North Providence Woman Selling Hoarded Masks Back To Hospitals From “Coronavirus Haul”


Let me be clear – there is no reason for anyone to ever sell masks, toilet paper, or anything else that is in short supply on the Facebook machine. You are not Walmart. You don’t own a business. You are not an entrepreneur. You are a consumer. Buy what you need, use it, and don’t quit your day job. People who hoard and sell products during a time of crisis are the reason we might eventually have to resort to rationing, and they should be called out for their shameless behavior.

This is Kayla Pagliarini from North Providence.


This duck lipped platypus thinks she’s some sort of bootleg Amazon, except she isn’t selling toilet paper or homemade lotion, she’s selling reusable masks.

These masks especially are in short supply and even hospitals are running short of them. One third of coronavirus patients in this country are about to flood overcrowded New York City hospitals, and people like this are why they have to beg the public for donations. There is no excuse for it. It is predatory, illegal behavior and it deserves to be called out.

Kayla seems to believe that she is virtuous because she’s only jacking up prices for the general public, but is selling them back to hospitals at cost.

Except it’s not her job to control the distribution and prices of masks. It’s OK for businesses to sell products for more than they paid for them because they are a business. They pay taxes and are registered with the state. They’re not a basic chick from North Providence on Facebook hoarding essential items for the apocalypse.

She’s well aware of the shortages and is still selling them.

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She scoffed at the idea that she should donate them, because she thinks she’s running some sort of legitimate business.

“I work hard to find things in stores that others can’t find themselves.”

Kayla, you are not Amazon. You are not special. You are an exploitative skag with gas money and a CashApp account.

She was rightfully called out for her actions and took the post down, but she followed it up with this post comparing herself to doctors and pharmacists.

Again, doctors are licensed and skilled. Then only thing you’re skilled at is how to use a snapchat filter.

Before she took the post down she called out those people who were sharing her post and mentioned her other “business” ventures.

Diaper hauls? Oh yea, she sells those too, along with a whole bunch of other items she apparently goes around “buying” in bulk.

She really seems to think this is a job, which is why she shamelessly announced weeks ago that she stocked up for the “Coronavirus haul.” Turns out she knows a guy at Walgreens who gives her the hookup.

She’s delivering tons of products but doesn’t want your contaminated money.

Those prices aren’t even bad, which makes me wonder how much she got them for in the first place. Either way, she’s not a business, and she hoarded products people would need during a crisis, which makes her a slugrake.

Finally, in the ultimate twist of irony I was also tagged in another post she made over the weekend where she rightfully shamed a woman who works at Wings Over Providence and threatened to cough in food.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Amera Khiami is a ratchet deluxe, but the fact of the matter is that you don’t get to shame other ratchets when you act like one yourself.


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