Pathological Liar Broncos Reporter Ben Allbright Posts Cringe Confession To Sexting His Ex, Gets Called Out By Her For Lying Again, Deletes Everything


Four years ago we published a couple blogs about a Denver sports reporter called Benjamin Allbright, after he picked a fight with Barstool Sports over a joke Dave Portnoy made about crushing unions. That led to a deep dive into a number of lies he’s been repeating over the years about his military service, education, and other achievements he’s been using to bolster his online profile. These lies and claims included:

  • He got nearly a perfect LSAT score, attended Harvard Law School, but left for bigger and better things.
  • Great Uncle was a speechwriter for Rockefeller.
  • He majored in everything.
  • Lived in Chicago 3 years “during Jordan,” even though “during Jordan” clearly implies the 90’s, and he wouldn’t have been old enough to remember and appreciate Jordan when he says he lived there.
  • His Grandma was 100% Native American, yet he’s 1/4 Jewish and 3/4 German
  • His family (except his 100% Native American grandmother) is from Europe and changed their name from Olbrecht. His great uncle, who was killed by a firing squad, was one of the masterminds behind the Valkyrie plot.
  • He scored high 140’s on the MENSA’s
  • Said he was in Iraq when he found out he was accepted to Harvard Law, but never ended up going there.
  • He was a walk on football player at the University of Arkansas, where he graduated with three bachelor’s degrees in History, Statistics, and English Literature
  • His father golfed on the PGA tour for three years
  • His grandfather was involved in the moon landing
  • He grew up in the mean streets of Chicago, East St. Louis, Kansas City, Little Rick, Tampa, and now Denver.
  • He was golden gloves in the army
  • He speaks Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, and English.
  • H served in combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as being stationed overseas in Korea and Germany. Yet he never mentions Afghanistan when he talks about his deployments overseas.
  • He served as a Chief Warrant Officer 2 in the army, a decorated position for “intermediate level experts of both the technical and tactical aspects of leading in their field”
  • He was part of the “spear” in Iraq in 2003, in initial invasion force to remove Sadaam Hussein
  • He headed off to be deployed to Iraq in 2003 just 30 minutes after his father’s funeral, leaving his family in tears
  • He helped build a wall between Iraq and Iran, and Iraq and Syria, neither of which exist
  • He claims to be highly decorated all the time to win arguments with random people all the time
  • He said he got spit on after getting off the plane from a tour of duty.
  • He ironically led the charge to accuse others of stolen valor
  • He tried to have Steve Robinson, then the producer for the Kirk Minihane Show, fired by Barstool Sports for sending him emails asking for clarification about his background.
  • He called the cops on both of them and said he was filing for restraining orders.
  • He successfully got other Barstool Sports personalities like Chaps to publicly criticize Robinson and Minihane for inquiring about his background in the army
  • He claimed that he’s retired after selling his consulting firm.
  • When he finally released his DD214s it showed he was in the army but didn’t show that he served in any of the places he claimed to have served.
  • He also said he was going to send someone to jail for stolen valor after he got their IP information from Twitter. 

(Screenshots of all of these at the bottom of the blog)

I almost forgot what an asshole he was. Seriously, read that whole blog again to truly understand.

After I published my blog defending Robinson and Minihane the tone of Mr. Allbright immediately changed. He tried clearing up the dozens of lies he got caught in about his past by admitting to some, but not others. He apologized to Steve and asked him not to share the email with me, which Steve obviously ignored.

But he wasn’t sorry at all. Two days later, in an effort to cover up his lies, he pretended that his account was hacked by Russians who were demanding payment from him in return. He was doing this in order to make people believe that the insane things he had tweeted weren’t from him, but rather were posted by the Russian hackers. (pictures all posted at the end of the blog) After that he released a statement that he deleted his entire tweet history, claiming to be a reformed person, and vowing to be a better person moving forward.

“I didn’t lie about my military background.”

