Canton Cover-Up Part 3: Norfolk County DA Says He Will Continue Prosecution Of Innocent Woman Karen Read, Cell Phone Records Indicate John O’Keefe Died From Being Thrown Down Stairs At 12:25 AM

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A spokesperson for Norfolk County DA Michael Morrissey announced today that their office would not be dropping murder charges against Karen Read in the death of her boyfriend, Boston police officer John O’Keefe, despite overwhelming evidence proving her innocence.

Prosecutors say they will disprove explosive allegations by a Massachusetts woman who says she was wrongly charged in the death of a Boston police officer last year. Karen Read, the former girlfriend of late Boston Police Officer John O’Keefe, was charged with backing over her boyfriend outside a home in Canton in January 2022 and leaving him to die in a blizzard. Read’s defense team says newly unveiled cell phone data calls into question the prosecution’s case against Read.

But David Traub, spokesperson for the Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrisey, tells Boston 25 Investigates that the district attorney will file a response in court on May 3.

“While prosecutors are ethically constrained in the statements that can be made outside the courtroom, the Norfolk District Attorney’s Office is in receipt of the motion filed last week and it is our expectation to have a detailed response to the court May 3 that refutes the assertions in that motion,” Traub said in an email.

Traub, the spokesperson for the Norfolk District Attorney’s office, initially said it’s unclear whether Read’s team interpreted the cellphone “raw data correctly.”

This is DA Michael Morrissey:

He is not a stupid person. He knows full well that Karen Read did not kill John O’Keefe while doing a three point turn in the driveway of 34 Fairview Ave. Yet he is pushing forward anyway for one reason – pride. He’s not man enough to admit that his office is complicit in covering up for a murder.

It should be noted that State Troopers Yuri Bukhenik and Brian Tully, who are the supervisors of Trooper Michael Proctor, who was in charge of investigating this case and is close family friends of the people who likely murdered John O’Keefe, both donated to Morrissey’s campaign:

If he dropped the case now it would be an admittance that Michael Proctor doctored evidence (the tail lights found at the scene), and that police cannot be trusted. That would be a shot at the entire institution of policing, and would have grave consequences for public trust. It would also mean that he would be disrespecting two men who helped him get elected by giving him money.

Michael Morrissey is so corrupt that he can be bought and sold, and has no ethical qualms about letting an innocent woman rot in prison for his ego.

Just a reminder of some key facts that we analyzed in our first story:

  • Cell phone data proves John O’Keefe was inside the house by 12:20 AM
  • The mere fact that he was ever inside the house proves that Karen Read did not hit him with her car.
  • John O’Keefe was dead shortly after that.
  • Someone in that house murdered John O’Keefe.
  • Colin Albert, who didn’t like O’Keefe, was present in the house and never questioned by police.
  • Colin Albert and Jennifer McCabe were the only people who knew John O’Keefe. McCabe liked him, but Albert did not.
  • Brian Albert, who is a trained MMA fighter, was in the house and never a suspect.
  • Brian Albert told police that O’Keefe was never in the house, which is a proven lie.
  • Jennifer McCabe told police that O’Keefe never came in the house, which is a proven lie.
  • Jennifer McCabe told police that she thought O’Keefe went home, even though she saw him in the house.
  • Jennifer McCabe Googled “how long to die in snow,” despite telling police that she believed he had gone home, and had no reason to believe he was in the snow.
  • John O’Keefe’s eyes were black and blue and swollen shut, his arm was covered in lacerations, and he had multiple skull fractures. There is no possible way a seasoned murder detective like Michael Proctor could EVER reach the conclusion that he got these injuries from being knocked down by a car doing a 3 point turn in the snow.
  • Michael Proctor knew that his injuries were consistent with someone who was just beaten, thrown down a flight of stairs, and bitten by a dog. Proctor never pursued investigating that angle.

Here are pictures of the autopsy.

Getting bumped by a car in reverse does not do that to a human arm, face, or skull. A German Shepherd, falling down a flight of stairs, and closed fists from strong men would.

Last month the Norfolk County DA’s Office dropped charges against a Starbucks barista who was caught on video spitting in a Medfield Police Officer’s coffee, because “they are ethically bound to not bring forward cases that cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.”

The woman was seen on tape doing that, but he wouldn’t pursue charges, even though it would result in no jail time, because he didn’t think it could be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Now he knows there is no chance in Hell he can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Karen Read killed O’Keefe, but he’s pursuing it anyway. I guess the Medfield cop didn’t donate enough to his re-election campaign.

I also realized something else today while re-reading the documents, and have my own theory on the time of death. According to John O’Keefe’s phone he ascended and descended the equivalency of three floors from 12:21 to 12:24 AM.

