Neglectful Killingly Mother Allows 3 Boys To Wander Neighborhood Full Of Sex Offenders And Dangerous Backyard Barefoot In Underpants, DCF Ignores Pleas From Neighbors


This is Cheyenne and James Murphy from Killingly, CT.

When your parents name you Cheyenne, odds are that you’ll end up becoming a stripper. That’s just science. But Cheyenne doesn’t have the package for that, so she’s a “stay at home” Mom instead, which really means “I collect welfare and am rewarded for making a series of irresponsible life choices.”

Cheyenne has three children with James, but unfortunately he’s not around to care for them at the moment because he went to jail for armed robbery and is currently living in a halfway house.

Wait until that guy on the top wakes up and finds out that they went to jail for $60.

Days later two other women were arrested for their part in the $60 armed robbery and revealed where James Murphy as hiding prior to the robbery.

He was hiding in the shed of course. Who wore it better?

Then again, the victim hardly looks sympathetic.

Flat brimmed Bulls hat. Nuff said.

This is pretty standard living for Killingly. I did a bone ride of the Connecticut Corridor a few years ago and it was like touring a third world country. This is life in Killingly, which ranked last of the 9 towns visited that day.






And this is where Cheyenne and James live when he’s not incarcerated.

A concerned neighbor contacted us about some of the things he’s seen there, since DCF has done nothing when he calls them.

My next door neighbor for lack of a better word is the epitome of white trash. Normally I’d just say fuck it and mind my own business but she has 3 children that are very obviously neglected. I’ve reached out to the CT DCF and tried filing a report as a mandated reporter. I’ve contacted local (killingly constables) police and CT state police in regards to different disturbances. It’s truly sad. These kids roam up to 5-6 blocks away in just their diapers and underwear on their bicycles unattended in a neighborhood with multiple sex offenders on the registry. These kids are denied food and basic needs from their mother due to her alcohol and drug addiction. I’m not even looking for a story to be made out of this but am more or less asking if you know of any different approaches of contacting DCF to put the pressure on to have it investigated at the least?

They also have a dog that’s the same thing very obviously neglected and beaten. NECCOG (local animal control) has been contacted numerous times and same thing, nothing is done. The mothers name is Cheyenne Murphy and the fathers name is James Murphy. The mother in law (James mom) who also abuses the children’s name is Michelle Bisson.  I’ve witnessed the mom and grandmother refuse to make the children food and laugh when the kids say they’re hungry though. And listen to the verbal abuse and threats that are thrown in the Childrens direction. 

If losing Keno tickets had a face.

This is what these poor young boys have to grow up calling a playground.

This is not Bosnia after a NATO airstrike. It’s summer time in Northeast Connecticut. It look like they’re searching through rubble for survivors, but unfortunately this is what these poor kids have for recreation. Notice they’re not wearing shoes while walking through a yard that’s likely filled with nails, needles, trash, disease, and broken dreams. There’s a girl’s tricycle in a house with no girls, the go cart from Little Rascals, a “fireplace” which is just a collection of rocks on dirt in the middle of the “yard,” a random tire they use as a fort, empty coolers, and rusted out chairs. How does a backyard even assemble all of those things in the same place at the same time?

Pictures Cheyenne posted on her Facebook page show you the deplorable conditions inside the house, which she apparently believes are normal considering she posted them for the world to see. The youngest boy never seems to have clothes on, sleeps on a soiled mattress with no sheets next to a windowsill covered in dirt, and occasionally passes out on the shag carpet that no doubt smells like cheap Webster weed and Taco Bell.

For recreation the poor kids can play in the junkpile they call a backyard.

She takes them to cemeteries so they can climb on headstones.

They’re constantly filthy looking, and ride their bikes around the neighborhood with no shoes on.

Last year she tried getting rid of their couch and begged for a new one, because even that was too disgusting for her.

But it never came and she kept letting her kids rot on it.

And when you’re named after a flyover state capital you’re required to name your kids after flyover states.

Except you just spell it wrong too.

Meanwhile Dad’s not around for a bit but he wants to lecture you about “learning your history” to explain why a grown man in a northern state wants to celebrate the Confederate Flag.

This is no place for young kids to grow up and there’s a plethora of reasons to remove the kids from that hellhole, but yet DCF isn’t doing anything about it. They need to though, because those kids are in very serious danger. If you’d like to help them out please call Connecticut DCF to voice your concerns at 1-800-842-2288. 


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