Meet Zeina Marchant: Winchester School Committee Member And The Driving Financial Backer Enabling Monica Cannon-Grant’s Nonprofit Fraud 


This is Zeina Marchant from Winchester.

Zeina is listed as the Treasurer for Violence In Boston INC, the nonprofit run by Monica Cannon-Grant and her husband Clark, who had their home raided by the feds last week after it was discovered that they were committing unemployment fraud and using donated money to get a loan to buy a $410,000 house in Taunton.

Her address on VIB’s listing with the Secretary of State is 25 Salem Street in Winchester, although the Middlesex County Registry of Deeds does not list that as a property owned by Zeina or her husband Jason. According to the Registry they do own a duplex at 28-30 Water Street, which they got a $423K mortgage for in 2020.

Zeina is an attorney from Illinois who was terminated in 2012.

It’s unclear why, or how she ended up in Winchester, but they became property owners in Stoneham in 2014. This residency in Stoneham became an issue when Zeina ran for and was elected to the Winchester School Committee in 2018, but she claimed she was living as a nanny in her sister’s home in Winchester. Once elected her biggest accomplishment was using the death of George Floyd to get the high school to change its mascot from the Sachems to something that didn’t make white people feel as badly about themselves, despite having no real ties to the community she was changing. When she ran for office in 2018 she highlighted this on her resume:

After law school, I advocated for migrant workers through the Legal Assistance Foundation and represented indigent clients in family law matters. I later served as director of elections for a county and director of IT for a court system. In both of these roles, I was responsible for technology implementation, including database development, training, and data sharing. Jason and I have two boys attending Lynch Elementary, where I am active with the Parents Association. In my position as a board member of the Winchester Special Education Parent Advisory Council, I have worked to strengthen the relationship between parents and the district.

She serves on the Winchester Multicultural Steering Committee, and according to her bio she helps fight racial injustice by volunteering with VIB.

Zeina moved to Winchester from the Chicago area. She has practiced law and worked as Director of Elections for a county and Director of IT for a court system. Locally, she volunteers with the Lynch Parents Association, Friends of the Winchester Library, Winchester Parents Advisory Committee, and Winchester for Peace. She also volunteers with Violence in Boston, an organization that fights against racial injustice.

In March she was honored by the Network for Social Justice as a Women’s History Month Honoree. In her bio she listed Monica Cannon-Grant as one of the three most inspiring people in her life.

In 2012, Zeina moved to Massachusetts with her husband and two young sons, eventually settling in Winchester, and began volunteering as communications director at the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Organization for Women (MASS NOW) in Boston. There, she met local Boston activist, Monica Cannon-Grant, who inspired Zeina to engage more locally. Zeina is most inspired by three special women. Firstly, her grandmother, a busy mother of 11 children and a humanitarian in Beit Maryam, Lebanon who created a welcoming community in her own home and reached out to those in need—particularly the nomadic people who faced harsh discrimination. Second, she is eternally grateful to her mother, who immigrated to the US with three young children and sacrificed to provide her children with opportunity and access to a great education. Locally, she is inspired by Violence in Boston founder Monica Cannon-Grant, whom Zeina calls a “true visionary” for the ways that she has fought the system within her own community by creating solutions from her own lived experiences. 

Her profile brags about how she was able to solicit donations from the Winchester community to go towards Monica’s fraudulent nonprofit.

Zeina continues to deepen her work with Violence in Boston, a local organization that fights racial injustices, founded by Boston activist Monica Cannon-Grant. Through her work as a Violence in Boston board member, Zeina helps powerful community leaders achieve success by bringing their visions to life. Zeina is grateful for all the support Violence in Boston has received from the Winchester community, including donations of food, money and services.

Last year TB Daily News did an investigation into VIB and discovered that they were not listed on the Attorney General’s website as a nonprofit, and had not filed any taxes for 2018 or 2019 despite an influx of millions of dollars in donations and grants.

