North Middlesex Superintendent Who Called Police On Parents For Going On Vacation Traveled To Florida With His Family Over April Vacation 


Yesterday we published a blog about North Middlesex Regional Superintendent Brad Morgan, who alerted parents in an email that he had called the police on parents after coercing confessions out of their children that they went away for April vacation and didn’t get COVID tested after returning.

Because we are living in a society full of brainwashed lemmings who think it’s OK for their child’s school to call the cops on them for the crime of going on a vacation, many in town agreed that Brad Morgan was the good guy here.

“You know what’s worse than kids missing a year of school?”

Nothing. Cancelling a year of school was criminal, and the people who did it in defiance of science and data should be the ones having the cops called on them.

“They had the option to quarantine or get tested to come back.”

You’re missing the point dear. If a family rents a log cabin in Maine for a week they’re no more in danger of getting COVID than you are by having friends over your house in Townsend, shopping at Market Basket, or eating at a restaurant. Do families have to get tested after every vacation now to make sure they didn’t pick up the flu? People die from that too. This is an arbitrary rule that defies science and logic, and allows the school district access to your health records, which are none of their business. Normal people should question it, but sadly there are many dumb people like Theresa Rizzari who will cheer on a superintendent who calls the police over a family vacation.

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Theresa also admitted that she enjoys remote learning because it allows her to violate privacy rights of other students by listening in on classroom discussions.

And she travels for work.

Traveling from Townsend to Worcester or Boston and interacting with people there is safe and healthy, and doesn’t require you to take a test in order to prove you don’t have COVID, but traveling to New Hampshire with your family does. COVID spreads on vacation but not at work. Because, science.

The fact of the matter is that it’s no one’s business if your family goes on vacation, so the school had no right to ask to begin with. What’s even worse is that they pitted children against their parents and coerced confessions out of them. If you can’t see what’s wrong with that then you’re too far gone to attempt to reason with.

But some people just like to be controlled. Yesterday President Biden announced that he was giving you permission to not wear a mask when you’re outside, which normal, sane people weren’t doing to begin with. The replies say it all:

They love to live in fear. They love to be controlled. It prevents them from thinking for themselves and enjoying life, things they dread more than COVID.

What Brad Morgan forgot to mention in that letter was that him and his wife (who is a teacher in Lowell, which still haven’t fully opened) took the family to Florida over vacation, which she posted all over her Facebook page.

But it’s OK when they do it. Don’t worry though Brad, Theresa and crew will make excuses for you, so you don’t have to come up with one on your own. I’m sure it will be something to the extent of “but he got tested upon return,” even though that seems like something he would mention in his letter if he wanted to set a good example. Either way, he shouldn’t have to get tested after returning from a vacation because free people in a free country don’t have to prove to unelected bureaucrats that they’re disease free every time they go on a family trip.


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