New London Middle School Hires Cocaine Dealing “Climate Specialist,” Ends Up Sexually Assaulting 8th Grader On Camera, Shows Video To Other 8th Grader 


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Hartford Courant: A former New London school employee who police say sexually assaulted a middle school student in his office and had consensual sex with two adult staff members — sometimes in school — has been fired, a school board member said Tuesday. Corriche Gaskin, 35, of Groton recorded the sexual acts and showed the cellphone videos to another middle school student, according to an arrest warrant. Gaskin, whose job was to prevent bullying and help students at Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School get along, was arrested last week for the second time in a month.

They named their school after a guy named Ben Dover. This guy obviously took that way too literally.

Everyone in that school was getting Ben Dover.

He was charged April 5 with risk of injury to a minor and May 7 with second-degree sexual assault, third-degree possession of child pornography, voyeurism with malice, dissemination of voyeuristic material and four counts of risk of injury to a minor, police said. Gaskin was placed on paid leave at the time of his April arrest, and now other school employees have been suspended, police said. The criminal investigation is still active, Capt. Brian Wright said Tuesday. Catala said he learned that three female staff members, including the school’s director, Alison Burdick, were placed on leave, as was the male administrator who supervised Gaskin, Lawrence Washington.

At least go for the principal dude.

This guy’s job title just reeked of diversity hire….

Gaskin’s job as a behavior, or “climate,” specialist was to prevent bullying and other problems between students in New London schools and oversee investigations into incidents of bullying, the school district said in April. Catala said it is an important role.

“Climate coach is the first line of defense when there’s a problem with a student,” he said of the job done by Gaskin.

Climate specialist. That’s a thing that schools need to function now. A referee that makes sure kids aren’t bullying other kids. Naturally he used his position to exploit and sexually assault 13 year old girls.

This guy really is a very dangerous sexual predator and rapist.

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Aaccording to the arrest warrant affidavit for Gaskin’s April 5 arrest, he “knowingly exposed [a student] to multiple pornographic videos.” The cellphone videos showed a student, a teacher and a paraprofessional performing a sex act on Gaskin in separate incidents during the 2016-2017 school year, the affidavit said. 

When police interviewed the student who appeared in the video, she told them she was in the 8th grade when Gaskin called her into his office for “no apparent reason” toward the end of the school year. He told her another student had told him the 8th grader thought he was cute, and he “pulled it out,” the affidavit said. The girl told police she “just did it,” and Gaskin told her not to tell anyone. She was unaware that Gaskin had recorded any part of the encounter, according to the affidavit.

This wasn’t some 17 year old girl, about to graduate who he couldn’t keep his hands off of. It was a 13 year old child he forced into having sex with him. This is rape. A child that age is not old enough to consent, and even if she was the power dynamic puts her in a position where she’s less likely to do what she actually wants to do, and more likely to do what she thinks she’s supposed to do. And in a special twist of perversion he recorded the whole thing and showed it to another child, as if that would impress them.

He’s also a father and youth basketball coach, which he posts frequently about on Facebook.

He’s not just a kiddie diddler though. He sometimes goes for women his own age, as long as they’re freaky and like to be videotaped.

A woman who taught at the middle school during the 2016-2017 school year told police she had been involved in a sexual relationship with Gaskin during which he “on multiple occasions … attempted to initiate sexual activity inside the school, specifically inside a lower-level supply closet and multiple times in her classroom,” the affidavit said. The woman, now 25, said she was not aware she was being taped and would not have consented to being recorded.

Oh please. This guy couldn’t be any creepier if he tried. He was trying to have sex with you inside broom closets during school hours. If that wasn’t a red flag that he has no problem recording you without you knowing, then you have no business teaching either.

The other teacher he drilled had lower expectations than the first one.

A woman who was a paraprofessional during the same school year said she was aware she was being taped and that Gaskin had “numerous” stored videos in his cellphone depicting such sex acts. That woman, now 21, told police “Gaskin did this often and it was ’his thing,’ ” the arrest warrant affidavit said.

That woman has made every frat party she’s ever been to a million times better. She knew he was the “video tape guy,” but she chose to get taken to pound town by him several times anyway.

And did I mention his 2014 arrest for selling cocaine that didn’t hurt his employment opportunities in the least bit?

Officials knew Gaskin had a federal drug conviction when they hired him as a paraprofessional a few years ago but they hired him anyway. 

Oh right, because according to “criminal justice reformers” on the left, drug dealing is a “non violent” crime. We should be giving criminals like this a chance to rehabilitate themselves around our children, and just kind of hope they don’t reoffend. This is what social justice looks like in Connecticut.


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