clark Grant deserved to die for what he did, but we also knew that it was only a matter of time until Monica used her platform to attack the other driver and use his death as an excuse to drop the serious charges against her. On her Facebook and Twitter accounts yesterday Monica finally began doing what we all knew she would eventually do – calling the driver a murderer and attempting to dox her. She claims, based solely on a hunch, that the 40 year old woman who was driving with her 9 year old daughter in town, has familial ties to the state police. And since Monica is so delusional that she believes the State Police are trying to kill her, it is her assertion that this woman was intentionally sent by the State Police to murder her husband.

I remember the first thing I thought after this happened was, “I hope for the driver’s sake that she is a black woman.” Because if a white woman drove a car that was involved in an accident that killed her husband, Monica will try to destroy her life. The fact that the woman lives in Brockton increased the chances that she was not white, but it’s sad that that even matters to people like Monica. I’m just glad she no longer has the platform or influence she once had, like she did when she attacked a third grade teacher in Bridgewater after Monica misinterpreted a Plymouth Plantation demonstration on tethering strings for Pilgrim children and sent a mob after the school.

Monica has hurt so many innocent people over the years. She’s pure evil and completely unrepentant for what she has done. Jails exist so that people like her can have time away from civilized society to think about what they did and who they hurt. Some honestly come out with a better perspective on life. This is unlikely to happen with a narcissist like Monica, but she needs it more than anyone.

Keep in mind, the police are investigating the crash, there are cameras all over the place, and if the driver was at fault they will be held responsible. But that’s not enough for Detective Monica. She doesn’t have the patience to wait for the police to do their job and had to insert herself into it and track down the driver herself.

Meanwhile, Monica also posted an hour long crying session complaining about how Rachael Rollins and Jamarhl Crawford betrayed all black people by conspiring with a “white supremacist” (me) to expose her for being the mentally unhinged scam artist that she is. She admits that her attorney told her not to do this, but she apparently has new charges coming for food stamp fraud, which pushed her over the edge. She said that the US Attorney’s Office threatened to put a gag order on her after one of her recent rants, but she was doing this anyway because she has no choice. She has vowed not to delete the stream, but she probably will eventually so we saved it.

Hey Monica, if you’re so broke maybe you shouldn’t get your nails and hair done so often.

That’s literally the reason you’re being indicted in the first place. But I’m just glad you finally got your smoke detector battery replaced.

This was the most satisfying part:

46:25 – “I wanna protest like I’ve never protested before for my husband.”

Two or three years ago she would have used this accidental death as a rallying cry to whip up a mob to destroy this woman, regardless of whether or not the woman was at fault. Now she can’t because I took her platform away from her. I spent years and years exposing her. Because of my reporting we were threatened by her thugs, called racists and white supremacists, and ignored by the media as this racist bully was treated as a hero by the Boston Globe and Democratic politicians.

But it was all worth it to see where she is now. Now she’s begging for someone in the media to write about she’s the victim of racism, but no one will.


At the 53 mark she complains about the hardship of having to get a rental car without tinted windows. Because she’s such an important person that the federal government will be able to kill her easier if she doesn’t have tinted windows. She has completely lost her mind, and I’m here for it! I genuinely enjoy watching her be this upset because she’s hurt so many innocent people, and she’s not even that sad about Clark. She’s sad for herself. She’s using his death to try to pimp out her petition to drop the charges, which she hilariously believes will get the US Attorney’s Office to act.

A couple years ago she would’ve had tens of thousands of signatures on that petition. But we made her too toxic for even the likes of Maura Healey, Michelle Wu, and Julia Mejia to associate with.

Newsflash Monica – you could get 1 million people to sign that petition and it wouldn’t matter. The US Attorney’s Office is way above your pay grade, and calling them racist isn’t going to save you. No one is left in your corner, and I just want to remind you that I did this to you.

See you at trial.




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