Media Fails

New York Times, Hartford Courant Report That Fotis Dulos Killed Himself, Then Retract When Lawyer Says He Has A Pulse


Murder suspect Fotis Dulos was supposed to have a bond hearing today because there was an issue with the collateral he put up for the $6 million bond in the disappearance of his ex-wife Jennifer Dulos. However, it didn’t end up happening because Fotis Dulos faced the possibility of going back to jail until trial, and he had other plans.

What a coward.

Guess that means he did it. Not that there was any doubt. He’s seen on video driving a company owned truck an hour away to her town of New Canaan. They have him on video riding a bike towards her house. They have him on video dumping her bloody clothing all around Hartford. They just don’t have a murder weapon because a crack dealer named Fudge sold it.

His lawyer Norm Pattis is claiming that he’s still alive.

Which conflicts with many media reports.

Not that the MSM is known for being a truthful, but this would be a pretty historic blunder if they got this one wrong. According to ABC they saw paramedics performing CPR on him for at least 10 minutes.

CPR only works about 5% of the time, and if they have to do it for that long you are unlikely to live.

The Boston Globe is now reporting that the Hartford Courant is reporting that their original report of him being dead might not be true.

If he is dead, and he didn’t leave behind a note saying where the body is, he is the biggest coward of all time. Although it would be a wild scenario if he left behind a note and ended up surviving.

The big winners from this are his codefendant ex-girlfriend Michelle Troconis and his civil attorney Kent Mawhiney, both of who were charged with conspiring to murder Jennifer Dulos. If he’s dead then they can pin it all on him.

I personally don’t think the girlfriend was in on the planning. I know she didn’t like Jennifer, but it takes a lot to conspire to murder. I know she was involved in getting rid of the evidence, and I know she lied to investigators and was part of his bogus alibi by holding onto his phone while he killed his wife so that it would ping in Farmington instead of New Canaan. But I think the attorney hatched the whole thing with Fotis, they planned to kill both of their wives, and only Fotis went through with it. The Dateline episode for this is going be must see television.

Mainstream media outlets are obsessed with being the first to report a story. It’s why ABC falsely reported that all of Kobe Bryant’s kids were on the helicopter with him, and it’s why they published that Fotis Dulos was dead when that was not confirmed yet. And when people stop trusting them or call them fake news they’ll blame Trump and pretend that they’re under attack.


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