Peabody High School Teacher Urges Smears Local Business For Boarding Windows Before “All Cops Are Bastards” Protest  


This is Peabody High School teacher Melissa Guimaraes.

She’s an ardent supporter of the recent protests who has a tendency to say outlandish things on social media, and when she does she often attempts to cover up for it by changing her profile picture to something virtuous.

Peabody is supposed to be having a protest on Friday, so a local business decided to board up their windows, considering the amount of looting that has happened at these so called protests. This evidently upset her and she’s now leading a campaign to smear them.

Keep in mind, this woman has not missed a paycheck due to the lockdown, while the business was forced to shut down. She believes that it is the duty of the business owner to inspire violent protesters not to destroy their business, is accusing them of being indifferent to the murder of George Floyd, and is leading a campaign to cause further harm to this already struggling business (which only recently opened before the lockdown).

But the business not only has every right to do this, it’s also smart for them to do so. Almost every protest in the area has resulted in rioting and looting. It’s a sad state of affairs when a public school teacher is trying to hurt a small business owner whose property taxes pay her salary.

But according to her business owners take the risk that their livelihoods could be destroyed by 20 year old anarchists in skinny jeans, so it’s really their fault.

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They can just “pick up and move on” if they get looted. And it’s all justified because a guy in Minnesota was killed. It’s also this business’ fault because they “should have listened when protesters were doing it peacefully.” Now the looters have no choice but to destroy them.

She also frequently uses language like this in her online pissing matches.

“You sick fuck! Are you masturbating?”

“Melissa is masturbating to our conversation.”

Imagine this was your kid’s teacher?

The most ironic part about this is that she is also the owner of a small business called Melissa’s Budding Artists. Check them out on Facebook here Basically you just pay her to babysit your kids while they paint. I’m sure she’d really appreciate if if someone destroyed her life’s work, or burned Peabody High School the ground. Ya know, because, George Floyd. As long as you say the words “George Floyd,” you can literally justify any deviant or criminal behavior.

Stanzy’s Country Ranch issued a statement explaining why they had to protect their livelihood.

Nevertheless there were plenty of morons who agreed with her

But Stanzy’s had every right to worry because Heidy Salama, the woman who organized it, wrote “ACAB” on the Facebook group for the protest.

ACAB = All Cops Are Bastards. Antifa and other rioters spray paint that all over cop cars before destroying them. Clearly Forehead Felicia here has no intent to keep this peaceful, so it’s completely understandable why a business would board up their windows.

And finally there’s this.

The woman who “never forgets” the sacrifices cops made on 911 is now vocally supporting a group of violent looters who hate the police. Makes sense.

As a former teacher let me say that people like this are a disgrace to the profession. Teachers should be supporting all members of the community, not shaming and damaging taxpaying, law abiding businesses owners who don’t want to lose everything to looters. This woman should resign, since she has no business being around children.


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