Pennsylvania Woman Announces Marriage To Massachusetts Prisoner Convicted Of Murdering Woburn Cop 


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This is Janelle Smith from Harrisburg, PA.


She recently announced on Facebook that she got married and all of her friends and family were excited about it.


Except there’s just one catch – her husband is a convicted murderer named Scott Hanright who is currently serving a life sentence with the possibility of parole after 25 years for his role in the murder of Woburn Police Officer John Maguire.

Scott Hanright was living with his grandmother in Wakefield in 2010 when she started banging a man named Dominic Cinelli. This was not a good idea because Cinelli was a career criminal who shot a man during a robbery when he was younger and spent over 30 years in jail.

Cinelli went in front of the parole board in 2008, gave a boo-hoo story about how he was changed, and got released from his life sentence early. This, despite the fact that while incarcerated he once broke out of jail by using a fake gun to take a real gun from a guard, and in 1985 he went on a crime spree during a one day furlough. But it’s Massachusetts, so criminals like Cinelli always get the benefit of the doubt.

Within a couple months of his release he was nailing Scott’s grandma and committing robberies again. Cinelli began giving Scott rides to work because he didn’t have a car, and mentioned the idea of robbing a store during one of their drives. Scott knew that Cinelli was armed and that he served 3 decades in prison for armed robberies and shooting a man. They drove escape routes together and they regularly talked about robbing a Kohls in December of 2010.

On December 26, 2010, Cinelli called Scott and asked if he wanted to go for a ride. Scott willingly got into the car when Cinelli came over and realized that he was planning on robbing the Kohl’s right then because Cinelli was wearing a fake beard and ski mask. Cinelli and Scott got out of the car and left it with the key in the ignition along their escape route. Cinelli gave him a ski mask that he put on and told him to run back to the car after the robbery was completed. They walked to the department store and Cinelli went inside while Scott stayed outside as the lookout, although he denied that was his role. He claims that he went along because he was afraid Cinelli would kill him if he didn’t, and he wanted money from the robbery.

Unfortunately for everyone involved it didn’t go as planned. Cinelli pulled out his gun and demanded jewelry from people inside. Cops arrived quickly, saw Scott standing outside, and then saw Cinelli come out with a duffel bag. A chase and gunfight ensued in which Cinelli and Officer Maguire were killed. After finding the getaway vehicle with Scott’s phone in it the police arrested him shortly afterwards trying to get away from the scene of the crime. Officer Maguire was a 60 years old father of 3, and just 2 weeks from retirement.

As a co-venturer Hanright ended up pleading guilty to 22 counts, including second degree murder, and was sentenced to life with the possibility of parole after 25 years.

So how does a good looking blonde chick in Pennsylvania fall in love with a convicted murderer in a Massachusetts prison? Well, she had some sort of “spiritual awakening” in 2019 and started getting really into moon phases.


Then she found Scott on a prison penpal program, where for some reason she was looking for men. She can get her taco stuffed by any old bloke in Harrisburg, but she wanted to find someone who connected with her spiritually. Naturally she started looking Massachusetts prisons. As it turns out Scott also had a spiritual awakening, he was into astrophysics and ancient cultures, had a deep admiration for the universe, and most importantly he had the same birthday as her.


Then she saw herself at her wedding to him on the “new earth” on one of her “visions.” It turns out after consulting with her visionary friend that the mystery husband in her vision was Scott!

So they have a spiritual connection that doesn’t require sex. Unfortunately pedophiles like Tony Branch don’t have these sort of spiritual connections.

Now Janelle is leading the charge to get Scott released from prison early and is assisting his lawyer with her research.


She started a petition to free him that specifically asked for media attention, because petitions regularly change the minds of judges.

It hasn’t gotten much attention from the media, so I was more than happy to blog about it for her.

She’s very upset that he’s currently incarcerated in Shirley-Max, which she is trying to expose as a corrupt institution.


They’ve had a lot of ups and downs in their relationship. For instance, the contact visits were ended and he was denied a transfer to Medium Security after receiving a letter in the mail that had synthetic cannabinoid spray on it.


But in a positive turn of events for both of them his trip to the hole was appealed and she has been allowed contact visits where she may or may not have given him a dry rub when the CO wasn’t looking.


Obviously this chick is a space cadet who you’d run far away from if you hooked up with her after a night at the bar. But when you’re in prison on a life sentence this is pretty much the best you’re gonna get.


The downside to marrying someone who makes 12 cents an hour racking books in the prison library is that you have to pay for your own ring though.

That plus the fact that intimacy means talking on a phone behind a plexiglass window to a man whose actions led to the death of a police officer.

Most people would probably advise their daughter not to pursue a relationship with a convicted murderer who might spend the rest of his life in a box. Luckily for the visionary fairy she has the full fledged support of her friends, her family and his family.



Her new mother in law officiated their prison wedding too.

And she obviously did a great job raising him, which explains why he was living with his grandmother, where he would eventually become friends with her parolee boyfriend who brought him along on armed robbery sprees.

In return for officiating the wedding Janelle promised to toss Delayne a few grandkids if her ovaries aren’t expired by the time he gets conjugal visits.




Mom and her new daughter in law both seem to believe that participating in an armed robbery that leads to the death of a cop isn’t a big deal.

Here’s an idea – if you’re not guilty of a crime you don’t have to plead guilty to it. But he did, because the evidence against him was overwhelming. Scott seemed like a really well adjusted person who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, for sure. It’s not like his Facebook page expressed a desire to beat kittens violently with spoons before Mom took over when he went to prison.

My question is, how bad are your experiences with men if you one day decide that the best available option for you is to try your luck with prisoners in a state 7 hours away? It’s not like she’s some fupasloth who’s completely out of options. Oh well, maybe she can go on some double dates with Boston City Councillor Tania Fernndes, who also married a man serving a life sentence for murder and is trying to get him released.

When you think about it, this is really all the fault of the parole board. If they hadn’t released Cinelli then he never would’ve met Scott Hanright, John Maguire would be alive and enjoying his retirement, and then Scott could’ve gotten hooked on OC’s and sold his grandmother’s pearls for crack money like a normal north shore boy. But Janelle would be sitting in her own home drier than the Kalahari dessert because she never would’ve met her spiritual soulmate. So I guess she’s the only winner here.


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