Mother Of Maynard Teen Wanted For Braintree Mall Murder Is Former School Committee Candidate Who Ran On Equity Agenda, Was Taken To Judge Judy By Grandma


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If you ever feel like shooting someone or getting shot, the Braintree Mall seems like a great place to go.

Patriot Ledger: Law enforcement officials Friday asked  the public to help them find the man they say shot and killed a 26-year-old inside South Shore Plaza on Jan 22. The request came hours after an Attleboro woman was arraigned for allegedly helping the suspect escape and hide out after the fatal shooting. Julius Hammond-Desir, 19, of Maynard, is wanted for murder, Norfolk County District Attorney Michael Morrissey and Braintree Police Chief Mark Dubois said in a joint statement Friday afternoon.  

“A murder arrest warrant has issued for Julius Hammond-Desir for shooting and killing Dijoun Beasley at the South Shore Plaza on Saturday,” Morrissey said in the statement. “Massachusetts State Police homicide detectives assigned to my office have been working with Braintree Police since the Saturday attack, and we are now in a position to request the public’s assistance.”

Morrissey and Dubois  said Hammond-Desir may have changed his appearance since the shooting.

“The allegations are that Mr. Hammond-Desir shot an unarmed man to death at close range, so we urge you not to approach him but to call 911 if you see him,” they said. 

Samantha Schwartz, 27, was arraigned Friday morning in Quincy District Court on a charge of accessory after the fact of murder. A not guilty plea was entered. Judge Maurice Flynn set bail at $20,000 cash and scheduled a probable cause hearing for Feb. 18. Dijoun Beasley, 26, of Dorchester, died after he was shot in the head near the mall’s Forever 21 store at 2:58 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 22.  Assistant District Attorney Anne Yas said the suspect confronted Beasley and shot him 70 seconds later.

“The shooter ran and this defendant followed,” Yas said of Schwartz. “This defendant helped him escape.”

Beasley was at the mall with a girlfriend and a 3-year-old child when he was shot. Yas said Schwartz drove the suspect to an apartment where he hid, contacted him while he was hiding and even brought him food. She then dropped out of sight and left her two children in the care of others, Yas said.  She moved around, changed her social media settings and stayed off her cellphone, Yas said.  She said Schwartz sent someone to her home on Forest Street in Attleboro in the middle of the night to pick up her car in an effort not to tip off investigators to her location.

“She kept herself out of the public eye,” Yas said.

Defense lawyer Christopher Malcolm said Schwartz was on her way to Quincy District Court to turn herself in at 3 p.m. Thursday when she was arrested by Braintree and State Police and taken to the Braintree police station for booking. She spent the night at the police station.

“We came as soon as we knew there would be charges,” Malcolm told the court.

He described his client as terrified.

“Shots go off, and she’s terrified like everybody else,” Malcolm said.

He said she dropped out of sight out of concern for her own safety.

“She’s terrified. She’s received threat after threat after threat,” Malcolm said.

He asked that Schwartz be released on her promise to return to court.

She had nothing to do with it. She was just at the mall with a killer, fled with him, and then provided him food and shelter.

If the name Julius Hammond-Desir rings a bell, it might be because he was a missing teenager in 2018.

Generally speaking, if your kid ends up on one of these posters it is an indictment of your failures as a parent. I understand that occasionally good parents just have a disobedient rebel child that seeps through the cracks,  but in almost all cases when the kid is running away from home it’s because their home life sucks and their parent (singular) neglected them.

As fate would have it, we’ve actually blogged about the murderer’s mother before. Last year Toni Hammond was a candidate for Maynard School Committee.

As you can see, she is extremely ratchet. However, she’s also black and has bought into the fiction that this makes her a perpetual victim, which means she’s the ideal candidate for the Democratic Party. Of course her platform mostly consisted of racial grievances, and complaints that the school district wasn’t doing enough for her 4 children (including her murderous son).

• Racial injustice and inclusion: The people of color in our community deserve to be heard and accepted. Our curriculum and school culture should be examined and then reformed to better provide an inclusive learning environment for all our students. 


Nuff said.

Imagine actually thinking that people of color in Maynard weren’t “heard or accepted.” What does that even mean? Are your vocal chords broken? Did the town hold a meeting where they decided not to accept you into their top secret club?

