Non-Custodial Parents Who Threatened Children At Cumberland Playground Identified As Courtney Duke From Quincy And Danny Cullivan From Weymouth


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Last night we published a blog about Lucky Strike Linda and Tank Top Tommy, who swore at and tried to fight several 10 year olds on a Cumberland, RI playground because they were so offended by the children’s use of foul language.

We didn’t know their names then, but we know them now. Meet Courtney Duke from Quincy and the current guy who’s plowing her, Danny Cullivan from Weymouth.


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As you can see, she’s got more miles on her than Al Bundy’s Dodge. Nice to see she’s no longer relegated to making out with her sister Taylor anymore.

They’re infamous south shore junkies with an overflowing case of Google trophies. Courtney’s been arrested a plethora of times for drugs and shoplifting (the official crime of junkies everywhere), but she also diversifies her ratchet portfolio with the occasional armed burglary.

Not to be outdone Danny also has many run-ins with the law. In 2015 he wisely chose to break into a woman’s home in Weymouth in broad daylight, using a ladder to try to pry open her window. He took so long to do it that a neighbor in the crowded residential neighborhood had time to see him, knock on the door, and alert the old lady who lived there before she yelled at him and he ran away.

Of course he had an outstanding warrant for OUI drugs at the time, and he got arrested on warrants again in 2016, because people with neckbeards always have some sort of warrant out for their arrest. That’s just science.


In 2020 he was arrested again in Weymouth for possessing Fentanyl, possessing Adderall, conspiracy to violate the Controlled Substance Act, and motor vehicle violations. Except this time he was not the primary target, he was just a junkie who happened to be around one of the most infamous fentanyl dealers from a town most famous for the move Blow – Melissa Edwards. If that name sounds familiar it might be because she was featured on TB in 2019 after being arrested twice in 2 months for selling fentanyl.

You’d think that she would find a new career since a big part of selling fentanyl is not getting caught selling fentanyl, and she seems to get caught all the time. Maybe she’ll do better next time. Probably not.

You might be asking yourself, what were these two guttermuppets doing in Cumberland, Rhode Island? Well, they were there visiting her two children, including the girl seen crying in the video, because Courtney Duke lost custody and they live with their grandparents. A great way to show your kids that you’re serious about being a mother to them one day is to spend your rare visitation time traumatizing them by trying to fight some kids from her school bus.

These two are really living the high life though. They occasionally rent hotel rooms.

They celebrate renting apartments, because it’s a big upgrade from living underneath a highway overpass.

Sometimes he goes all out and even rents a whole car!

She’s not like the other junkies though, she’s a church going junkie.

And on Sunday Ratchet Jesus instructed her to spend some quality time with her daughter by calling some 10 year olds “f***ing pigs” and threatening to kick the dog s*** out of them.

It’s in the Old Testament somewhere. Giannetti 3:16.

In all seriousness, these two shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near their own children, never mind other people’s kids, and they should definitely be arrested for what they did in that video. They are a menace, and if you live in Cumberland feel free to contact the police down there and use this blog as a reference. Trust me, the cops there read TB.


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