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MTA President Merrie Najimy Seen At Gillette Stadium COVID Vaccination Site Despite Not Being Old Enough, Refusing To Reopen Schools Until Teachers Are Vaccinated


Update – Merrie Najimy is now saying this image is photoshopped. We have cross referenced and verified that the image was legitimate. Read about it here.

Massachusetts Teacher’s Union President Merrie Najimy has been vocal that schools should not reopen “until it’s safe,” which in her mind means never. Specifically she wants all teachers to be vaccinated, and lashed out at the Baker administration for announcing that remote learning hours would no longer count starting in April.


Massachusetts Teachers Association President Merrie Najimy on Tuesday knocked the state’s commissioner of elementary and…

Posted by 7News – WHDH Boston on Tuesday, February 23, 2021


Some teachers are eligible for the vaccine if they certain medical conditions, or are over the age of 64.

Others not in that group are not high risk and can teach without dying.

Merrie Najimy is in her 50’s, and is not eligible for the vaccine, yet she was seen this week at Gillette Stadium allegedly getting her dose.

There is no reason to be there if you are not getting the vaccine. If she got it then she cut the line. Why not offer up her spot to a teacher to get them vaccinated and get back in the classroom? Oh right, the last thing she wants is teachers back in the classroom.

This isn’t surprising considering that Najimy herself was a failure as a teacher, which is why she’s so heavily involved in the union. In 2013 she found out that the Thoreau School in Concord would not be rehiring her, which she claimed was a result of her activism. But because it’s really hard to fire a teacher they just moved her around in the district and came to an agreement to make it go away.

A veteran third-grade teacher, Merrie Najimy filed a complaint with the Massachusetts Department of Labor Relations in May after she received negative evaluations and was notified that she would not be rehired at the Thoreau School. According to a statement issued by Rigby and the Concord School Committee, the agreement also outlines provisions that provide Najimy with support to help her at her new school and grade level. Under the agreement signed by Najimy, Rigby and Concord Teachers Association vice president Eric Beers, previous negative evaluations of Najimy will be sealed and cannot be used in any future disciplinary proceedings or for making personnel decisions.

She had negative evaluations in her file that she didn’t want leaking out and used against her in the future, and she required “support to help her” do her job as a teacher because clearly she wasn’t very good at it. There are many great teachers who want to return to school, but their leader who could not hack it in the classroom is preventing them from doing so while cutting them in line for the vaccine.


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