Newburyport Marketing Director Threatens To Call Police If Screenshot Of Wife’s Comment Isn’t Removed From Blog 


Yesterday I published a blog about the Newburyport School Committee getting Zoom bombed with racial slurs and unconfirmed anecdotes about teachers pilfering the glory holes of unnamed students. I pointed out why this was an example of the weaknesses of “remote learning” and shared screenshots of public commentary on the Newburyport School Committee Facebook page.

I find comments like this amusing because no one was “absolutely horrified” by anything. It’s all just performance art and pearl clutching from people who act like they’ve never heard a Cardi B song before. The idea that these people need to hear a formal announcement from the School Committee about whether or not they “denounce hate” because of something they didn’t do is everything that is overly sensitive BLM culture.

One of the commenters had their husband message me last night and demand that the screenshot of his wife’s public comment on a public issues of public concern be removed from my privately owned website. Meet Bob Hebeisen, the husband of “horrified” Julie Hebeisen.

In the blog I didn’t mention his wife by name, nor did I share her picture or mock her at all. I just saw her public comment and screenshotted it so I could explain why I disagreed with it. This apparently upset Bobby.

Pro tip – if you want me to remove something from a blog, don’t do the whole “I’ve gotten harassing phone calls because of your blog” routine. It’s not believable. This blog only got a few thousands page views, she didn’t do anything egregious, and it certainly wouldn’t prompt anyone to find out her privately listed phone number and threaten her. You’re just not important or interesting enough for people to waste their time on. More than anything, don’t imply that I’m somehow responsible for whatever “harassment” you’re receiving. I fundamentally oppose the idea that publishers are responsible for the actions of their readers, who they have no control over, if the publisher doesn’t direct or incite the readers to harass or threaten people. If publishers were responsible for what their followers said or did after reading their content then larger influencers would be afraid to publish their opinions. I made this clear to him and asked him to prove that she was getting harassing phone calls.

He couldn’t provide it and said that they thought it was the Klan calling her up.

The Klan? She made a comment on Facebook. Again, you’re just not that important.

I asked to hear the voicemail but all he sent me were screenshots of a call she got from a restricted number at 2:07 and a call to the NPD three hours later.

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Remember though, these people represent that party that wants to defund the police and they’re calling the cops over “harassing” voicemails.

I again asked for the voicemail at which point things escalated and he threatened to call the cops on me.

And now I’m blocked.

I wasn’t planning on writing this blog until he told me that the next call I’d get is from the police. I can deal with dumb messages, but don’t think you’re going to intimidate me into self-censoring. Plus, this is clearly a guy who likes to stir the pot:

He works in marketing and he’s using his skills to urge people to sabotage a commerce site because he can’t get over that Trump is still the President. He’s immature and goes out looking for controversy. Now he’s found it. The isn’t some quiet family that keeps to themselves. They’re people who demand unnecessary apologies, pretend to be horrified by harmless things, threaten to use the police to silence speech, and obviously think very little of people who share different political opinions than they do. In hindsight I was way too kind to them.

The bottom line is this is the Internet, and when you use your real name to publicly comment on something you’re doing it for the world to see. Stand by what you say instead of whining about anonymity and “harassing voicemails.”


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