New Bedford Woman Demands Dartmouth Salon Take Down Satirical Sign About Skipping Therapy For A Haircut, Sparks Viral Outrage On Facebook


This is Sasha Prata from New Bedford.

She was recently driving by the Ruby Room Salon in Dartmouth when she saw a sign outside that she didn’t like. Instead of doing the normal thing and just kind of going on with her day, Sasha decided to put the salon on blast on Facebook:

Oh my goodness gracious! A business using satire to attract customers? How will she ever survive this?

Newsflash – if you live in New Bedford you have far bigger problems than a sign. Plus, there’s nothing wrong this sign. Therapy is expensive and time consuming, and some people don’t have time for it or can’t afford it. But everyone feels better after a haircut, unless you get a haircut in New Bedford because you’re probably about to get shot as soon as you leave the barbershop. If you’re this upset by a sign then all the King’s therapists and all the King’s men, can’t put your brain back together again.

Nevertheless, her post set off Hurricane Karen and ended up getting hundreds of shares and commenters agreeing with her.


Uh muh gahhhhd! Thots and prayers! We’ll get through this together ladies!

“A silly haircut isn’t going to fix anything.”

Oh really? I had no idea Amanda Pavao! Here I was thinking this sign was literal. And I’m sure lots of people on the verge of suicide saw this sign and elected to cancel their therapy appointment and get a haircut instead. But I’ll tell you what’s not gonna fix anything Amanda – a Facebook filter and hair dye.

At the end of the day you’re still gonna be a miserable cow.

Tiffany Alfredo believes that businesses have “no right” to put up signs like this.

Actually, they do, and I don’t think you understand how rights work there chicken carbonara.

Words matter, and so does how you form those words!

No, they really don’t actually. Words have the power that you give them. Maybe if you stop going around looking for things that bother you then you won’t find so many things that bother you.

The Red Ruby Salon replied on her page as well, which only triggered her and the anxiety society more.

Wait a minute, you’re telling me that the hair stylists aren’t licensed psychologists? I feel so deceived.

Apparently the sign is “insensitive to people with mental health struggles.”

As someone who deals with a shit ton of mental health struggles I can firmly say that this sign doesn’t bother me. If it bothers you then the problem isn’t your mental health, it’s the fact that you’re a cunt. Please put a quarter in the jar on the way out.

The Prozac Panda then started attacking some poor woman named Jeffany (while ignoring the amount of therapy a girl would need from growing up with the name Jeffany) and aired her personal business publicly, including the death of a friend and her mothers struggles, because Sasha really cares a lot about other people’ mental health.

Zach Wexler is apparently Sasha’s boyfriend. I think we can all agree that Sasha would be a lot happier if he would just give her an orgasm once in a while.


Morgan Stott was pissed too.

Newsflash – having mental health issues doesn’t give you the right to police what other people say. Like what Sanda said here:

“I have mental health issues and I find this sign insensitive.”

Yea, no one really cares what you find insensitive though.

Apparently her issue wasn’t the words, it was the way the words were put in order.

So she gets that their intention wasn’t bad, and she gets that it’s a joke. She also understands that not a single person will read this sign and elect not to get therapy as a result of it. Nevertheless, she is offended and it must be taken down because she needed something to do on a Thursday.

As usual, people like Sasha pretend to care about feelings and portray themselves as better than others because they care about people’s feelings. But the “feelings and words matter” crowd are always the first to mock anyone they don’t agree with for their physical appearance.


A woman named Audrianna came through with the comment of the day:

“I hope you realize that a comment like this can actually push someone over the edge.”

Anyone who can be pushed over the edge by a comment on a Facebook post in which the OP was tagging and smearing a business over a harmless sign, probably shouldn’t be allowed on the Internet at all. They are a danger to themselves.

Finally Sasha posted an update.

So let me get this straight. You go to this place all the time to get your meds, see the sign every time, and not once has it pushed you over the edge or made you consider skipping therapy in order to get a haircut? Yea, you’ve making some great points here Prozac Panda.


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