The money was all unaccounted for, but in June of 2020 Monica admitted on several Facebook posts to raising millions of dollars for VIB. In June alone Cannon-Grant announced on Facebook that she received grant money from the following people and organizations:

  • Elizabeth Warren
  • Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley
  • Altman Vilandrie & Company
  • Justice Resource Institute
  • The Network/La Red
  • Alpert Cohen Charitable Fund
  • Marsh & McLennan Companies
  • Shell Oil Company Foundation
  • Boston Circus Guild
  • Constance Parrish
  • De Quattra Family Foundation
  • Face Mask for Solidarity (Nina Donghia)
  • Strand Therapeutics Inc.
  • Gregory Fung
  • Mathworks Matching Program
  • Power Within Fitness & Coaching
  • Trillium Asset Management LLC
  • Jubilee Christian Church International
  • TJ Cutrona Memorial Gift Fund
  • R.M. Walter Charitable Fund
  • Lynn ModellFive by Two Records
  • Emperor Nortons Stationary Marching Band
  • Bacow Family Fund
  • Michael Mcgrail & Suzanne Raab
  • Emel Sea Fund
  • Mitchell Fund
  • Bisby Charitable Fund
  • Network for Good
  • Jack Cushman & Teresa Elsey
  • Mo Hanley
  • Levi Morgan
  • Lewis Maskell Charitable Fund
  • Jennifer Hogue
  • Mrs. Sophie C. Schmitt
  • Samuel AscanioMaureen Hanley
  • Anna Whitcomb
  • L’Chaim Fund
  • Myrtle Baptist Church
  • Martin-Raisz Charitable Fund
  • Levi Morgan
  • Jack Cushman & Teresa Elsey
  • Rachel Wilson
  • The History Project Inc.
  • Lyft
  • The Gleason Family Fund
  • The M and J Carmody Giving Fund
  • The Quinn-Dupont/Dupont Fund
  • The Peller and Rice Family Fund
  • The Greenawalt Family Giving Fund
  • Harrelson Giving Fund
  • Miwa Family Fund
  • Susan Collings Giving Circle
  • The Hopkins Family Fund
  • Grove Hall Trust
  • The Humez and Maessen Fund
  • Jacquelyn House
  • Fidelity Investments
  • Dana Smith
  • Anne Welch
  • North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters

She has also received donations from current Mayoral candidate, Annissa Essabi-George, who has the backing of the police despite Monica’s outspoken hatred of the police.

Monica is hyperbolic, making it seem to outsiders like her life is constantly in jeopardy, as a collection of gang members, police officers, and white supremacists are constantly shooting at her.

Meanwhile, her son Narayan films gangsta rap videos and glorifies violence in the most graphic manner in rap videos he pays to have produced for him.

Consequently she used this lie to raise money for her and her husband to have a weekend getaway, courtesy of people like Annissa Essabi-George.

In 2019 a shooting took place at the Warren Garden housing projects where she lived with her husband and 6 kids.

Although the shooting had absolutely nothing to do with her, Monica made it sound to her followers that she was targeted, and thus needed to move because she was unsafe living there. Two separate fundraisers raised close to $10,000 for her moving expenses and hotel rooms where she would stay until they could find a place to live.

But she never moved. She just used someone else’s tragedy as a way to enrich herself and lied to donors about what the money was going towards.

She lists several vague references to unnamed people she’s helped in the community, including one that she shared twice about a man who needed legal assistance after he was being charged for “CD’s,” another for a woman “facing police brutality in Roxbury,” and 40 families who lost loved ones to homicide.

She provides no evidence of any of this, and does it often.

Zeina Marchant once crowdfunded for a new dining room set for Monica, despite the fact that her husband Clark was double dipping as a MBTA employee while collecting PUA for 78 consecutive weeks.

None of what Monica has done was possible without Zeina’s assistance. As the treasurer and clerk for VIB she is ultimately responsible for the finances of the organization. The lack of any accounting at all is on her, and she knows that considering her legal background. Although Monica is well known in Boston, she had no influence in the surrounding suburbs filled with white liberals looking for philanthropic organizations to donate to. Zeina Marchant is that connection, and was vital to her growth.

In July of 2018 TB Daily News published an article highlighting several racist threats Monica directed at Rayla Campbell, a black Republican running against Ayanna Pressley for congress.


I contacted Zeina on Facebook to let her know about this, and she read my message before deactivating her account.

Zeina heard Monica threaten to “blow someone’s f***ing head off,” and accuse Rayla Campbell of “riding white penis for a credit score” before calling her the n word several times. But she fears Monica’s wrath too much to confront her about it, and has been brainwashed into believing that it is her role as a white ally to provide financial assistance and remain silent.

Zeina was there at our peaceful protest last September at VIB headquarters, and attempted to hold back VIB employee Chris Lewis as he tried to threaten and assault peaceful protesters.

Lewis has since gone on to accuse Monica of fraud.

On July 16, 2020, Zeina brought Monica onto Cambridge Community Television for an episode called, “Forget The Seat, I Need The Whole Damn Table.” Directors Kimberly Sansoucy and Emily Shield introduced Zeina and Monica for a 90 minute forum designed to get white women to donate to Violence In Boston.

