New Video Shows Jhamal Gonsalves Ran Into Building, Never Was Struck By Cop Car Despite Massive Riots In Providence, Calls To Abolish The Police 


On Monday TB Daily News published this blog opining on an incident in Providence in which a 24 year old man, who was one of 400 people illegally terrorizing the city with ATVs and mopeds, was allegedly hit by a police officer intentionally and knocked into a coma.

As is the tradition with BLM, peaceful riots erupted last night all over Providence, and the videos are below if you want to see some of the various streams. You know it’s bad when Andy Ngo is tweeting about Rhode Island from across the country.

To honor Jhamal Gonsalves last night his friends and supporters started a huge riot in which 16 rioters were arrested, multiple police officers and a police dog were injured, and grown men on dirk bikes terrorized the city again, destroying property and blowing stuff up for no reason. All this did was prove that everyone associated with Jhamal is a horrible person, as was evidenced by the fact that not one of them could be bothered to stop and make sure he was OK after crashing his play toy.

Even if the officer did rear end him, he totally deserved it. Don’t want to get hit by a cop? Don’t partake in an illegal mob terrorizing the city on dirt bikes, resulting in 4 accidents. But as new video shows us he was never hit by the cop at all. Watch.

As you can see, the cop turning left off of the side street forced Jhamal to swerve to the right, and he had to choose between running over the curb and smashing into a parked car. He chose the curb, couldn’t slow down, and crashed directly into the brick wall. The sound you heard in the video was not the officer hitting the bike, it was the bike hitting the wall. The cop car never touches him.

Watch this slowed down version of the other video and you’ll see that he intended to keep driving straight with the pack, but swerved, and the cop car never touched him.

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Case closed.

Question, how stupid do all these people feel now?

“Justice for Jhamal.”

We should ban brick walls in Providence so that criminals like Jhamal can terrorize the city without getting a boo-boo.

BTW, please find me this parent.

That woman should be sterilized and her child should be taken from her for life. The cops should quit their job because Jhamal lost control of his moped while breaking the law and crashed into a building? Nah. How bout you teach your kid about personal responsibility instead?

My inbox was filled with these geniuses threatening to kill me for this blog, so we called a bunch of them up last night to talk on the live show. It was highly entertaining to say the least.


Meanwhile, this is Jhamal’s girlfriend’s father, who likes to play bike gang dress up with his boys, thinking he can intimidate me on Facebook.

Hardo city!

All that rioting for nothing! I guess it’s just business as usual for the terrorist group comprised almost entirely of criminals and goofy white liberals who fancy themselves “allies,” known as black lives matter.

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