Police Report, Student Interviews Confirm Rachel Richardson Lied About Being Called Racial Slurs During BYU-Duke Volleyball Game, Innocent Man Banned By Administrators 


Editor’s Note: If you’re a BYU student or someone with more knowledge of what happened at the Duke game, please feel free to email [email protected] with your tips. I’d especially like to speak with the man who was banned from the arena.

Two days ago we published a blog detailing why the latest act of alleged overt racism at a BYU-Duke women’s volleyball game was quite likely a hoax. You can read about it in this tweet thread, by reading this blog, or by watching the show we did detailing it last night.


The mainstream media has reported this story as an undeniable truth, which is leading to widespread condemnation and attacks on the BYU community for “allowing” this to happen.

BYU has fed into it by putting out a statement that they identified the fan yelling racial slurs from the student section, and distanced themselves from him by claiming that he’s not a student and is now banned for life.

Rachel Richardson herself did an interview with ESPN yesterday in which she repeated predictable talking points.

“I didn’t lash out because as a black woman in America I’m not allowed to get angry or else I’ll be labeled as an angry black woman. Life is very hard for me.”

She’s pretending to be Jackie Robinson, when in reality she’s Jussie Smollett.

Richardson said her greater purpose is to “create awareness,” and encourage institutions to put in the “efforts AND THE FUNDS to educate the student body.” She went on to state that “it’s 2022 and it shouldn’t be happening, and it’s due to a lack of education on what to do with people who might be racist.”

Translation – BYU needs to pay more money to “A Long Talk,” the DEI training company that she just did a 3 day training with. Meanwhile she gets labeled as a courageous, fierce, and strong Black woman who didn’t flinch in the face of racial threats. She will have no shortage of job opportunities for the rest of her life. Now this 19 year old upper middle class brat from suburban Maryland gets to lecture adults running major institutions about how they can better do their job. Imagine how empowering that must feel.

Up until last night Turtleboy was the only media outlet calling this a hoax. But yesterday Jason Whitlock contacted me about the story and mentioned it on his show and in his column on The Blaze.


Now a student newspaper and the Salt Lake Tribune have begun investigating as well, and the whole thing is unraveling. The Cougar Chronicle interviewed a whistle blower from the athletic department and several students who were in the student section that night, and went on record with their real names. They all said the same thing – no one was yelling any racial slurs.

Vera Smith, a BYU student in the student section during the game, said she “heard absolutely nothing” that could be taken as a racial slur. Jacob Hanson, also a BYU student, shared texts with the Cougar Chronicle from two friends in two different parts of the student section that also heard nothing. They said they were not aware there had been a problem until after the game. Maddy Johnson, another BYU student who was in the ROC student section, said she did not hear any racial slur said and when she saw the individual escorted out of the arena he was in a different section. A mother of a BYU student says she personally knows five people who were in the student section during the game “One person was on the court and the others were in the first row” she told the Chronicle. None of them heard a racial slur. Two other people on the court, who wish to remain anonymous, did not hear any racial slurs

Someone was thrown out of the game, but it wasn’t someone from the student section, where Rachel Richardson claims the slurs came from. According to the source from the athletic department it was a mentally challenged fan who approached the Duke players after the game, and Richardson falsely accused him of yelling racial slurs at her from the student section:

When a mentally challenged fan approached a Duke player. The Duke team then suddenly recognized the handicapped man’s ‘voice’ as the same one shouting slurs. They never saw or pointed out a face, just a voice. They banned this man. Not for slurs, but for interfering with visiting guests. BYU Athletics staff went through footage of the entire game and the man Duke identified was never seated in the student section. Her story doesn’t add up, BYU banned an innocent man to appease the mob and make their PR mess go away. While I don’t know if Ms. Richardson genuinely misheard something or intentionally made up this story, it certainly does not constitute the criticism BYU has gotten. There is zero evidence of a slur being said. Not a single witness, besides Ms. Richardson, has come forth. Not a single cell phone video or BYUtv’s several camera angles caught a single thing. How unlikely when this person supposedly said a slur during ‘every single serve.’

The Cougar Chronicle reviewed private messages between Connor (athletic department source) and others inside the athletic department. The messages corroborate Connor’s statement.

