Monica Cannon-Grant Raises Money For Legal Defense Fund In First Statement Since Husband’s Death


Monica Cannon-Grant has spoken for the first time since her husband and co-defendant Clark Grant was killed in a motorcycle accident in Easton on Wednesday evening. In lieu of flowers the account Fight For Monica, which is clearly run by her despite purporting to be run by anonymous supporters of Monica, has asked for you to donate to her legal defense fund and Cashapp.

She’s not asking for money for funeral arrangements, just her legal defense. This is what her husband’s death meant to her – a chance to raise more money. Imagine how depraved and soulless you have to be to do that.

This is why I ignored all the critics on social media yesterday who chastised anyone who responded to the news of Clark Grant’s death by talking about her legal proceedings. The fact of the matter is that Clark Grant was only relevant and newsworthy because of his legal proceedings and his marriage to the most well-known and offensive criminal in Massachusetts since Whitey Bulger. His death has potential legal ramifications for his wife and it’s fair for members of the public to speculate on what those will be.

Additionally, Monica’s lawyer felt the need to mention that in his statement yesterday:

“We are horrified and deeply saddened by the loss this great man. He will be forever missed. Monica heard from him as he left work yesterday and was about to head home on his motorcycle. They told each other I love you. That was their last contact. Words cannot describe her pain and what she is going through. Monica can at least find some peace in knowing this will absolve Mr. Grant of all pending allegations in Federal Court as all charges against him shall be dismissed by the US Government.”

So please, spare me the “you are only allowed to post thoughts and prayers for 48 hours” nonsense. When the attorney mentions the legal proceedings in a statement about his death then other people can as well.

I will say that Clark Grant was a loyal husband. He could have thrown Monica under the bus to save himself, but he stood by her instead. That also makes him complicit in her crimes, but he was certainly loyal. I can only imagine how beaten down it must make a man feel to live with that woman on a daily basis, and then potentially end up in jail because she can’t keep her mouth shut.

I did find some of the comments on Facebook yesterday about his death distasteful. However, I don’t police other people’s speech and shared my thoughts in the comments as well.

You don’t have to express sorrow, but you also don’t have to make intentionally insensitive comments for shock value. You are feeding into her narrative if you do that.

As for Monica, she deserves no sympathy from anyone. My issue with her is not the fact that she stole money from her nonprofit because anyone who donated to her is an idiot who deserves to lose their money. My problem with her is that she is a racist, violent bigot, who has threatened to kill people for supporting police or not voting for the Democratic party.

In case you were inclined to feel sorry for her you should remember the pain and misery she caused to 5 innocent teenagers during the Mikayla Miller hoax two years ago. The 16 year old black Hopkinton student walked into the woods in April of 2021 and choked herself to death with a belt because was depressed and suicidal over a breakup with her girlfriend. The girlfriend had reported Miller’s suicidal threats to her guidance counselor but they ignored her. Monica made up a baseless lie that the girlfriend Kaitlyn Anderson and 4 other white teenagers lynched Mikayla Miller. Despite being exonerated by the District Attorney and police, and a medical examiner’s report proving the Miller committed suicide, Monica continued to accuse 16 year old Anderson of being a murderer.

She repeatedly used the child’s first and last name on her live streams and demanded that she and the 4 other children be arrested. She went on BLM’s Instagram account to do a stream to their 4 million followers in which she repeated this baseless lie. Anderson was a child, and her good friend was dead. She cried about it a lot, and Monica said that her “white tears” were dangerous.

I spoke with Anderson’s mother several times as she cried over the phone about the effect this had on her child. The Boston Globe wrote about it too. Kaitlynn Anderson could not go to her good friend’s funeral because an adult (Monica Cannon-Grant) was organizing a lynch mob that was accusing her of being a murderer. She couldn’t go to school or attend school events. She was socially ostracized in town for killing her, when in fact she was the only person who tried to get Mikayla help. Imagine the pain that child felt from not only losing her friend, but being unable to properly grieve her.

Monica Cannon-Grant did that. To a child. So no, I don’t care about her feelings at all. I’m sorry that Clark Grant died, because he didn’t deserve to, but I feel no sorrow or sympathy for Monica. She is pure evil for what she did to those innocent children in Hopkinton.

I have no interest in conspiracy theories about suicide, because people don’t kill themselves driving the speed limit and crashing into a car. It’s odd that he was driving a motorcycle in freezing weather, but maybe he had his reasons. The driver of the car is a 40 year old Brockton woman who had her 9 year old with her. She was turning left onto a busy road when Clark hit her on his motorcycle, which happened to be part of the criminal investigation into him and Monica. It appears as if Clark had the right of way, and I shudder to think of how Monica will react to this if the other driver is a white woman. Sadly, that matters. If a white woman committed a traffic infraction that led to the death of her husband then we will see a side of Monica that we have never seen before.

The question remains, what effect will this have on Monica’s criminal proceedings? Certainly it will make people feel bad for her, but it doesn’t change the fact that she committed the crimes she’s been charged with. She won’t be able to blame it all on Clark now because the evidence against her shows that she orchestrated most of the fraud. We will see how it plays out in the coming weeks and months.


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