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Monica Cannon-Grant Wrote Herself A Fake Hate Note, Demands Attorney General Arrest Turtleboy, Continues To Illegally Raise Money As Feds Ponder More Charges


As we went over last week on Turtle Club, Monica Cannon-Grant and her husband Clark are facing the prospect of additional federal charges for nonprofit fraud (on top of the 18 she’s currently facing), and a potential third defendant, according to the Boston Herald:

A new filing in the federal case against Boston activist Monica Cannon-Grant and her husband, who prosecutors allege ran their charity Violence in Boston as a personal cash cow, shows there could be changes to or fresh charges added against the couple.

“The government has advised that it intends on seeking a superseding indictment,” attorneys write in the fourth section of the Friday filing, which is primarily a joint status report in the case regarding evidence discovery.

A superseding indictment “can include different charges, new charges, or add new defendants,” according to the website of Washington, D.C. law firm Burnham & Gorokhov. Just like the first indictment, any superseding indictments would have to be obtained through a grand jury and would replace the original indictment. Defense attorneys have sought a deadline for the proposed superseding indictment, according to the filing, but prosecutors oppose setting doing so. Both parties say they wish to address this issue at the next hearing.

Cannon-Grant and Clark Grant face 18 counts from a federal indictment unsealed on March 15: two counts of wire fraud conspiracy, one count of conspiracy, one count of mail fraud – aiding and abetting, 13 counts of wire fraud – aiding and abetting, and one count of making false statements to a mortgage lending business – aiding and abetting.

This is why Monica’s attorney was on Fox News last week, calling for a speedy trial.

A Black Lives Matter activist leading a Boston anti-violence nonprofit indicted for fraud and is now requesting a speedy trial to challenge the allegations against her, according to a report. 

She knows that the more the government digs the more they’re going to find, and the more years she’s going to be facing in prison. So far they have over 1,000 pieces of evidence, but they’re expecting that number to jump to nearly a quarter million:

The latest filing reports that prosecutors have already rolled out about 1,344 individual pieces of evidence — nearly 15,000 pages in total — in their discovery process. The government adds that they’re still expecting “raw search warrant returns for four Google accounts” that should amount to 247,326 electronic files across 26.5 gigabytes.

I knew she was a grifter and a scam artist, but even I’m blown away by those numbers. And if there is a third defendant I pray to God it’s Tito Jackson or Zeina Merchant. Without those two Monica never would’ve been able to steal all that money. Tito was her downtown connection and Zeina was the absentee treasurer who gave money access to all the money and helped her create the nonprofit.

Meanwhile Monica is not allowed to raise money or handle any donations that come into her nonprofit Violence in Boston while she awaits trial. That’s why she started a page called “Fight for Monica,” which she pretends is run by 27 unnamed women from outside Boston, and raises money exclusively for her.

But it’s definitely not her. She just doesn’t want you donating money to her nonprofit anymore because she can’t take the money out of that bank account.

The conditions of her release order that she“refrain from applying for any loans, grants, or unemployment benefits, and from working any position — as either an employee or volunteer — that allows her access to an organization’s finances.”

She’s not technically doing that, but she’s using the Violence In Boston Twitter account to share the “Fight For Monica” account fundraisers (which is really Monica pretending to be 27 white women).



Aside from that it is business as usual for Monica, as the longer this drags on the more brazen she becomes, and the more she returns to her old form. Yesterday she doxxed a guy and posted pictures of his kids and mother because he criticized her on Instagram. Her co-defendant husband (who goes by Mike Oxlong on Facebook) said that the man’s wife is cheating on him with a BBC (big black cock – something Clark has only seen during cuckholding sessions).



The “fight for Monica team” is asking people to share her CashApp with their rich aunties and uncles.


She says the $170K salary she paid herself and never reported on taxes is no big deal, while ignoring the fact that she’s being charged with unemployment fraud while collecting that salary.


She claims that people are kicking in her doors and sitting outside her illegally acquired Taunton home in rape vans, which obviously isn’t true and wouldn’t help her avoid conviction in federal court even if it was.


She’s calling out Rachael Rollins and Maura Healey for not investigating Turtleboy for blogging about her and protesting her racism in person.


She sent herself a letter in the mail from an unknown and extremely racist “white supremacist,” who writes in the most stereotypically racist way possible, and is upset that the media isn’t reporting about her fake hate crime while comparing herself to the victims of the Buffalo shooting.


She’s upset that I was never arrested for peacefully protesting with Rayla Campbell at the VIB grand opening in September of 2020, and claims we were shouting racial slurs at her.


The video shows that we were protesting her use of racial slurs by amplifying her 30 minute racist diatribe directed at Rayla.


She also called the Attorney General’s Office to report that I had a black man on the Live show who she doesn’t like, and nothing was done about it.

She didn’t like my tweet pointing out that liberal politicians only seem to care about dead black people when they’re killed by white supremacists and can be useful in their crusade to censor Tucker Carlson.

Perhaps most hilariously WGBH reporter Adam Reilly, who’s taxpayer funded news station never reported Monica’s violent and racist threats directed at Rayla Campbell, is calling on the media to “just report what Rayla Campbell said” at the Mass GOP convention over the weekend.

For the record, she said she doesn’t think schools should feed sexually explicit books to 5 year olds, which they are currently doing.

I guess Adam thinks it’s a good thing when schools do that.

Monica agrees with Adam Reilly that the media is biased against her and in favor of conservatives.

I just can’t wait until she starts going live on Facebook again. You know she’s just itching to, because in her mind the more she talks the more innocent she becomes.


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