Most of the comments on this story now rely on the narratives given by Richardson’s father and godmother, both of whom were not at the game. No evidence of the truthfulness of the allegations has been found, yet BYU athletics has continued to treat the incident as if it happened. Connor believes “BYU is an easy target… ultimately it’s her word against ours. We’ll look bad just calling a black woman a liar.”

This was actual reporting looks like. A student newspaper and Turtleboy were the only media outlets willing to tell the truth.

It should be noted that there was a special needs man immediately behind Rachel Richardson as she served.

As a result of her lie this poor, innocent young man had his image plastered everywhere and was wrongly identified as the racist. The fear of being called a racist is so powerful that schools will throw mentally handicapped people under the bus in order to appease a liar leading an online mob that is attacking the school, in the hope that the mob will be satisfied and take their anger elsewhere.

Piggybacking off our reporting, the Salt Lake Tribune then put out this headline today:

According to their reporting a police officer was stationed near the student section, was told to keep an eye on them, and didn’t hear a thing. The police report confirms that Rachel Richardson’s version of events is a lie because she claims the slurs occurred all game, and that BYU took no steps to stop it.


The police are literally begging for someone to come forward from the student section and tell them they heard a racial slur, but no one has.

You wish someone would? Why would you want that? Wouldn’t you be happier to know that NO ONE was yelling racial slurs? Why are they more afraid of calling this girl a liar than they are of calling their fanbase is racist?

The person who was banned was not a BYU student, and doesn’t appear to be mentally challenged either. In fact, he is a student at Utah Valley University who went to the Duke bench after the game because he mistook them for BYU (they both wear blue). By that point Richardson had made her allegation and decided that this UVU student would be a sufficient person to throw under the bus as she “recognized” him as the voice yelling racial slurs. He admitted to yelling normal things that fans yell at opposing players, but nothing racist. Police viewed footage from the game, found out that he was not sitting in the student section (which Richardson said the racist was sitting in), and discovered that he was actually on his phone while she was serving. This completely disqualified him from being the person who allegedly yelled slurs at her, and the police are no longer reviewing video footage because they know it’s a hoax.

But the gutless administrators at BYU were afraid of being called racist so they banned a completely innocent person in order to be able to virtue signal about how they “stood up against racism.” They should all resign in disgrace for feeding their students and their school’s reputation to an online mob fueled by a lying brat.

Meanwhile, the spoiled princess who made this all up is happy because she “felt heard and felt seen” in the groveling session she had with BYU’s coach and AD. She lectured them about what SHE WANTS THEM to do, in order to be better white people.


Do you understand how good it must feel for a 19 year old to be able to exert this amount of power and control over adults at another school?

This isn’t a misunderstanding, it’s a bald faced lie. She told ESPN that the racial slurs got more intense as the game went on from the student section.

But we now know based on the police report that was a lie.

For some reason the Salt Lake Tribune just can’t admit the whole thing is a hoax, as they now look for a “second person who did shout the slur.”

Yea, it could mean there is an unnamed man shouting racial slurs all game that nobody saw or heard. Or it could mean that this girl’s just lying. Gee whiz, I wonder which is more likely?

This is all just about power, control, and narcissism for Rachel Richardson. Our society rewards victimhood and rallies around people they perceive to be victims, especially when it comes to race. Richardson is well aware of that. She was frustrated because her team lost 3-1 and it was probably the first time fans actually showed up to a volleyball game, so she wasn’t used to that sort of atmosphere. She was upset, wanted people to feel bad for her, and decided to smear the school, knowing that BYU was an easy target because they’re in Utah and extremely white. She knew that she had all the privilege and would be believed without question. She didn’t care that the effect of her lie was that a man with down syndrome would be blamed, or a congresswomen would smear an entire religion over it:

According to her, Mormons are all racist because they believe that anyone with darker skin is evil and can’t go to heaven. This is the type of bigotry inspired by Rachel Richardson. She should be charged with filing a false police report and be expelled from school. How many hours did police waste on this, and how many innocent people were hurt in the process? If we don’t start punishing people who do things like this then what is the incentive to stop?


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