Oxford Art Teacher Appointed To “Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion” Committee Despite History Of Posting Racist And Anti-Police Disinformation On Facebook


Like many public school systems, the Oxford Public Schools have gone all in with critical race theory by creating a “diversity, equity, and inclusion” committee, comprised of Sutton resident/Town Manager Jen Callahan, teachers, parents, administrators, and School Committee members. But one name on the list stood out amongst the rest.


Oxford High School art teacher Jaimee Taborda was featured on TB Daily News last year after posting incendiary and blatantly untrue things about police officers on Facebook, specifically designed to create distrust between people of color and law enforcement.

She claimed that policing was bad for communities, that police follow unfair rules, and that by becoming a cop they are choosing to hurt people.

She said that black people routinely get killed by cops for doing things white people are allowed to do.

She said that good cops on TV are not real, because in real life cops are not fair and don’t follow the rules.

She completely bought into the CRT narrative that we are living in a white supremacist system, and it is her job as a white person to “help fight racism.”

Among the two 75 things she will now be teaching white kids they can do are:

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  • Pay reparations to black people
  • Donating money to BLM (Patrice Cullors needs a new mansion)
  • Get new books in your classroom where the protagonists are people of color
  • Insist that black teachers teach black students
  • Donate money to the NAACP and SPLC
  • Switch banks and put your money in a black owned bank
  • Boycott Whole Foods until they pay reparations
  • Join “white spaces” to “talk out the conscious and unconscious biases us white folks have”
  • Read the historically inaccurate 1619 Project, commonly understood to be the basis of CRT
  • “Decolonize your bookshelf”
  • Follow 15 black activists on Twitter, none of whom are conservative
  • Seek out black and brown kids for playdates with your white kids (not awkward at all)
  • American history is summed up as “One genocide, another genocide, then apartheid.”
  • Tell a young child of color how much you love them
  • End cash bail so violent offenders can go out and harm more people of color
  • Donate to bail funds
  • Get white people who “aren’t clearly upset by white supremacy” to stop watching Fox News
  • Write to your officials and tell them to ban voter ID laws because black people are too dumb to know how to get ID
  • Read lots and lots of Ibram Kendi
  • Demand that courses on white privilege be taught in high schools
  • Correct people who suggest that there are just a “few bad apples” in police departments
  • Stop and record police when they pull black people over

This is the woman who will be setting policy in the Oxford Public Schools, and this is what she believes in.

She believes it’s OK for black people to loot and riot because, racism.

She wants the police not only defunded, but completely abolished.

She teaches kids that it’s racist to say “all lives matter,” “I don’t see color,” and “make America great again.”

Parents in Oxford should email Superintendent Kristine Nash to let her know that brainwashing children with critical race theory is an overt act of state sanctioned racism that won’t be tolerated. Attend the next School Committee and demand that this teacher be removed from this committee, and then dismantle the committee altogether.



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