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Patrick Mahomes’ Narcissistic Brother And Baby Momma Take Pictures And Do Tik Tok Dance On Murdered Redskins Football Sean Taylor’s Memorial 


Two years ago Patrick Mahomes then girlfriend Brittany Matthews made up a lie that she and Mahomes’ brother Jackson were harassed by Patriots fans and moved by security for their safety at a Chiefs-Patriots game. We pulled up surveillance footage which showed that none of this came close to happening, and that her obnoxious behavior was on display throughout the game.

Much like Brittany, Jackson Mahomes is also an obnoxious self-indulgent social media influencer living off of #15’s wealth and greatness. He frequently posts Tik Toks of himself dancing in skinny jeans at home and away games to show the access he gets despite bringing great shame to his family.



♬ Cognac Queen – Megan Thee Stallion






We won, just in case your curious

♬ Pocket rocket by cochise – 03BYM


we’re back…!!!

♬ Classic – MKTO


Hi @yankees

♬ bills – hayden’s side chick

He loves attention, except when it’s negative, which is why he made this pathetic Tik Tok last year crying about mean comments people leave on his wide open Tik Tok.


all of the hate that I receive really affects me. I honestly really struggle with it and am trying to stay strong, but it’s become too much.

♬ original sound – Stay hydrated 緯俺な


There is nothing, and I mean nothing, more pathetic than grown adults who seek attention on the Internet and then cry when anonymous people of no consequence say mean things about them. The ironic part is that bullying used to fix people like this.

Jackson has monetized his uselessness as well, launching a clothing line called “Unathletic.”

Yesterday the Washington Redskins honored the late great safety Sean Taylor, who was shot and killed in his home during a 2007 robbery. Taylor’s number 21, which was written on the sideline, was to be retired. His family posed for pictures behind it before the game.

It was then roped off. Naturally then Jackson Mahomes and Brittany Matthews stepped over it, posed for pictures, and he did a Tik Tok video dancing on the number 21.

They were then joined by others.

The real crime here isn’t that he disrespected Sean Taylor’s family, it’s that we live in a society where men his age think that dancing in skinny jeans to horrible music makes them cool. Where people like him get clout instead of getting mocked. This is yet another result of Gen Z narcissism. A completely uninteresting person, whose lone claim to fame is that he came out of the same birth canal as someone who actually matters, believes that millions of people want to see him dance in skinny jeans. He is so consumed with himself that he probably had no idea who Sean Taylor even was, because nothing to him matters outside of his Tik Tok bubble. He likely doesn’t even care about the games themselves, because he doesn’t seem like a “sporty” fella either.

A lot of people were upset about it so he deleted the Tik Tok and posted this apology on Twitter.

“We were directed to stand in that area.”

I too, see roped off areas with Sean Taylor’s number in them and think, “this would be a good place to film a Tik Tok.”

Aaron Rodgers won’t talk to his family and is all be estranged from them. Patrick Mahomes should probably do the same, and get a divorce while he’s at it.



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