Monica Cannon-Grant Vows Revenge On People Who Alerted Federal Agents To Non-Profit Fraud, Replaces Husband On Violence In Boston Board Of Directors Due To Arrest


It’s been 3 months since that joyous day in October when Karma came knocking on the door of Monica Cannon-Grant’s new home in Taunton, in the form of armed federal agents there to arrest her husband Clark Grant for COVID unemployment fraud.

Running her scam non-profit has become more difficult for Monica as a result of these charges, and since then Violence in Boston Inc has been rather quiet. In December the VIB Facebook page posted that they had a new Board of Directors that unlike Monica was dedicated to fiscal management:

According to the Secretary of State’s website there has been a restructuring as well. Last we checked Winchester School Committee member Zeina Merchant was the treasurer, responsible for all money that went in and out of the non-profit.

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Monica Coleman and Clark Grant were the other officers and directors, but since Clark Grant was arrested for fraud he could no longer have anything to do with it, and Zeina Merchant wisely decided it was time to end her association with the first and only black person she’s ever had over for dinner. Here’s the new board of directors for VIB:

Notice Monica has changed her name. Either she’s divorced Clark Grant (unlikely) or she’s attempting to separate him from the business to avoid liability.¬†Also notice that Monica’s address is 6 Fenno street in Roxbury, where she no longer lives. The new restructuring is beginning with more fraudulence.

In their attempt to become more legitimate Monica replaced her criminal husband with Andrew Swain, the executive director of the Boston Boys and Girls Club.

She also added Worcester social justice warrior Jordan Berg Powers.

You may recall him from 2015 when he falsely claimed that I called his daughter a “white piece of shit.” As a full fledged communist and morbidly obese race baiting hustler he’ll fit right in at VIB.

Meanwhile Monica herself is back on social media (using Clark Grant’s last name), and initially said she was making one last post before deactivating:


That turned out to be a lie, and she has since been ranting about how no one was loyal to her, and that the people she defrauded were just jealous of her success so they partnered with white supremacists (Turtleboy).

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She blamed people in her community for turning the feds on her, when in fact her husband was openly committing over $70K worth of unemployment fraud for well over a year.


She claims that despite the fact that she has now been fully exposed as a fraud, her husband taken away at gun point, and her non-profit revealed to be a grift for her personal wealth, her business is still “thriving” and she’s been nominated for Massachusetts Woman of the year by at least 2 unnamed publications.


She didn’t list the publication, because she knows that we would immediately inform them that they are dealing with both a criminal, and violent sociopathic racist. Don’t take my word for it, just listen to Monica’s greatest hits:


Oh, and she was quite thrilled when I thought my Facebook page was hacked.

Sorry Monica, but my Facebook page wasn’t hacked. Turns out that just like you, I was betrayed by people I trusted. But unlike you I’m not a criminal so no one cares, and Turtleboy will go on like nothing happened so that we can continue to expose con-artists like yourself.


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