Yes, you did. You never built a wall between Iraq and Iran, and you weren’t part of the team that took down Sadaam Hussein. You were never spit on after getting off a plane, and it’s unclear if you ever saw combat. You’re a horrible person who likes to go around hurting other people, like Kirk, Steve, and others who you have accused of stolen valor. But when it happens to Ben he’s all of a sudden very humbled and apologetic, after initially trying to make sure they lose their jobs.

Ben hasn’t tried to a better person as he said he would in 2019. In fact, he’s been much worse. He waited for the story to pass and for people to move on. Over the years whenever someone brought up my blog about him he’d make up lies about me in order to discredit my award winning, factually based journalism.

He continues to use his fabricated service record to win online pissing matches and act like a tough guy towards random people.

He continues to lie about getting into Harvard.

And if you search “lies about me” on his Twitter account, hundreds of tweets come up where he blames others for the reporting on him.

Yet despite all of this Ben was still hired by iHeart Radio in 2022, and now works for KOA Radio in Denver. He bragged about how he got the job in spite of people “lying” about him.

He is the textbook definition of a narcissist.

Karma finally caught up with him over the weekend when he decided to use his employer affiliated Twitter account to air his dirty laundry in an attempt to get his ex-girlfriend back after she apparently caught him sexting another woman. It’s important to note that she did not publicly call him out on this, and no one had any idea it happened until he decided to share these embarrassing details of his personal life with his 165K Twitter followers.

Holy cringe.

Why are you publicly airing to strangers that your ex-girlfriend is suffering from trauma?

Why are you telling everyone that your dick doesn’t work, causing you to lose confidence in yourself?

Why do I need to know about you sexting with your ex?

Are you that stupid to believe that your ex-girlfriend will suddenly decide that you’re a good person and take you back because you were forced into self-depracation after getting caught?

This is what a narcissist looks like ladies and gentleman. In his attempt to humble himself and apologize he inadvertently blamed her for reaching out to his ex. No one needs to know any of this. It’s bad enough that you’re humiliating yourself like this, but your ex-girlfriend didn’t ask for you to share these private details with the world.

Shortly after that Allbright’s ex-girlfriend Jessica Maxwell responded, and it got even more awkward.

This guy has seen way too many movies where the girl takes the guy back by humbling himself and admitting his wrongs. Except he’s not actually humble, he just knows he got caught. He tried this same tactic with Steve Robinson when he tried kissing his ass in 2020.

You care about Kirk’s mental health? Dude, you tried to get him fired because he told the truth about you.

After his ex-girlfriend started calling Ben out he threatened not to pay her the $40K he owes her if she didn’t take her tweets down about him.

Because he’s a vicious, vindictive person who tries to hurt people until he gets caught, at which point he pretends to be sorry and humbled in an attempt to seem human.

Threats are nothing new for Ben either. When I emailed him for a quote in 2019 he said he was speaking to his lawyers about ways to get me for accurately reporting on his public behavior.

He tried to kiss my ass a little at the end, telling me he truly appreciated me for what I do.

But he’s repeatedly stated over the years that my reporting on him was untrue, and lied about my background in order to bolster that statement.

This is what Ben is now doing with his ex-girlfriend. He got caught lying, and in an attempt to get her to let up he’s telling the world what an amazing person she is and blah, blah, blah. But it didn’t work with me and it’s not working with her. Apparently he told the ex-girlfriend that he was only living in her house with her kids because he was the dog sitter.

Ben deleted the tweets after a couple hours and went right back to talking about the NFL draft like he wasn’t a laughing stock.

How does this clown still have a job at iHeart radio? Aside from all the lies he’s told over the years, his public behavior on Twitter is extremely unprofessional and reflects poorly on the station. I’m sure they probably brought it up and he just gaslighted them like he did to Barstool Sports, me, and his ex-girlfriend.

If Jessica Maxwell reads this we would love to have you on the Live Show Saturday night to talk about this. Normally I wouldn’t do cancel culture, but since he seems so actively committed to it himself I think it’s more than fair in this case.







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