According to Sansoucy:

“We get to be in conversation with Monica and Zeina, and imagine a world where we get to live in a community where black women are the leaders. Where those who are the most marginalized move to the front and are centered. How are we as white folks looking to eliminate racism? How will we interrupt the racial inequities in our community?

The whole show was a way for Monica to explain to upper middle class white female liberals how they could “eliminate racism.” Spoiler alert – the answer is to give her money.

The video is a window into the sort of psychological effect Monica’s grift can have on liberal white women like this, who are already consumed with white guilt. It’s clear while listening to Zeina that what she considers to be a friendship is actually a one way street that ends the moment Zeina questions Monica, or is no longer useful to her. The entire relationship is based around Zeina heaping praise on Monica, which Monica hardly ever reciprocates. Here were some telling parts.

Zeina @ 10:30 – “No one is able to teach me like Monica about how to be an anti-racist. She is a black mother living in Roxbury, doing the work that all black mothers in these communities are doing. They are fighting for the lives of their children.”

Monica is likely one of the only black people Zeina has ever built a relationship with. She believes that her hyperbolic anecdotes and lies are indicative of what the average black person in America is dealing with – dodging bullets and making sure their sons aren’t killed by the police. This horrifies Zeina because she is extremely gullible and it makes her want to do something about it. She goes so far as to call Monica “brilliant” several times, and seems to genuinely believe that.

Zeina @ 14:15  – “I have learned what it means to be an anti-racist. I have learned how to not try to be a white savior. I do not lead VIB. I do not center myself in VIB. Instead I am giving you all the resources I have at my disposal, whether it’s my network, whether it’s my money, it’s all on the table for you.”

Zeina is afraid to make herself the face of VIB, even though she’s the driving force behind it, because Monica will not stand for a white woman being the face of her movement. Zeina is brainwashed by Monica and believes that being the background and giving Monica money makes her a good white person.

Monica says at 17:45 that she won’t move because she can’t leave the community behind. A year later she and her husband committed fraud by using donated money in the VIB bank account to obtain a mortgage loan for a house well outside of Boston in Taunton, leaving the community behind. Although she has not yet been charged, she is the target of the investigation, and her name is signed on the deed and the mortgage.

Zeina is a bit over the top in her praise of Monica:

18:20 – “Before I delve into how amazing you as a black woman are. You are always uplifting others.”

And Monica makes it clear at the 25:20 mark that she does not explain to white women how they are racist unless they pay her to do so:

“If I have to teach you then I’m gonna need my coin”

Zeina offered this bizarre explanation of the moment she realized she was a racist while attending a community event with Monica:

28:15 – “The media had brainwashed me into believing that black fathers aren’t around. They don’t exist. They’re all off getting more women pregnant. Or some horrible stereotypes. And that block party I was very comfortable being one of the only white people, and I was looking around and I’m like oh my gosh there are so many black fathers right now. And I accepted my own ignorance, and I said to myself black fathers matter.”

If you believe that no black men are fathers it’s not the media’s fault, it’s your fault. Has she not seen an episode of Family Matters? Zeina has insulated herself in an entirely white world by choosing to live in a town like Winchester that prices out people of color. She has a lack of understanding of black people’s humanity, and is attempting to overcompensate by latching herself onto the loudest black person she can find.

Monica is not respected in the black community in Boston, which is why she has to prey on gullible white people like Zeina. In that video Monica claims black fathers aren’t around because living with their families will lead to less welfare benefits. Zeina has no choice but to believe this, because Monica is the only black person she talks to, and questioning her could unleash Monica’s wrath.

Monica states that black people who question her are “people Harriet Tubman would’ve shot,” and that allegations that she was stealing from the community were baseless:

Monica @ 43:00 – “I do not argue with anyone that Harriet Tubman would’ve shot. People told me I was getting rich, I never understood it when I was going back to subsidized housing and dodging bullets. If I’m gonna get rich I’m gonna make it count. There’s gonna be a house in Dover somewhere.”

Zeina: “Amen to that.”

At the 45:50 mark Zeina and Monica have a back and forth about her husband Clark, who was arrested by the feds last week:

Monica: “Harriet shot her husband. I’m willing to do whatever it takes for the revolution.”

Zeina: “I’ll pray for Clark he’s too amazing.”

Monica: “Oh he’s great, I’m not gonna have to shoot him.”

