North Andover BOS Candidate Luke Noble Issues Statement Asking People To Stop Talking About Disturbing Video Of Him Swearing At 3 Year Old Daughter 


North Andover Board of Selectmen candidate Luke Noble was widely criticized after a video circulated on Friday showed him swearing at and degrading his then three year old daughter.

His attorney Joe Orlando Jr. attempted to prevent me from publishing the video first seen on an anonymous Twitter account by “warning” me that it could not be disseminated due to ongoing litigation in which the tape was entered as evidence. Except that turned out to be a lie. I asked Orlando Jr. the name of the defendant it was being used against, the docket number, and/or the court it was out of, and he refused to tell me. This now seems to be nothing more than an attempt by an attorney to lie to the media in order to silence the free press in order to benefit his client before an upcoming election.

According to a friend of his, Luke claimed after the video was released that the video was doctored and voiced over.

Luke’s Facebook page for Selectman was taken down after it was flooded with people who commented on the disturbing behavior he exhibited towards his child. However, his campaign, which has the endorsement of Governor Charlie Baker, has not relented. Over the weekend Luke and his Parker Middle School (Chelmsford) teacher new wife Amanda went out and showed off their contribution to stopping the spread of coronavirus.

National emergencies are apparently funny.

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On Sunday morning he was brazen enough to put his page back up, which lasted all of an hour or so before being taken down when he was bombarded with more comments about the video.

Today North Andover Wicked Local published a statement, purportedly written by Luke and his ex-wife, condemning people who talked about the disturbing behavior they witnessed in that video.

“The controversy is harming our children. In order to protect our children…”

Some would argue that swearing at your three year old daughter, asking “How the f*** did we produce such a nightmare,” calling her the “worst child I’ve ever seen,” and telling her she’s a bad girl who deserves nothing while she begs for positive affirmation, is also rather harmful to your child. Some would also argue that the best way to protect your children is to not run for office when a tape like this, which you’ve known about since the divorce proceedings in 2016, is out there.

As you can see, a newspaper that calls itself “Wicked Local” refers to a groundbreaking news site as “a blog post,” without a link provided. We will continue to link their publication when we use them as a source because we take journalistic standards seriously.

This was not a “joint statement” either. According to sources Luke’s attorneys got her to sign a NDA during the contentious divorce, largely to prevent her from distributing that tape. To be clear, she would not speak with me about this tape when reached for comment on Facebook, nor did she distribute the tape. When he issues press releases like that the ex-wife has no choice but to remain silent out of fear of being sued for violating the NDA, according to sources close to the situation.

“Please be advised that all matters concerning disputes and allegations between us during the pendency of our divorce litigation several years ago have been resolved.”

I have obtained the divorce documents since publication of the article, and the allegations made by his children, their pediatrician Dr. Orr, and their therapist are much more damning than that video. Luke knows about this, as well as the RO’s and contempt of court, but he considers the situation resolved because legally the divorce is finalized. But since Mr. Noble is a public figure running for office, I do consider the credible allegations made against him by respected professionals in the community to be something the public has a right to know about. And I do intend on writing about them. I will not be intimidated into silence by Luke Noble or his attorneys.

“We ask that all discussion and sharing of material regarding our marriage, family, and divorce, cease immediately.”

That would certainly be convenient for his campaign. Up until now he’s been widely supported in town, and likely still is by many who wish to excuse the behavior they witnessed on that tape.

But as a free person living in a free country, I do not have to hold my tongue because it’s politically inconvenient for other parties. Stay tuned.


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