Norwood Man Using 14 Year Old Picture Of Random Kids For GoFundMe To Help Him On Road To Recovery


Update: Tim Kennedy was arrested for carjacking and his 3rd DUI just 11 months ago and led the police on a multi-town chase.

A local father named Tim Kennedy from Norwood is reaching out to the Braintree community in order to help he and his family get through a hard time, and has started a GoFundMe.

This seems totally legit, and I can completely understand why people have donated over $500 thus far. Spamming Braintree yard sale pages is a much more effective and honorable way for a man in his 40’s to make money, as opposed to getting a job.

Some may argue that if he and his wife can’t work due to their physical ailments it would mean they both qualify for disability, in the range of $2,500 a month combined. Others would point out that all those children would mean they qualify for food stamps and Section 8. But people who suggest stuff like that are really just hateful bigots who don’t care about 45 year old recovering junkies using their children to panhandle on the Internet.

He’s been “active on his road to recovery and sobriety for the last year,” which of course means he’s completely sober, and would never ever use any of this money to buy drugs. After all, if you can’t trust a recovering drug addict with money then who can you trust? No one on the road to recovery has ever relapsed. Ever.

Also, please ignore the fact that he claims to be a father of 3, even though there are 5 children in that photograph. Everything he says can be trusted as recovering addicts are well known for their honesty.

Someone was quick to point out that the image he used is also from 2006.

Oh so what? Maybe that’s the latest picture he has because the reception wasn’t good in the DCF visitor’s room. Ever think of that?

No one has the right to judge someone like Petey Diabetes here. There is nothing pathetic or shameful about a grown man using a 13 year old picture of five random children to elicit donations from complete strangers on a yard sale page of a town he doesn’t live in. It’s actually stunning and brave. The more “whoa is me” postings the better.

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When someone else pointed out that it sounded a lot like a junkie using children to get his next fix, he didn’t exactly deny it either.

If you can’t trust this face then who can you trust?

Oh, and he seems to be upset that he’s not rich because he can’t go out and rape people like Brock Turner did.

Nice guy. Definitely worthy of your donations. Thots and shares.


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