New Canaan Group Financial Advisor Threatens To Sue Turtleboy And Woman He Called Fat For Not Sleeping With Him, Uses Homophobic Slurs During PRIDE Month


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Update – after publishing this blog Joe Milici called me and attempted to offer me a substantial amount of money to have the blog removed because it’s ruining his life. I told him I would not unless he came on the Live Show and stated his case, or explained to me why it should be removed. Although I could make more money by protecting him and removing the blogs, I am motivated first and foremost by principle, and there is no amount of money he could pay me to compromise my integrity. His motives were clearly selfish, as he said it’s ruining his life, and he repeatedly asked me why I was doing this to him. I informed him that I write about people who do bad things, and that harassing a woman for not having sex with you is a bad thing. He accused me of calling his work and using burner phones to call him (I did neither). After it became clear I would not remove the blogs he said that he would spend “any amount necessary” on lawyers to take me down. He said he knows where I live in an attempt to intimidate me. I wish him the best and look forward to defending the First Amendment in court if he chooses to go that route.

Yesterday I published a blog about a financial advisor from Connecticut named Joe Milici, who was harassing a woman he met on a dating app (using multiple phone numbers) and later blocked him, because the woman changed her mind about having sex with him.

Because it is PRIDE month and I am nonbinary, I am therefore allowed to identify with whatever gender I feel like on any given day. Yesterday I was a woman, and although I may look like a “man” (which is no longer a thing that can even be defined) I figured il Douchie Gucci still might be interested in dating me, based on the way he presents himself in some of his profile pictures.

I am also under 200 pounds, so I fit his strict criteria. I texted him and told him I was a woman, but he misgendered me and responded with homophobic slurs. He then told me I would be hearing from his attorney, and threatened to call the police.

I have not heard back since.

He also threatened the woman he demeaned for not sleeping with him if she didn’t take the blog down, which she has no power to do.

The original link to Joe Milici’s profile on the New Canaan Group’s website was removed yesterday.

However, under closer examination all the New Canaan Group did was change the html from Joseph to Joe, and his profile is still on their website.

Joe Milici seems to think he has the right to harass and demean women who choose not to have sex with him, and then use his money to hire lawyers to censor those who would speak out against him. Harvey Weinstein used similar tactics to try to silence the New York Times. Thankfully the #MeToo movement enabled women to be able to speak their truth, especially if they have screenshots. If this is what Joe Milici is like to women who say no to him on the phone, imagine what he’s like to women who say no to him in person. Apparently this is the kind of individual the New Canaan Group feels comfortable employing to help teachers navigate their retirement plans.




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