Parents Organize Protest After Wachusett Schools Attempt To Force Kids To Wear Masks In School


Tomorrow night I will not be able to host our weekly Turtle Club live stream because I will be holding signs and speaking out at the Wachusett Regional School Committee meeting about whether or not to force our children to wear masks in school. I joined a local parent group that is well organized and mobilized for this event, but we need as many people there as possible. You don’t have to speak, although you’re more than welcomed to. We just need the School Committee to see you, and see that you care enough to show up and demand that your child not be masked. We need you to clap when others speak as a way to show that these parents are not alone. We will be getting to the high school at 6 tomorrow, bringing our own signs, and standing in the driveway so that our presence is known. And just to clarify, I am not in charge of this group.

The Karens in this town love to paint me as the bogeyman because it’s what they mobilize around. They better get used to me, because I love my kids, I won’t stop advocating for them for the next 15 years, and we’re not going anywhere. They are trying to make this parent group look like it’s some radical right wing group led by Turtleboy, but the fact of the matter is that it’s an ideologically diverse coalition of people, including elected leaders, nurses, teachers, speech pathologists, and first responders.

Please, if you live in Holden, Paxton, Rutland, Princeton, or Sterling, show up at the meeting tomorrow night at 6 with a sign. Our School Committee is gutless, and the monsters who want to mask our children will be there. They will be spreading unverified fear porn about kids dying from COVID in maskeless Florida.

None of it is true, and we need you there to show that we won’t let fear win. If we don’t show up in numbers they will assume that most parents want masks, and the SC will give them what they want. It’s a lot harder to vote against people who are there watching you.

I asked by 6 year old daughter how she felt about wearing masks yesterday, and she got very upset. She thought it was over because everywhere she goes she doesn’t have to wear one, but she’ll have to suddenly smother herself for 7 hours a day sitting in a first grade classroom? She’s not stupid – she knows that doesn’t make any sense.

When I asked her why she didn’t want to wear one she told me the biggest reason was because her teacher can’t hear her when she talks with the mask on, and she likewise has trouble hearing the teacher. Masks make our voices sound muffled, and kids her age have a hard enough time coming up with the confidence to speak in class as it is. Masks make it much harder for teachers to do their jobs effectively, and for students to learn effectively.

What we are telling our children when they put on the mask is that they are surrounded by blood thirsty COVID particles in the air that will jump into their mouth and kill them if they remove their mask. Think of the psychological damage this is doing to children, for fear of them contracting a virus that has almost no chance of hurting them. The people pushing this don’t care, because they are monsters. My daughter asked me why she didn’t have to wear a mask in the cafeteria and I told her that coronavirus isn’t allowed in there. I had to make up a lie that a 6 year old would believe in order to justify this idiotic mandate.

If masks work then your delicate child will be protected from my petri dish of a kid by putting on a mask. If the masks won’t protect your kid then why are we wearing them? If no children in Massachusetts have died from COVID then what are we protecting them from? If the vaccines work for the adults at home then what does it matter if your kid contracts it? If they get sick with COVID then they stay home from school, just as they would with any other virus. It’s OK to get sick. We don’t need to hide our children from it. That’s not normal.

If it were up to me no one would be allowed to wear masks in school, so I think a healthy compromise is letting parents choose. But these people don’t want choice, they want you to abuse your children because they are. They know that if their kids see their friends with normal parents not wearing masks then they will take their masks off too. God forbid their kids think for themselves. The idea that another parent can force my child to do something that I don’t agree with is outrageous, and if I don’t speak up for her then who will?

Holden is one of the most vaccinated towns in Massachusetts. Over 84% of kids between the ages of 12-15 have had at least one of the vaccine shots. Over 95% of kids age 16-19 are fully vaccinated. Over 80% of adults are. If we don’t end mask mandates now then when will we? When exactly will it be “safe?” What is the end game here? Forced vaccinations for kids age 5-12? That wouldn’t even be sufficient because then they’d feed us fear porn about the next variant, or tell us that the vaccines aren’t effective enough.

We have to stop normalizing masks, because it’s not normal for children to walk around with those on their faces. My daughter has never been in her school without wearing one, and has never seen her teacher smile in person. One of the great joys of being a parent is seeing your child smile. Imagine not seeing this in school?

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It’s criminal.

If your school district forces your children to wear masks you should strongly encourage them to disobey. We teach kids about great leaders who use civil disobedience to write a wrong, so why shouldn’t we encourage them to do the same? What are they going to do if kids refuse to comply? Dare your school to punish your child for not wearing a mask. Encourage them to form groups of students who refuse to play along. Make them suspend you all. Call their bluff. Are school districts willing to see massive spikes in suspension rates in order to force compliance?

Time for some “good trouble,” as the pro-mask crowd likes to say.



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