Eyewitness Testimony, Video Evidence Prove Pat Mahomes’ Girlfriend Lied About Being Harassed By Patriots Fans And Moved By Security


Yesterday we published a blog about Pat Mahomes’ brother Jackson and girlfriend Brittany Matthews after they both complained on social media that Patriots fans were mean to them during the atrociously refereed Chiefs game at Gillette Stadium on Sunday.  They claimed that the harassment was so bad that security approached them and offered to move them to better seats, something that wasn’t even remotely believable.


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Brittany Matthews is a self-important, attention seeking woman leeching off of her physically talented boyfriend. I had respect for Mahomes prior to this, but after seeing his girlfriend I no longer can say that I do. I’m sure he’s very disappointed. But the MVP should have a smoking hot girlfriend, and she’s like a Newton 8. When you factor in the obnoxious factor, plus the fact that she’s vowing wins on his behalf against the reigning Super Bowl champs, you have no choice but to conclude that Patrick Mahomes is a moron.

We got an email from a turtle rider today who was sitting near them at the game. Here’s what he tells us:

They were sitting right next to me in club section 29 row 7. It all started when he wouldn’t sit down and it started to piss people off.  There was no harassment and no out of control drunk Patriot’s fans.

The club seats are those red seats on in the middle of both sides of the field that are above the 100’s but below the 300’s.They have doors that lead you to a heated section filled with TV’s alcohol and food, which is why they’re often half empty during games.

I used to be a beer guy at Gillette and watched the second half of every game from there. It’s the best place to watch a game, but the crowd is as tame as you get. There is no possible way anything this woman alleged happened actually did happen in those seats. To the contrary, she has never been told to shut up because she’s blonde and attractive, which is why she couldn’t understand why someone wouldn’t want to have their view obstructed by a loud mouth and a 6’6″ man whose contribution to the family are Tik Tok videos. It’s fine if you stand up for big plays, but the people who do it the entire game are the absolute worst.

Meanwhile, she’s liking conspiracy theory tweets about the Patriots spying on the Bengals and tweets from some CEO lady with box suite tickets, name dropping like she’s some sort of bigshot.

We’re all very impressed Trish.

Also, a video has emerged of Jackson and Brittany taunting Patriots fans towards the end of the game.

In other words, they were the aggressors. They came into an opposing team’s stadium, taunted the fans, and then whined when people had the audacity to chirp back at them. She’s also in the same seats she was the entire game, which proves she lied about being moved by security.

Jackson Mahomes and Brittany Matthews are liars who read on the Internet that Boston fans are racist goons. But since no one would act savage towards them they chose to self-victimize instead. If they acted like that in Buffalo, San Francisco (Google their savage fans), or Philadelphia they wouldn’t make it out alive. New England fans are some of the most harmless wine and cheese fans in sports, but it’s all the rage to pretend like we’re a bunch of savages. Just ask Adam Jones.

I had nothing against the Chiefs before, but I hate them now. Feed them to me in January.


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