Peabody High School Has BLM Sign Hanging In Hallway Despite Forcing Teacher To Remove Fallen Police Memorial, Union President’s Sister Serves On Governor’s Council And Confirmed Judges Who Got 2 Cops Killed


Yesterday I published a blog about a teacher at Peabody High School who was forced to remove a mural honoring police officers who were killed in the line of duty, which he had been updating for the past five years.

After publishing sources sent us this image from inside Peabody High School, showing black lives matter and gay pride symbols hanging prominently.

These were allowed by first year principal Steven Magno and union president Mary Duff Henry, who told this well respected teacher that honoring murdered cops was racist.

The black lives matter sign hangs for all to see in the busiest hallway in the school. Greg Shidler’s mural, which was not problematic for five years prior to George Floyd being killed, is now being moved inside the school resource officer’s office where no one will see it.

The message being sent by the Peabody Public Schools is clear –  honoring murdered police officers is unacceptable and racist, but honoring a multi billion dollar political organization that wants to abolish police, prisons, capitalism, and the nuclear family, and has been responsible for obscenely racist anti-police rhetoric, is permissible on school grounds. Steven Mango, Mary Henry, and superintendent Josh Vadala think the 5 police officers murdered by sniper fire at a BLM protest in Dallas in 2016 are racist monsters we should be ashamed of, but the organization that radicalized the man who killed them is honorable. That message to students was sent loud and clear.

On top of that, Mary Henry’s sister Eileen Duff is one of the 8 elected members of the Governor’s Council.

The Governor’s Council is one of the most powerful elected bodies in the state, and all 8 members are Democrats. They get to confirm the Governor’s choices for judges. Among the judges Eileen Duff has chosen to confirm since joining the Council in January 2013:

  • Michael Patten – Set bail for dangerous criminal John Williams at just $7,500. He quickly posted bail before returning to Maine where he murdered Somerset County Sheriff’s Deputy Cpl. Eugene Cole and stole his cruiser.
  • Jean Marie Carroll – Allowed Emmanuel Lopes to remain free despite violating his probation on April 25, 2018. Less than 3 months later he murdered Weymouth Police Officer Michael Chesna.
  • Shannon Frison – Extremely ratchet diversity hire who was arrested by Hudson Police last year for beating up her wife. She still serves as a judge.
  • Shelley Joseph – Currently facing federal charges for conspiring with a defense attorney in open court to allow an illegal immigrant to escape out the backdoor of a Newton courthouse in order to evade ICE officials.

Mary Henry’s sister OK’d two judges who got cops killed, and now Mary is taking offense to a mural that honors dead cops. Almost as if a hatred for police runs in the family.

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