More Victims Of Attleboro Union Painter Come Forward With Unsolicited Noodz In Failed Courtship Bids


Earlier in the week we published a blog about Attleboro/Pawtucket man Andrew Gray, AKA the Pawtucket Poontang Punisher, who was sending a woman he had never spoken to before unsolicited images of his yogurt slinger.

Men who do this are predators, and it’s not harmless. If you walked up to someone in the street, whipped out your Johnson, and began going to town on yourself, you’d be charged with a crime. But for some reason you can do it digitally with no repercussions.

Guys like the Pawtucket Poontang Punisher never do this to just one woman either. Are we to assume that this random woman he’s never met before was the only person he decided to say “morning sexy” to, before sending an artistic image of himself in the bath tub?

More than likely he searches for women on Facebook, sends dozens of dick picks out, and hopes that one of them will be so overwhelmed by his girth that they’ll drop everything they’re doing to take a ride on his baloney pony. I can’t imagine it’s ever worked, but nevertheless he persisted.

My question is, how does he decide who gets the honor and privilege of the unsolicited phallus photos? What are his keyword searches? Well, apparently he might be looking for a particular first name, because three more victims have reached out to us since then, and more than one of them has the same first name. If you thought the first messages are bad, wait until you see how Ramrod Romeo approached victim #2.


So in that video, which we unfortunately had to watch for journalistic purposes, he steps back in his kitchen, pulls down his Shaw’s brand bathing trunks, whips out the womb broom, and then stares deep into your eyes as he’s pleasuring himself.

It simply doesn’t get any creepier, or rapier than that. The only time he steps out of character is a moment of weakness where he feels the climax coming on and abruptly ends the show early.

Sorry ladies, but if you wanna see the grand finale you’ll have to do so in person.

Andrew Gray reached out to victim #3 to tell her how gorgeous she was and asked her how she was doing. They briefly made small talk that she stopped responding to, so naturally he took this as a green light to send an unsolicited schmenzer shot.


Best response ever.

Notice how he unsent for her? This is what he does when his victims don’t immediately express their desire to jump on his disco stick, as if they haven’t already screenshotted it.

LOL. The way he does it with the football and weights in the background too. Women aren’t just gonna jump on any ol’ stranger’s dong. They wanna make sure he can throw a football and bench 200 pounds first.

Here’s the last one he sent to Victim #4.

He can’t even switch up his initial pickup line. The best part is how he always waits a few hours after not getting a response to send the dick pics. Like, the conversation went stale and they ran out of things to talk about, so that would be the ideal time to show you Rumpleforeskin.

Anyway, if Andrew Gray would like to explain himself and come on the Live Show Tuesday night at 9 PM he’s welcome to reach out to me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson, or email [email protected]. If you are one of his victims feel free to reach out as well.


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