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Northeastern Grad Student With Vendetta Against Campus Police Harasses Cops For Detaining 13 Year Old Brandishing Replica BB Gun On Campus


WHDH published a hit piece today on the Northeastern Police because they temporarily detained a 13 year old boy who was playing around with what appeared to be a gun (but turned out to be a BB gun) on campus.

Here’s the video.

Another degenerate who thinks the police have to give him a play by play explaining why and how they’re doing their job.

“I don’t appreciate your body language anyway.”

Oh OK, because your opinion on their body language matters.

“He says it’s a BB gun did you even check to see?”

He did? Well then that settles that. The next time a school shooter encounters cops he should just tell them it’s a BB gun so they let him go on his merry way. I mean, it’s not like it looks exactly like a handgun or anything.

“Is this even standard protocol?”

Yea, generally when someone flashes a gun on campus it’s protocol to detain them until the threat is assessed.

“Wait, you don’t even know if it’s real or not and you’re gonna put him in handcuffs?”

Another great point. Let’s see if he kills someone first. If he doesn’t then we’ll know it’s a BB gun.

“He’s crying!!”

Oh no, not crying!

“You can’t just put someone in handcuffs and tell them it’s not a big deal. Have some empathy in how you talk to people and don’t just dismiss what’s going on in his head right now. Are you trained? Seriously? You don’t approach a 13 year old kid, throw him on the ground, and tell him to be chill. What is wrong with you?”

Yea, they are trained. You’re not. If it was a real gun he used to shoot someone and the cops did nothing this twat would be whining about that too. How bout shut up next time before speaking on something you’re not the least bit familiar with.

Here’s a question – why is a 13 year old walking around with a BB gun? That thing was meant to look exactly like a real gun in order to scare people with. This punk kid went looking for trouble and got exactly what he wanted. Mission accomplished.

The source for the story was this guy filming it:

Jordan Clark is a bootleg Tiger Woods grad student at Northeastern from Spokane, Washington. This story would never have been a story, because it’s not a story, until he relentlessly tweeted about it and got the attention of Boston City Council President and Mayoral candidate Andrea Campbell.

Andrea is the brother of Alvin Campbell, a man who was charged with rape in January after posing as an Uber driver.

Campbell also has close ties to mentally unstable anti-police advocate Monica Cannon-Grant, and continues to support her despite a series of disturbingly racist videos posted by Monica to social media, in which she threatens to murder a congressional candidate and Boston Police officers. Campbell also called out the police chief for having police officers wear riot gears to BLM riots.

So it’s not surprising that Andrea Campbell would blame the police who did a great job, instead of pointing out how problematic that it is for a 13 year old to be wandering around Roxbury with a BB gun that looks exactly like a handgun.

Jordan whined about it to WHDH.

“I didn’t understand why those two officers looked like my dog Rio when he’s about to attack a squirrel,” Jordan Clark said. “They were like eyes on guard, ready to go.”

“He wasn’t brandishing it. He wasn’t pointing it at anybody,” he said. “I would view that as non-violent and that’s the OK, standard protocol way to handle it? That’s what scares me.”

Clark’s video ends with the officers saying they would straighten everything out. But Clark said what happened cannot just be made right.

“It’s no big deal?” he is heard saying on the recording. “It’s a big deal! You can’t put someone in handcuffs and tell them it’s no big deal.”

Cry more.

A quick look at this dolt’s Facebook page shows us that he’s had a vendetta against the Northeastern Police (who he wants to see defunded) for a long time, and has been waiting for an incident like this for his insane emoji laden posts to finally get the attention he clearly craves.

He also had an incident last year in which he was committed for a wellness check after he tweeted something out about a dream, which means he posted something insane and threatening on social media and was surprised that there are consequences for this.

Jordan is very oppressed, despite going to an expensive private grad school 3,000 miles from his home, where he was raised by a white woman and had exclusively white friends.

Jordan has delivered speeches in the past on the dangers of microaggressions.

He cried to Northeastern administration when someone from the school blocked him on Twitter.

He got upset with Northeastern PD when they tweeted out their condolences to the family of Rutland Detective John Songy, who died from coronavirus. This was unacceptable to Jordan because it was stealing the spotlight from the patron saint of fentanyl, George Floyd.

He’s complained about how much he’s “suffering” because his discrimination complaint against the DC public schools went nowhere.

It looks like they fired him for something, which he calls an unfair termination, and blames them for the “potential effects of financial instability.” Luckily he’s working with his therapist, who helps him for free.

He polices his old high school in Spokane, demanding to know why they didn’t virtue signal fast enough about George Floyd.

And he includes his pronouns in his email signature, because he’s such a pussy that he could easily be mistaken for having one.

He seriously cannot shut up about what a victim he is on social media.

He was waiting for an incident like this for so long, and Andrea Campbell and WHDH fell for it like they always do. Great job by the Northeastern Police for doing their job and keeping the community safe.


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