And how should the school curriculum and culture be “examined and then reformed to better provide an inclusive learning environment?” Oh right – you want them to teach critical race theory. Of course.

Nothing social justice warriors say means anything at all. It just feels good coming out of their mouths so they repeat it over and over again.

Toni Hammond’s political career was hampered by her Google trophies, outstanding electric bills, and an appearance on Judge Judy where her mother brought her to court because she was blowing her money on wigs.


When these concerns were raised in a town Facebook group she “addressed” them by announcing that all of her children have behavioral disabilities (i.e. they weren’t raised properly, never were held accountable for their behavior, and society decided to classify this as a disorder when it’s really just a failure of parenting).

“I feel very strongly about social diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

Translation – I might be a full fledged ratchet, but I’ve been coached to say the three magic buzzwords that get white liberals to like me.

According to Toni her arrest wasn’t her fault because her murderous son was being assaulted by a 30 year old man and she protected him.

“As an African-American woman I am no stranger to be harassed and blamed because of my complexion.”

“Race definitely played a role.”

The thing about the race card is it allows people to avoid personal responsibility as long as their skin remains a dark enough hue that this grift remains believable to white liberals. I will also guarantee you the story she’s telling here isn’t remotely close to what actually transpired. I don’t even need to see the police report to know that a woman would not get arrested for defending her 12 year old son from a 30 year old man trying to assault him for no reason.

As for the Judge Judy show, she’s a grown woman who keeps her bills in grandmas name and doesn’t pay them, which makes her mother the bad guy.

This explanation made perfect sense to this man:

Elliot Prisby is the leading social justice queef in the almost entirely white town of Maynard, who claims to love diversity but has moved far away from it. He heads a group called the Maynard Anti-Racism Alliance, which specifically lectures white members to shut their filthy unpigmented mouths while they’re told how evil they are for not having enough melanin.

People like Eliot Prisby have been waiting their whole lives for a black person to move to town, run for office and get their endorsement, so long as it’s not a black person who thinks like Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, or Candace Owens. They don’t care about their past at all. They just want to be seen publicly endorsing a person of color so they can pat themselves on the back for being one of the “good ones.”


“I am proud of voting for both of these strong women, especially Toni, a women of color in our community.”

Dude, you’re not supposed to say the silent part out loud. You just announced that you’re supporting two candidates, and although you like them both, you REALLY are excited about Toni because she’s black and the other person isn’t.

He wasn’t the only one either.

Laugh all you want about Eliot Prisby (because he is a joke, and you absolutely should laugh at him), but the President of the United States is doing the same exact thing with the Supreme Court right now that he already did the same thing with the office of the Vice President. It used to be taboo to announce that such important positions were specifically set aside for people based on their race and gender, but racial and gender identity is by far the most important qualification for the modern day liberal. That tends to happen when keeping yourself in power revolves around maintaining a large percentage of the black vote. People like Joe Biden and Elliot Prisby are nothing more than mediocre, inadequate white men who can’t get real jobs and want to be seen endorsing women of color so they can have a reason to exist in the first place.

Luckily she lost the election miserably as our blog exposing Toni didn’t do her any good.

Meanwhile on the Everything Maynard Facebook page an argument broke out about whether or not Toni Hammond was to blame for the fact that she raised a murderer.

“You can’t say where or how he was failed.”

Actually, I can. He was failed because his mother is a waste of space ratchet who doesn’t pay her bills, neglects her kids, gets knocked up by men who have no intention of sticking around, and doesn’t raise her children with any morals or ethics.

“Maybe it was Maynard public schools or the lack of anything in this town to entertain teens or help them succeed in life.”

This is the fundamental problem with liberals – they believe it’s society’s job to raise children and not the parent’s job. It’s why they resist parental involvement in schools and want to label concerned parents as domestic terrorists. It’s why their solution to everything is more programs and more government spending, instead of pointing the finger directly at parents and telling them to do better. They don’t believe in individual responsibility because if the individual can fix their own problems then it doesn’t give the ruling class (government) a reason to enrich themselves on the taxpayer’s dime.

But when people brought this up Karen Ross told them it wasn’t “constructive.”


Because these people HATE when you highlight the actual problem. They’d much rather blame “systemic racism” or “the school to prison pipeline” because it’s less confrontational than pointing at a woman like Toni Hammond and just telling her the truth that she’s a shitty parent.



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