Zeina: “He’s one of my favorite buddies. Clark is Monica’s amazing husband who supports her. He exemplifies what it means to be a black man in a loving, healthy supportive relationship.”

Monica: “He goes to work, comes home, goes to work some more.”

What kind of white person says that a black man “exemplifies what it means to be black”? This is bizarre, forced, and cultish language that was taught to her by Monica. In their relationship she gets to feel good about herself, and Monica gets paid.

At the 47:45 Monica once again makes it seem to her attentive white audience that she lives in a World War 1 trench.

“I’m damn sure I ain’t gonna let a cop kill my kid. I’ll go out in a hail of bullets.”

Zeina makes it clear to listeners that they need to find black women like Monica and give them their money:

50:20 – “Find these black women activists and support them. And help them do the work they need to do. Not by taking over their platform, just give them the resources to be heard.”

Zeina resists the urge to take any of the credit, because she has been brainwashed by Monica into believing that this makes her a bad person:

50:45 –  “There have been so many time when I have wanted to jump up and say me, me, me, I’m part of this. And it’s like, who the hell are you? This isn’t your fight to center yourself in. And I’ve had to teach myself because the white culture has taught us all how to self promote and always put ourselves out front. I am just there to cross i’s and dot T’s when Monica says so.”

Monica capitalized on this:

52:30 – “Not just support black women in regards to showing up. We’re leading movements, we’re feeding communities. Show up and bring equity. Bring your rich friends. Bring those people who are like I have all this money and don’t know where to put it. There are black women who can’t pay their bills.”

Monica bragged about how she berated and swore at former Mayor Marty Walsh until he gave her a free building to run her nonprofit out of.

“Through my relationship with the Mayor we have a building that I’m sitting inside of right now. 4,200 square feet, 40 parking spots, gender neutral bathrooms, podcasting space. Microsoft donated 10 computers.”

Monica stated at 1:01 that she’d never leave Boston behind.

1:01 – “Yes I still live in the hood, but I have a little bit more advantage than most people. I have a little bit more resources than most people. There’s a responsibility to not leave those people behind.”

A year later she used the nonprofit’s money to leave Boston behind.

At 1:02:30 Zeina grovels:

“It’s been an honor and the best thing that ever happened to me to know Monica and to work with you. And I pray that our relationship is for life. I always tell her that I love her. She’s my love.”

What she doesn’t realize is that their relationship is one sided, Monica does not love her, and she is being used for her resources as an affluent white woman with connections. Monica then reveals that VIB was all Zeina’s idea, and she paid for it:

“Zeina paid for me to become a nonprofit. I never forget, she was like you should be a nonprofit and I was like I ain’t got no money. And she was like, I’m gonna pay for you to be a nonprofit, and when you get rich you pay me back.”

Monica mentions a meeting with “large funders” like Paul Grogan at the 1:05:40 mark. Grogan is CEO of the Boston Foundation, and under his watch the foundation has given out over $1.7 billion in grants to nonprofits. Monica herself showed receipts of $35,000 she received from Grogan, the George Soros of Boston.

Meetings with and donations from people like Paul Grogan are only possible because of Zeina Marchant’s connections.

At 1:11:30 a listener poses the question about how she can support Monica’s work, and Monica ranted about how dangerous and tumultuous her life is before Zeina finally explaining that she needs more money:

Monica: “I have to hire someone because I work so much, organizing marches, getting called out of bed at 3 AM because someone had their house shot up. The Nation of Islam escorted her to a hotel outside the city to save a black man’s life.”

Zeina: “The more resources we can give her that means more people get hired. And that’s the way Monica will be able to do self care. We have to step up and get her to that level of funding so that she can do even more work.”

At the 1:26:10 mark Monica admits that she received money from District Attorney Rachael Rollins:

“In regards to DA Rollins, we do have a relationship. She has funded Violence in Boston last year. We actually received a grant from her.”

And finally at the 1:31:45 mark Monica ends the show by comparing her life to the Holocaust.

Fraud is the only way Monica Cannon-Grant knows how to make a living. Last May she repeatedly lied about 5 white children in Hopkinton lynching a black teenager named Mikayla Miller. After the medical examiner determined that Miller had committed suicide Monica accused the ME of being in a conspiracy with District Attorney Marian Ryan and raised $60,000 for an independent autopsy, despite the fact that Miller had already been cremated. She repeatedly lied to her followers and used this to increase racial tensions and line her pockets:


But none of this is possible without Zeina Marchant. She chose to make herself a part of this and needs to be investigated, charged, arrested, and convicted for her role in Monica’s crimes.




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