North Middlesex Superintendent Sends Email Out Telling Parents Critical Race Theory Will Be Taught In Schools, Complains We Used His “Private” Facebook Pictures In Previous Blog


North Middlesex Regional School District Superintendent Brad Morgan recently sent out an email to parents announcing that they would be teaching critical race theory in the public schools.

Be warned – your kid’s school district is going to try to play word games with you to make you think they’re not indoctrinating them with critical race theory. But if they use words like “equity, diversity, inclusion, anti-racism, marginalized, intersectionality, or affinity groups,” then they’re definitely pushing CRT and just calling it something else.

This is what CRT looks like in action:

“CRT is not a curriculum.”

Yea, no duh. It’s just you taking every subject, including math and science, and inserting race into it. The fact that “ideas that make up CRT will be discussed during professional development and may come up during classroom discussions on topics like race and equity,” is an admittance that you’re teaching teachers to teach CRT in class.

No one is “confused around CRT and what it means” either. We get it, and we’re trying to stop it. The fact that an organization run by Tracy Novick (MASC) says there’s a difference between what schools are doing and what CRT actually is, is just further proof that these people are gaslighting you.

Then again, this is the same superintendent who made it onto TB in April when he called the police on parents who went away for April vacation after coercing confessions out of their children if they didn’t get tested for COVID after returning.

He forgot to mention that he also went away to Florida for vacation, and his wife posted pictures of them on Facebook.

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That blog was up for over a month before Brad Morgan decided to create a Twitter account to DM me on, asking me to remove pictures of his children’s faces, which I had already done.


The conversation fell apart when I wouldn’t call him because his request was moot. I definitely got rid of his daughter’s face so I have no idea what he’s talking about.

Relax dude, your wife put it on Facebook for the world to see so don’t pretend like you were trying to hide this. You’re just a tyrant who got upset someone called you out on your shenanigans. This is exactly the kind of person who rises in the field of education – a talentless hack who gets in line and supports CRT because it’s easier than standing up to the system. If you live in Pepperell, Townsend, or Ashby you should be attending School Committee meetings and demanding that your schools not push this racist rhetoric on your kids. Don’t trust your kids with people like Brad Morgan, because they don’t have good intentions.


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