Oppressed Ivy League Students Yell “I Hate White People” At Boston School Committee Meeting To Protest Resignation Of Racist School Committee Members


At a Boston School Committee meeting last week two former Boston Latin students called in on Zoom to share their thoughts about the resignations of two SC members who stepped down after their racist text messages during an October meeting about white West Roxbury residents were made public.

The two former students are Shanti Deen and Khymani James, and they called in at the 1:57 and 2:28 marks to unleash some of the most openly racist vitriol you will ever hear. Ironically both of them got into the exam schools by qualifying via their scores on the entrance exams. They both explicitly stated at the end of their rants that “I do too, hate white people,” and not a single member of the School Committee condemned it. Watch.

The reactions, or lack thereof, say it all.

Everything both of them said is permissible under the teachings of critical race theory. When you teach kids that only white people can be racist it allows people who are not white to be openly racist towards white people. It justifies saying “I hate West Roxbury” and “sick of westie whites,” because being racist isn’t possible when you’re a member of a “marginalized group,” in a city that is majority minority. It teaches that merit based exam schools like Boston Latin are racist because they use color-blind exams that don’t result in “equity.”

Shanti Deen stated that:

  • The racist SC members should not have resigned
  • Their resignations were forced upon them by “terroristic acts” in the form of emails from concerned parents voicing their radical opinions that SC members should not be openly racist towards the students and parents they serve
  • The SC members “got racist messages simply for existing as BIPOC women” and were simply “expressing their justified grievances”
  • Black people like her are attacked simply for being black
  • White people use terrorism as a hobby
  • Private text messages were universally qualified statements
  • “To end, I do too hate white people.”

This young adult has been taught that if she speaks as quickly as possible, yells loudly, and uses big words then it means she is more enlightened than the adults who want their children to be judged on their merit, not the color of their skin. Despite her erudite vocabulary she doesn’t understand how public records laws work, or how liberals used to champion them because they allowed private citizens to check powerful institutions. Evidently she believes public servants and public meetings can use their city issued devices to laugh at constituents because of the color of their skin, and that these conversations are private. She calls parents terrorists for being civically engaged and advocating for their children. She believes that it is not possible for “BIPOC” women to be criticized for their words and actions, and that criticism of them by definition must be solely based on their race.

Khymani James stated that:

  • “White people should be disgusted with themselves that they even call for these 2 Latina women to be reprimanded for expressing their feelings towards racism.”
  • “Saying I hate white people is not racist. Period.”
  • “White people don’t have socialized power structures against them.”
  • “And to end, I too hate white people.”

These 2 SC members were reprimanded for being racist and saying racist things about concerned parents. What they said suggested an elitist attitude that citizens they represent have no right to address their concerns at public meetings if they are white. These 2 women were not expressing their feelings towards racism; the parents who emailed them were. But again, if you subscribe to the teachings of critical race theory it is impossible for 2 Latina women to be racist, it is only racist when white people object to overt racism directed towards them. The idea that white people have socialized power structures in Boston is also laughable, since black women currently serve as Mayor, Police Chief, District Attorney, and Congresswoman for the City.

But the most alarming part of all of that is that no one objected at an open meeting where two people shouted “I hate white people.” The fact that this is OK in public, and that the Boston Globe didn’t think this was worthy of reporting, tells you everything you need to know about the pervasiveness of critical race theory in the City of Boston. It’s a dangerous, racist cancer that infected its host a long time ago. It metastasizes when no one tries to stop it, for fear of being yelled at by one of these racist lunatics.

Imagine for a moment if someone called into a SC meeting and said, “I hate black people.” Do you think the SC would just move onto the next caller? We all know what would happen. Every single member would use it as a chance to virtue signal and grandstand. The media would report on it non-stop. The people who made the statements would be doxxed and banned, their lives ruined.

That’s what should happen to racists like Khymani James and Shanti Deen. Instead he got into Columbia, was appointed a student representative to the School Committee, got his picture taken with the Mayor, meets regularly with the black District Attorney, was featured prominently and with widespread acclaim in the Boston Globe, and no one is allowed to question him.

He is protected by the media and the most powerful political forces in Boston despite being openly racist towards an entire race of people. In other words, Khymani James is the walking poster child for institutional power and systemic racism. He has so much institutional power that he doesn’t even remotely fear getting cancelled by Columbia University like a white student would if they said “I hate black people” at a SC meeting. He tagged them on Twitter, daring them to punish him, but knowing they wouldn’t dare.

Nevertheless he views himself as a victim (of course), and resigned from his position on the Boston School Committee in March after being “disrespected” when the adults didn’t do all the things he wanted them to do.

He literally called it “adultist” and was given a platform to cry about it in the Globe.

In a thread of tweets explaining his decision, he pointed to “blatant disrespect + adultist rhetoric used towards me in public meetings.”

“These past several years, including this past year, has been full of adultist, racist, ignorant situations with people who do not want to see students be progressive and win,” James wrote in his resignation letter to the committee, which he provided to Boston.com on Friday. “The fact that students have been, and continue to be, left out of so many conversations that have to do with their very own education is deplorable and distasteful.”

“Go to any School Committee recording, and you’re going to find that any question or concerns that I have are immediately shut down,” James said in an interview. “They’re either shut down, or they’re not even answered, or … they answered a question that wasn’t even asked.”

He added: “My questions are completely dodged, completely disrespected, and therefore I’m disrespected and the students are disrespected because they’re not being given the information that they need and the responses and policy that they need to really thrive.”

In his resignation letter, James wrote that he could not remain in his positions “without compromising my mental health and possibly reciprocating the disrespect,” and added “there have been lies, excuses, emotional manipulation, blackmail, and so many other forms of egregious actions that I simply cannot be a part of.”

And Boston Latin teachers like Lynn Burke, whose two daughters attend exam schools and will not lose their spots because they are grandfathered in, support him. Lynn was featured in the previous blog for her blatant racism and bigotry, and rather than apologize for it she has simply branded TB Daily News as a “right wing hate blog,” because it’s easier to make things up than it is to address your own shortcomings.

If “whiteness” had a mascot, it would be Lynn Burke.

“Some right wing hate blog.”

Lynn, you know exactly who I am, and you are fully aware of what Turtleboy is. No one believes that you just heard about us the other day and came across the blog about you incidentally. You are a horrible role model for children, and you would never even consider giving up your white daughters seats in the exam schools for a student of color because at the end of the day you are everything you pretend to stand against.

She’s hardly the only one though. Just look how brainwashed, racist, and stupid these people are.

Klan rallies in West Roxbury.


“White supremacy”

“White fragility”

“White privileged”

“Latinx women inflicted with trauma and racism”

“Reverse racism doesn’t exist”

This is a cult. These people didn’t just become like this. For years they were brainwashed with hateful, racist rhetoric that didn’t have a name. Now we know what it’s called – critical race theory – and we can finally stand up to it.

The parents of West Roxbury should be commended for fighting against this and standing up for their kids. CRT proponents fear them because they are the most active parents in the city, and the most invested in their children’s education. That is why they get accepted into exam schools at higher rates, and it’s why the City of Boston knows they must be listened to. If they ever decide to leave Boston because the exam schools become just another public school, then the city will lose its tax base and turn into Baltimore overnight.


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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries

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