That means he was INSIDE the house at that time, and that Karen Read could not have killed him with her car. I believe that he walked in the house, Colin Albert immediately had words with him since neither expected to see each other there, and a fight broke out between the two of them. Brian Albert did not know O’Keefe, and would naturally side with his nephew. Brian Albert is a trained fighter. Brian Albert has a dog that resembles a wolf that would protect him in any altercation. I believe that he ran up the stairs to get away, they pursued him, and threw him down the stairs. I believe his death was an accident in that regard and that the coverup began immediately after that.

I believe that he was dead by 12:25. At 12:31 his body moves 25 meters, but this doesn’t mean he was alive at 12:31. His iPhone moved several times after 6 AM, long after he was dead.

From 12:31 to 6:04 his body lay in the snow. At 6:04 he was discovered by Karen Read. At that point someone (Karen or first responders) likely put his cell phone in their pocket. When they moved, the phone moved. But the fact that the phone did not move after 12:32 indicates that he was dead by then.

At 12:31 AM, right when his cell phone moved for the last time, Jennifer McCabe texted him and said “Hello, pull up behind me.”

But we know AS A FACT that John was in the house, going up and down stairs between 12:21 and 12:24. Jennifer McCabe was in the house, and was the only person he really knew there, since she invited him. There is no possible way that she could not have known he was in the house.

So why would she text him and tell him to “pull up behind me” at 12:31? Simple – she was already in coverup mode. O’Keefe’s body was being moved at 12:31 for a total of 20 seconds. This is when I believe two or three strong men were quickly moving his body outside with the cell phone in his pocket. While they were doing that she texted him. They had to get him out of there because he was bleeding all over their floor.

At 12:40 and 12:45 Jennifer McCabe attempted to cover her tracks some more by texting O’Keefe “where are you?” She knew exactly where he was because he was INSIDE THE HOUSE from 12:21 to 12:24. She would’ve been the one to greet him at the door since she was the only one he knew there.

These texts also indicate that she assumed he had left with Karen, since her car was no longer there at 12:45. If that was the case then why would she Google “how long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM?

This is John O’Keefe’s call log:

The 12:18 call was O’Keefe calling Jennifer McCabe and speaking to her for 36 seconds. Most likely she told him to come inside, which would account for the 170 steps he took leading up to 12:21.

He likely got in some sort of fight within minutes of walking into that house. The only person in the house he had prior conflict with was Colin Albert, who has since deactivated all his social media.

My assertion is that he was dead by 12:25 after being thrown down the stairs, but you may notice that he answered a phone call at 12:29.

But he only answered for 8 seconds. In my opinion, this is when the coverup truly began. Why would Jennifer McCabe call him WHILE HE WAS IN THE HOUSE? Why would he only talk for 8 seconds? In my opinion she called his phone, briefly answered it, and put the phone back in his pocket to make it look like he hadn’t come in the house yet. Then she texted him 2 minutes later telling him to pull up behind her.

Now keep in mind at this point he had probably been thrown down a flight of stairs during the altercation. That would explain the skull fractures and cuts on the neck. The stairs in this house are right when you walk in the front door. O’Keefe was bleeding profusely out of his face. They realized they could not have a dead cop bleeding out at the bottom of their staircase because it would leave blood everywhere. So they moved his body outside at 12:31, two minutes after Jennifer McCabe called and answered his phone.

I assumed it took them 45 minutes to sit down and hatch their plan to cover this up, but it only took them 4 minutes. Brian Albert is an experienced cop who knows exactly what cops would look for. He could not have a dead body in his house for more than a couple minutes.

Karen Read called Jennifer McCabe at 4:53 AM, after his niece gave Karen her her number. They met up at Jennifer’s house and Jennifer began to delay her. She knew that the longer this was delayed, the more it became likely that John was dead from hypothermia. To delay Karen Read she suggested that John could’ve been at his friend Tom Beatty’s house. She called him 3 times until he answered and confirmed John was not with him.

The 6:07 and 6:08 calls were to her sister after the body was discovered. Despite being alerted to the dead cop on their lawn neither she nor her cop husband came outside.

Every minute wasted on the prosecution of Karen Read is time, money, and resources that could be spent investigating and charging the people who killed John O’Keefe. Every single person in that house can be charged with murder. Anyone who didn’t participate in the killing would sing like a canary the second they were faced with the prospect of life behind bars for a beating they had nothing to do with.

How does the DA’s Office plan to negate the mountain of evidence proving Karen Read is innocent? Say the time was wrong on the 2:27 “how long to die in cold” Google search? If so, then it would mean the rest of the times are wrong as well, so that’s not gonna work.

It is an absolute joke, and a DISGRACE, that this politically connected hack of a DA is pursuing this. He should resign IMMEDIATELY and hand over this case to a competent individual. Email [email protected].

P.S. A lot of people have asked me if I’m afraid to expose well-connected, dangerous people like this. My answer to that is simple – I’m much more dangerous than they are. And the words I put on this blog are much stronger than their fists will ever be. I represent the biggest threat to their lives moving forward. They should fear me, not vice versa.


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