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New Hampshire Man Gets Just 1 Year In Prison, Must Pay Back Only $4 Million Of $19 Million He Defrauded From MassHealth, Complicit Wife Complains About Media


If you steal $19 million from the taxpayers, you should probably go to prison for a long time. Unless you do it in Massachusetts, in which case you get a year’s vacation and continue on with life like nothing happened.

Gardner NewsThe owner of a Westminster transportation company was sentenced Monday, Nov. 4, in Worcester Superior Court for Medicaid fraud. Michael J. Davini, 59, of Rindge, N.H., was sentenced by Judge William J. Ritter to one year in prison, followed by five years of probation for charges that include two counts of larceny over $250, two counts, Medicaid false claims, two counts, kickbacks, one count. His company, Rite Way LLC, also pleaded guilty to two counts of Medicaid false claims. He was also given a 2½ year suspended sentence and ordered to pay $4.2 million restitution. During his probation, he is prohibited from involvement in federal or state health care programs. Davini pleaded guilty to the charges on Oct. 24 in Worcester Superior Court. The state attorney general’s office alleged that he and his company defrauded the government of $19 million between 2011 and 2015, when Rite Way ceased operations. The company provided members of MassHealth and the state Medicaid program with non-emergency transportation to methadone clinics.

This is unbelievable. If you defrauded an investor out of this much money you’d be cellmates with Bernie Madoff until you croaked. But because he was stealing from the taxpayers he not only received just one year in jail, he also only has to pay back $4 million of the $19 million he stole. And since his company no longer exists, they probably will only pay back a fraction of that anyway.

Seems fair.

Michael Davini’s scam was using his transportation business to pick up methadone patients and bring them to get their methadone while charging MassHealth (yes, we pay for that with Medicaid). He began driving around his able bodied friends around, claiming they were in wheelchairs, and even paid cash kickbacks to MassHealth members to recruit more people to use his services. He also billed the state for rides he gave to dead people, and other people no longer using his services.

On top of that there is the money laundering. He put over $5 million of the stolen profits into an investment brokerage firm, moved $3 million into an account under his wife’s name, and transferred the titles of two homes that he owns to his wife’s name. There is no possible way that she could not have known about this, since millions of dollars were being added to her bank account and she suddenly owned new houses. Yet she has the audacity to whine on social media that she’s being mistreated by the press.

Michele, this is the most underreported story in the news, and the fact that you believe you’re some sort of victim in this shows just how unrepentant you are. You should be in jail too, but instead you’re living a comfortable life and will be reunited with your husband in a year. Your family didn’t just defraud a private citizen, they defrauded all of us.

I work my tail off, I pay taxes, her husband stole it, and consequently she was able to live a lavish lifestyle while I lived humbly. They own a $900,000 house in Rindge, NH, a beach house in Maine, a luxury townhouse in Florida, and a plethora of assets, including real estate holdings and cars. They spared no expenses getting Bruins box seat playoff tickets for the whole family last year as well.

And they were married in an exotic location.

Who wore it better?

Their $900K home appears to be on the market. This is how they were living.

That will help pay off the $4.2 million they owe, but in reality they should be paying back the state double what they stole, not a fraction of it.

Michele also is the owner of Davini Real Estate LLC.

When you Google them you’ll see that they buy and sell property in cities and towns all over. I find it impossible to believe that she couldn’t have been in on this scheme. The fact that she gets to walk away an continue to operate her business while simultaneously playing the victim is an injustice.

But why the hell are they being given a $15 million credit? If you steal $19 million from the taxpayers you should have to pay back $40 million, not $4 million. And this beyoch has the nerve to complain. These people should be destitute and thanking God they committed a crime in a state where you’re allowed to pretty much do whatever you want.


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